Blackpool Championship Show 2001

23 June 2001
Papillon Judge – Mrs E Patrick

Best of Breed: Ch Tijuana Minstrel
Best Puppy: Inixia You Know Hugh

Dog CC: Ch Tijuana Minstrel
Res.Dog CC: Inixia So Be It for Elendil
Bitch CC: Ch Graycaz Kiss In The Dark at Collness
Res.Bitch CC: Longcrags Sassie Dannsa

Minor Puppy Dog ( 7 )
1st Denemoor Forbidden Treasure
2nd Aslan Emblem of Julesville
3rd Geanzger Dee Jay Beausher
4th Aslan Eye Of The Tiger of Julesville
5th Shazzabars Coup De Chance

Puppy Dog ( 7 )
1st Inixia You Know Hugh (BPD & BPIB)
2nd Midnight Heaven
3rd Lindendale Fusilier
4th Abbeyton Tiger Bay
5th Inixia Picasso

Junior Dog (4)
1st Genevieves Flirtie Bertie
2nd Geanzger Avon Prince at Jaylanjay
3rd Beausher Chocolate Pudding
4th Longcrags Willoughby

Special Yearling Dog (8 )
1st Tutyak Quest
2nd Marshlea Diplomat
3rd Inixia Jack Flash
4th Murvagh High Cascade
5th Ablazzor I’m Magic for Delphlands

Graduate (5)
1st Marshlea Diplomat
2nd Dourhu Dangermouse
3rd Ablazzor I’m Magic for Delphlands
4th Beausher Chocolate Pudding
5th Marshlea Rupert’s Image at Garbreisa

Post Graduate Dog (12)
1st Inixia So Be It for Elendil (RCC)
2nd Baskell Black Magic
3rd Christea Likely Story
4th Giverny Sorcerer
5th Abbeyton Silver Rain

Mid Limit Dog (9)
1st Kylecroft Celebration
2nd Inixia Hugo’s There
3rd Pyatshaw White Heat
4th Glasafon Trade Secret
5th Ringlands Little Red Rooster at Beausher

Limit Dog (11 )
1st Serenglade Silvaron to Prestella
2nd Dourhu Sharnidubs
3rd Giverny Magic Story at Lorah’s
4th Ibstock Marksman
5th Elendil Flash Harry

Open Dog ( 5)
1st Ch Tijuana Minstrel (CC & BOB)
2nd Sunshoo Imaknight Errant of Barallen
3rd Glasafon Royal Welsh
4th Allivom The Gay Cavaliero
5th Lordsrake Xeus of Cheryldene

Veteran Dog (1)
1st Cleo’s Lucky Charmer at Serenglade

Minor Puppy Bitch ( 12)
1st Novastar I Can Do Majic
2nd Geanzger Butterfly Magic
3rd Sweet Violette
4th Glasafon Daisy Mae
5th Meerwings Charlie’s Angel

Puppy Bitch (7 )
1st Lady Susanna at Marshlea (BPB)
2nd Brentville Orange Blossom
3rd Kingshaven Roxy at Gleniren
4th Inixia Jack’s Jewel
5th Crelak Strike It Lucky

Junior Bitch (6 )
1st Ringlands Gambling Amber at Novastar
2nd Graycaz Sosueme at Amicae
3rd Harilovon Marlene
4th Golygfamor Fair Quality
5th Rayol Chrystobel

Special Yearling Bitch ( 2)
1st Domhnull Little Star
2nd Murvagh Rippling Stream

Graduate Bitch (3)
1st Tutyak Pyjama Girl
2nd Murvagh Rippling Stream
3rd Cheryldene Xclusive

Post Graduate Bitch (8 )
1st Longcrags Breila at Brezac
2nd Lorah’s Livin’ On The Run
3rd Geanzger Rainboe Melody at Annahew
4th Pilipalas Vienna Waltz
5th Giverny Mystique

Mid Limit Bitch (5)
1st Lynflyer Perfect Lady
2nd Domhnull Copy Deadline
3rd Elendil Perdita
4th Inixia Femme Fatale
5th Bonifee Sweet Charity for Pilipalas

Limit Bitch ( 10)
1st Longcrags Sassie Dannsa (RCC)
2nd Lynflyer Perfect Lady
3rd Bonifee Sophisicated Lady
4th Collness Candy Nell
5th Glasafon Coral at Julesville

Open Bitch (5 )
1st Ch Graycaz Kiss In The Dark at Collness
2nd Ch Tijuana Tiller Girl
3rd Marshlea Belle Fille
4th Blairancoes Misses Iffis at Tinklebury
5th Tawzan Freya of Chriskadu

Veteran Bitch (1)
1st Ch Glasafon Mindella