Birmingham National Championship Show 2000

20th April 2000
Papillon Judge – Mrs P Peacock
(133 dogs entered – 142 entries with 26 entries absent)

Best of Breed and TOY GROUP 4: Tijuana Minstrel
Best Puppy: Christea Likely Story

Dog CC: Tijuana Minstrel
Res.Dog CC: Ch Ringlands Hologram
Best Puppy Dog: Christea Likely Story
Bitch CC: Inixia Aureole
Res.Bitch CC: Tijuana Tiller Girl
Best Puppy Bitch: Ringlands Cover Girls Story

Minor Puppy Dog (12)
1st: Inixia So Be It
2nd: Inixia Jack The Lad
3rd: Pray Silence for Leevick
Res: Marshlea Diplomat
VHC: Serenglade Solomon

Puppy Dog (9)
1st: Christea Likely Story
2nd: Bobbards May Bee
3rd: Abbeyton Silver Rain
Res: Kingshaven Qream Quackers At Gleniren
VHC: Cheryldene Double Oh Seven

Junior Dog (6)
1st: Glasafon Gentleman John
2nd: Tykkydewas Twylyte Dancer
3rd: Tijuana Choir Boy
Res: Mariposer Sargent Pepper
VHC: Adnamashan Dream Maker

Post Graduate Dog (15)
1st: Ibstock Marksman
2nd: Tykkydewas Twylyte Dancer
3rd: Ringlands Acid Jazz
Res: Heavenly Sightseer
VHC: Glasafon Trade Secret

Limit Dog (11)
1st: Panspayon Chansons D’Amour
2nd: Giverny Sorcerer
3rd: Serenglade San Vitalia
Res: Dellatown Wings Of Fire
VHC: Lordsrake Xeus Of Cheryldene

Open Dog (12)
1st: Tijuana Minstrel
2nd: Ch Ringlands Hologram
3rd: Shamal Sullivan At Leevicks
Res: Inixia Wily Walter
VHC: Ch Serenglade Sebastian At Temelora

Minor Puppy Bitch (10)
1st: Ringlands Cover Girls Story
2nd: Ringlands Tell Tale
3rd: Serenglade Saffriesa
Res: Lynricks Aint She Sweet
VHC: Rimzin Olinda

Puppy Bitch (6)
1st: Kingshaven Quest For Life
2nd: Bobbards May Belle
3rd: Shalandar Top Notch
Res: Kingshaven Quirky Hannah Of Giverny
VHC: Domhnull Little Star

Junior Bitch (8)
1st: Ringlands La Fortuna With Brontigaer
2nd: Inixia Femme Fatale
3rd: Inixia Sweet Dream
Res: Ibstock Adorable At Tussalud
VHC: Tykkydewas Tallulah

Post Graduate Bitch (13)
1st: Giverny Mystique
2nd: Shazzabars Shades Of Love At Rishkhan
3rd: Lynflyer Perfect Lady
Res: Chappell Dizzy Izzy Ringlands
VHC: Tussalud The Lady Is A Tramp

Limit Bitch (9)
1st: Tijuana Cover Girl
2nd: Inixia Magnolia
3rd: Rixbury Queen In Amber Shimna
Res: Pinelan Golden Starlight Of Jhanakia
VHC: Serenglade Sonita At Temelora

Open Bitch (5)
1st: Inixia Aureole
2nd: Marshlea Belle Fille
3rd: Serenglade Soraya At Shamal
Res: Glasafon Sea Breeze
VHC: Syb Ella At Tykkydewas