Bath Championship Show 2016

27 May 2016
Papillon Judge: Mrs Karen Farrell
Toy Group Judge: Judge: Mr T M Evans
Best in Show Judge: Mr S W Hall

I would like to thank the exhibitors who gave me a good entry to this prestigious show. Thank you also to all the stewards who did a grand job and to the Secretary and Committee of Bath Canine Society for inviting me to judge at their lovely show. There were some lovely dogs who were unlucky to come up against such strong competition; however I am sure on another day they could change places. My only note to the breed generally is to please remember your dog’s teeth and bodies for the future.
Karen Farrell

BEST OF BREED : (ROOSENS Miss K) Multi Ch Daydream Believers Lion King
Best Puppy : (WIGGINS Mrs J) Rozamie Monsieur Arthur for Scapafield
Best Veteran : (BUCKLEY, Lord D L R & BUCKLEY-WATERS Mrs I L) Sempefidelis Dulcidine

Dog CC : (ROOSENS Miss K) Multi Ch Daydream Believers Lion King
Res Dog CC : (CHURCH, Mr & Mrs S & RUTTEN Ms C) Multi UK Int Ch Powdermill Sweet Touch Spinillons
Bitch CC : (BUCKLEY, Lord D L R & BUCKLEY-WATERS Mrs I L) Sempefidelis Dulcidine
Res Bitch CC : (CHURCH Mr S & Mrs L) Invanse Tantrums ‘n’ Tiaras

Minor Puppy Dog (5 Entries Abs: 0)
I would be happy to take both 1 and 2 home and will watch their futures with interest.
1st: (WIGGINS Mrs J) Rozamie Monsieur Arthur for Scapafield R/s/w, 8 mth baby who was a friendly soul. He had mobile well fringed ears for age which he used well. I would like a little more depth of chest if picky but he had a level topline and he moved and showed well regardless.
2nd: (ROOSENS Miss K) Daydream Believers Oh Beating Like A Jungledrum R/s/w, raw smaller baby, slightly younger than first who caught my eye, pushing hard for first place. Lovely sweet type giving a good picture. Moved ok, keeping level topline. Nice overall picture but not quite the coat due to age but it was of nice quality and presentation.
3rd: (SPARKES Mrs V) Pinkmead Twistin Time
Res: (WHEELER Ms H) Ibstock Divine Legacy NAF
VHC: (BULL Miss K A B) Altaya Star Attraction

Puppy Dog (2 Entries Abs: 0)
1st: (OLOF Ms D) Tarnock De Ja Vu 11 mth nice tri male. Lovely head with fine blaze and large featured ears which were well fringed. Medium neck leading to good body with good spring of rib. Level topline and nice tail carriage. Well groomed and shown well.
2nd: (MELVIN Mrs M) Ringlands Sunshine Story R/s/w, another 11 mth youngster. Energetic, well presented baby who played his handler up more than we would have liked. Moved ok at times, just lacked the rear drive and finish of first to complete the picture. Will watch with interest as he settles more.

Junior Dog (10 Entries Abs: 1)
1st: (WELLS, Mrs K J & BROWN Ms A J) Metamorphic Thunder Storm R/s/w, slightly heavier marked young male with very pretty head. He did remind me of one I had years ago. Showed and groomed well. Attentive to handler. Nice body and outline. Moved well. If picky, would like slightly more back angulation but nonetheless a promising boy.
2nd: (SCOVELL Mrs J) Afterglow Tom Fool at Caswell Tri, not long out of puppy. Moved ok. Pretty head and nice type generally. Well presented coat. Would like to have seen a little more butterfly temperament and slightly higher tail set.
3rd: (ANDERSON Mrs C D) Pappretty Athos Amitie
Res: (MELVIN Mrs M) Ringlands Sunshine Story
VHC: (WHITAKER Mrs A) Metamorphic Illusion

Novice Dog (2 Entries Abs: 0)
1st: (HUMPHREY Mr R & Mrs P) Caraideas the Extra Mile to Gloynbyw Slightly heavier marked tri boy of nice type with good coat texture. Pretty head with fringed ears. Moved well around the ring. Would like to have seen him free stood to finish the butterfly picture.
2nd: (HART Miss E) Purepixie Swish And Flick B/w with nice blaze. Slightly larger than first. Moved well but lacked the drive of first. Level topline leading in to good tail set. Well presented and shown.

Post Graduate Dog (7 Entries Abs: 1)
1st: (CHURCH, Mr & Mrs S & FROGGATT, Mr N & CUTHBERT Mrs) Invanse Louis Vuitton R/s/w, pretty faced boy with nice blaze, good ears and placement. Level top line with good tail set. Nicely made dog who moved so well. A strong contender because of his lovely overall picture. Looking at his pedigree, I see why.
2nd: (HATCH Miss C) Amicae Call Me Bad At Macstrak Pretty tri boy. Sweet head with a fine blaze. Level topline leading to nice tail carriage. Lovely hair feet. Presented, moved and shown well.
3rd: (GEARY Mrs G A) Powdermill Designer Touch at Taliesyn
Res: (BULL Miss K A B) Altaya Foreign Affair
VHC: (WALKLETT Mrs & Miss J A & L A) Farthinghall’s New Touch At Angullyon

Limit Dog (8 Entries Abs: 0)
1st: (LETCH, Miss C & BUCKLEY-WATERS Mrs I) Conysluck Mr Pickles Have liked this b/w male from afar. This was my first time putting my hands on him and he is really nicely made mature male with pleasing head, correct ear placement, dark eyes, medium neck leading to level top line and ideal tail carriage. His good body showed in his super movement. Presented and shown well.
2nd: (STANBURY Mrs S) Inixia Saucy Sam R/s/w, much of the attributes of first. But slightly larger. Level topline, ok head with good ears and attractive blaze. Moved ok. Shown well and at one with handler. Sure he could change places on another day with first.
3rd: (MUNN Mrs P) Rozamie Depeche Mode TAF
Res: (LOCK Mrs K M) Temelora Mardi Gra
VHC: (WIGGINS Mr B C & Mrs J F) Rozamie Pierre

Open Dog (6 Entries Abs: 0)
1st: (ROOSENS Miss K) Multi Ch Daydream Believers Lion King CC/BOB. Nice sized tri young male shown and groomed to perfection. Did not disappoint at all. Lovely overall type, attractive head with full blaze, though if picky would like a more relaxed ear set. Good spring of rib and depth of chest, medium neck and well matched tail. Topline kept well. I can see why this dog is a multi Ch. Best of luck with completing his UK title.
2nd: (MUNN Mrs P) Smileline Silenzio Sunshine Garsiv R/s/w, mature male of good size. Presented and shown well. Nice head and fringes for a red, would have liked a slightly darker eye if picky but pigment ok. Good body and moved well. Unlucky to meet number first on the day.
3rd: (ROBB Mrs I & Mr G) Ch Gleniren Shootin Starmaker Sunshoo
Res: (WATERS Miss W) Sweetbriar Sticks An Stones JW
VHC: (ALLSOP Mrs J I) Conysluck Juscallmeansome At Jalatemmes

Veteran Dog (4 Entries Abs: 0)
1st: (CHURCH, Mr & Mrs S & RUTTEN Ms C) Multi UK Int Ch Powdermill Sweet Touch Spinillons RCC. Beautiful, up to size, rich tri dog not showing his age. A little surprised to see him entered as I had handled him a few years ago but I still judged him as honestly as I would any entry. Shown and handled well. Still has beautiful outline and floating movement. Attractive head, good front and body. He pushed hard for the CC. Presented well with correct silky coat. Lovely hair feet. A lovely old boy.
2nd: (PRINCE Miss V) Temelora Passing Fancy JW Sh.CM Attractive b/w male phalane. Correct ears attractive head, shown and moved well. Lovely correct head feet. Groomed superbly, would just like slightly more neck and tail set. A nice veteran.
3rd: (BROOKS, Mrs C & BROOKS Miss R) Creliatown White Pixie Sh.CM
Res: (BROOKS, Mrs C & BROOKS Miss R) Brontigaer Orlando Sh.CM

Minor Puppy Bitch (6 Entries Abs: 0)
1st: (CHURCH Mr S & Mrs L) Hillsorg Xtra Bling For Invanse Small confident attractive R/s/w bitch. Lovely to see her so full of it so young. Groomed and shown well. Lovely head leading to ok neck on nice body with level topline which was kept on the move. Good tail set. Interested to see how she matures. Hopefully she will not be lost when her full coat comes in. Deserved place.
2nd: (STANBURY Mrs S) Inixia Devonshire Maid B/s/w, attractive bitch puppy. Nice sized ears starting to fringe on well marked head. Very showy. Good front fine bone, nice hare feet. Level topline, moved well. Just lost out to 1 who had a prettier head, slight more arch of neck and that extra bit of attitude.
3rd: (BUCKLEY, Lord D L R & BUCKLEY-WATERS Mrs I L) Farthinghall Unico Bella At Sempefidelis
Res: (WHEELER Ms H) Ibstock Divine Insparation NAF
VHC: (SPARKES Mrs V) Pinkmead Delighful Eve

Puppy Bitch (10 Entries Abs: 2)
1st: (ROOSENS Miss K) Milbu Odrija For Daydream Believers Beautiful b/w bitch slightly awed on the day but still of quality and did enough to win the class. Would have been PBIB if she had pulled it together. She was not the only one who didn’t fully settle sadly. Really nice bitch, lovely shape and type. Beautiful head and expression with a good bite. Nice neck leading to ideal top line and tail set. Moved well. Could have taken this one home. One to watch.
2nd: (CHURCH Mr S & Mrs L) Hillsorg Xtra Bling For Invanse See MPB just lost out on maturity in this class.
3rd: (STANBURY Mrs S) Inixia Hot Stuff
Res: (POSSELWHITE, Mrs S & HUDSON Mr B) Maridova Holy Time (Ikc)
VHC: (OLOF Ms D) Tarnock Devore

Junior Bitch (5 Entries Abs: 0)
1st: (GOODWIN Miss D A) Paplene Regal Roxanne Small B/w bitch who reminded me of one of mine years ago. Very pretty head and expression. Could be picky and ask for bigger ears but still a nice pretty type. Good front, nice shape, well presented and shown. A nice bitch.
2nd: (WALLER, Miss M C & MASKELL Mr S) Kazkell Theme For A Dream For Lilnrose JW Nice tri bitch. Unlucky to meet first. Presented and shown well, stood four square, slightly finer boned than first. Moved ok keeping topline well. Shall watch with interest.
3rd: (POSSELWHITE, Mrs S & HUDSON Mr B) Maridova Holy Time (Ikc)
Res: (MAGRI, Mr J A & FORTH Ms A) A’ Dior’s Make A Wish Rozamie
VHC: (ORCHARD Miss S) Panspayon April Wishes

Novice Bitch (6 Entries Abs: 1)
1st: (STANBURY Mrs S) Inixia The Bee’s Knees Pretty R/s/w richly marked puppy. Stood four square and showed well. Would like slightly more angulation on the back if picky but a promising puppy regardless.
2nd: (POSSELWHITE, Mrs S & HUDSON Mr B) Maridova Holy Time (Ikc) Tri bitch placed in the previous class but who had settled better in this class. Nice type, nice shape, moved ok and presented well. Would like a little more body if picky.
3rd: (MASKELL, Mrs K & WALLER Miss M C) Sarahmah Mayan Daydream Kazkell
Res: (HART Miss E) Farthinghall Lucy Lockett
VHC: (GEARY Mrs G A) Taliesyn Love In the Mist

Post Graduate Bitch (11 Entries Abs: 1)
1st: (WILLIAMS Mrs A J) Sunlight Vision Of Ringlands Pretty r/s/w. well deserving of this large class. Instantly took my eye when she entered the ring. Very pretty bitch of lovely type. Attractive head and expression with good pigment. Nice to go over on the table. Floated around the ring, pushed hard for top honours. Will watch with interest.
2nd: (CHURCH Mr S & Mrs L) Up And Down’s Run Baby Run To Invanse (Imp NLD) Pretty tri bitch. Sympathetically handled. Just lost out on not having the true butterfly temperament. Another bitch who was nice to go over. Could exchange places another day.
3rd: (GREGORY Mrs J K) Skyvana Reddy To Go To Tonkory
Res: (LOCKHART Mrs V) Ringlands Fun In The Sun
VHC: (WALKLETT Mrs & Miss J A & L A) Angullyon Molly Candyblaze

Class 212 LB (7 Entries) Abs: 0
1st: 898 CHURCH Mr S & Mrs L Invanse Tantrums ‘n’ Tiaras RCC. Really liked this bitch. Shown and presented well. Good spring of rib and depth to chest. Nice neck and body, keeping the top line. Tail a little flat. Moved and showed well. Unlucky to meet the quality mature CC winner.
2nd: 892 BUCKLEY, Lord D L R & BUCKLEY-WATERS Mrs I L Metamorphic Opal At Sempefidelis Another pretty tri bitch. Slightly smaller than first. Including in body. Presented and shown well. Moved with drive. Pretty hair feet. Will watch with interest as she develops.
3rd: 904 DE WISPELAERE, Mrs L & VOET Mr B Just My Jinglebell De Costalina
Res: 920 LINDSAY Mrs S Skyvana Party Time Jazz Plays Mezanda
VHC: 917 HUMPHREY Mr R & Mrs P Bonmeshays Ruby at Gloynbyw

Open Bitch (5 Entries Abs: 1)
1st: (URQUHART Mr G & Mrs C) Queen Bless JP Winner Of Art Etoile At Blackpark Very pretty tri bitch with sharp outline, long neck, leading to level topline and high tail set. Between coats on he day but moved and shown well. Look forward to seeing her mature and in full coat.
2nd: (MUNN Mrs P) Ch Mad About Saffron for Ringlands Very pretty r/s/w bitch who I have liked and judged before, giving a RCC. Moved and shown well. Very nice type but just starting to show her age.
3rd: (FORTH Ms A) Ch Omegaville Make Me A Petitchien
Res: (ORCHARD Miss S) Ringland Yoko’s Solo At Panspayon

Veteran Bitch (4 Entries Abs: 0)
1st: (BUCKLEY, Lord D L R & BUCKLEY-WATERS Mrs I L) Sempefidelis Dulcidine Delighted to go over this mature b/w veteran bitch who I have admired from afar and who doesn’t show her age. She did not disappoint. Shown and groomed to perfection. Mature body, good spring of rib and depth of chest. Stood four square all the time. Delighted to award her the CC (her 3rd) and Best Veteran. She could not be denied.
2nd: (WELLS, Mrs K J & BROWN Ms A J) Powdermill Look With Me At Metamorphic Another nice b/w bitch of nice type in full coat, maybe a little much but she could not be denied. Shown and groomed well with some similar attributes to first. Let herself down losing her tail on the stand. A nice veteran regardless.
3rd: (MASKELL Mrs K) Kazkell Velvet Dream JW
Res: (GEARY Mrs G A) Rayol Lotus Blossom