Birmingham & District Toy Dog Society Open Show 2015

19th December 2015
Papillon Judge: Mrs R Hobson (Rosenjon)

Best of Breed – Lees – Lynflyer Winter Story at Lafford
Res Best of Breed – Maskell – Kazkell Thyme To Dream JW Sh CM
Best Puppy in Breed – Foynes & May – Lafay Grand Prix

Puppy D or B (9, 1)
1st Waller – Kaxkell Theme For A Dream for Linrose
2nd Lees – Lafford Penny Black
3rd Roberts handling for Allsop – Jalatemes O’Lah Lah
Res: Foynes & May – Lafay Petite Etoile
VHC: Anderson – Pappretty Athos Amitie

Junior D or B (11, 3)
1st Lees – Farleysbane Forget Me Not at Lafford
2nd Foynes & May – Lafay Grand Prix
3rd Wheeler handling for Victor – Farleysbane Take Flyte
Res: Maskell – Kazkell Robin The Limelight
VHC: Geary – Fedelta Angelica at Taliesyn

Post Graduate D or B (6, 1)
1st Wheeler – Golygfamor Hocus Pocus
2nd Wilkinson – Jadelands Sumertime Secret in Poppywood
3rd Geary – Taliesyn Love In The Mist
Res: Waller – Melangel Vanity Fayre at Linrose
VHC: Allsop – Fallin Love With Me Perowy Raj Jalatemme

Limit D or B (4, 0)
1st Lees – Lynflyer Winter Story at Lafford
2nd Wilkinson – Lafford Dennis The Menace in Poppywood
3rd Waller – Kazkell Midnight Dream at Linrose
Res: Geary – Taliesyn Travellers Joy

Open Dog (6, 1)
1st Maskell – Kazkell Thyme To Dream JW Sh CM
2nd Foynes & May – Sweetbriar Face The Music at Johnasta
3rd Scovell – Frasermar Explosion at Caswell
Res: Geary – Powdermill Designer Touch at Taliesyn
VHC: Allsop – Conysluck Justcallmeansome at Jalatemmes

Open Bitch (5, 1)
1st Maskell – Kazkell Just A Dreamer JW
2nd Foynes & May – Melangel Unique Star for Lafay
3rd Allsop – Jalatemmes Lah De Dah
Res: Foynes & May – Jhanakia Masquerade at Lafay