Crufts Championship Show 2003

9 March 2003
Judge – Mrs P Cross Stern

Sadly, the judging took so long that the BOB Papillon missed the group.

Best of Breed: AM CH Cadaga Civil Action
Best Puppy: Cordonrouge Ciara

Dog CC: AM CH Cadaga Civil Action
Res.Dog CC: CH Ibstock Marksman
Bitch CC: Simply Sophia At Serenglade
Res.Bitch CC: Ringlands Telltale

Spec Puppy (Entries:13 Abs:0)

1st Bankshill Isle Of Lewis
2nd Burghbridge UR Classic Gold
3rd Graycaz In The Red
Res Graycaz Lick Anda Prayer
VHC Gleniren scarlet Monogram

Spec Jun – (Entries:14 Abs:0)

1st Imago Funtime Frankie
2nd Erinsjoy Harvey Wallbanger
3rd Christea Rumbaba
Res Jhanakia Monarch Of The Glen
VHC Shevid Lyric

Spec Year (Entries:18 Abs:1)

1st Caswell Take A Chance
2nd White Lightning
3rd Glasafon Royal Gold Of Harlesyke Res Inixia French Resistance
VHC Adinaken Wee Patriot

Post Grad (Entries:22 Abs:2)

1st Golygfamor Leighton Of Ringlands
2nd Powdermill Touch Of Magic
3rd Ringlands Jeremy’s Fax To Tanyo
Res Serenglade Star Shooter At Inixia
VHC Pyatshaw Murphys Law

Mid Limit (Entries:13 Abs:1)

1st Shamal Masquerade Alcala
2nd Caswell Classic Tri
3rd Kingshaven Rooney For Serenglade
Res Bluejays Artful Dodger
VHC Shamal Mystique

Limit (Entries:22 Abs:1)

1st Vironston Tobias UR My Angel
2nd Pyatshaw White Heat
3rd Ibstock Bright Spark For Spinillons
Res Abbeyton Silver Phantom
VHC Kingshaven Rooney For Serenglade

Open (Entries:20 Abs:0)
1st. Am Ch Cadaga Civil Action
2nd Ch. Ibstock Marksman
3rd Ch. Penang Bold Horatio
4th Ch. Sunshoo Imacaptain Scarlet
VHC Ch Ringlands Hologram
HC Ch Tijuana Minstrel
C Ch Kingshaven Principal Boy at Gleniren

Spec Vet (Entries:7 Abs:0)

1st Omaonaig Parcheval
2nd CH Inixia Wily Walter
3rd Caswell Copper Charmer
Res CH Diquest Fairy Glen
VHC Invergarick Conquestador

Spec Puppy (Entries:12 Abs:2)

1st Cordonrouge Ciara
2nd Daneview Dainty Oliviana
3rd Abbeyton With A Touch Of Gold
Res Pilipalas Eroica
VHC Burghbridge Ura Golden Lady

Spec Jun (Entries:22 Abs:4)

1st Rayol Jasmena Of Chriskadu
2nd Julesville Classic Cliches
3rd Cheryldene Xotique
Res Geangzer Butterfly Meadow At Jaylanjay
VHC Gypsy Rosa Lee

Spec Year (Entries:20 Abs:5)

1st Northlyte Star Struck
2nd Snowlord Swiss Maid For Serenglade
3rd Adnamashan Enchantment
Res Jaylanjay Amalady
VHC Tykkydewas Honisuckle Rose

Post Grad (Entries:17 Abs:2)

1st Lady In The Wings For Longcrags
2nd Adnamashan As Cute As A
3rd Murvagh Rippling Stream
Res Invergarick Reflections
VHC Caswell Fairy Story

Mid Limit (Entries:13 Abs:2)

1st Ringlands Telltale
2nd Rayol Leilante
3rd Brollyanna Crown Princess
Res Novastar I Can Do Majic
VHC Bonifee Lady Penelopie Of Tykkydewas

Limit (Entries:15 Abs:4)

1st Chappell Dizzy Izzy Ringlands
2nd Lynlight Angel Of Ringlands
3rd Chappell Calamity Jane TAF
Res Pinelan Amaryllis
VHC Inixia Jack’s Jewel

Open (Entries:16 Abs:2)

1st Lynflyer Perfect Lady
2nd CH Vella Ennis
3rd Penang Small Talk To Shevid
Res CH Bonifee Sophisicated Lady
VHC Serenglade Saffriesa For Temelora
HC Sunshoo Imastar Lighter
C Serenglade Serendipity At Erinsjoy

Spec Vet (Entries:11 Abs:0)

1st Simply Sophia At Serenglade
2nd CH Ringlands Treasure Trove
3rd CH Glasafon Mindella
Res CH Kingshaven Miss Molly
VHC Serenglade Soraya At Shamal