Crufts Championship Show 2005

11 March 2005
Judge: Mrs C Roe

BOB Ch Antony
DCC Ch Antony
RDCC Queen Bless JP Top Gun
BCC Ch Serenglade Enchanted Lady for Temelora
RBCC Ch Burghbridge Our Princess
BP Inixia Crown Jewel (dog)

VETERAN – Dog Entries:8 Abs:2
1 st Ch Alcala Ringleader
2 nd Ch Marshlea Ambassador
3 rd Ch Serenglade Sebastian at Temelora
Res Kazkell Tai Chi

SPEC PUPPY – Dog Entries:11 Abs:1
1 st Inixia Wily Willum
2 nd Volpecula Vanity’s Mirror
3 rd Calajoy Dougal Mcshuggle
Res Lynbank Smartie Jones
VHC Jaroma The Highlander

SPEC JUN – Dog Entries:11 Abs:1
1 st Inixia Crown Jewel
2 nd Austrene Academy Award
3 rd Glasafon Succession
Res Tutyak Teddyboy
VHC Parnassus Adam Hale And Arty

YEARLING – Dog Entries:15 Abs:3
1 st Danginifee Barney Bubbles
2 nd Macstrak Classic Jazz
3 rd Farleysbane U Rang M’lord at Kingshaven
Res Tykkydewas Masterdarcy
VHC Beausher Ur A Little Star at Shazzabars

POST GRAD – Dog Entries:17 Abs:1
1 st Shamal Rum Punch
2 nd Serenglade Wings Of Victory for Inixia
3 rd Inixia Know All
Res Glasafon Royal Gold of Harlesyke
VHC Panspayon Ur Flyingsolo

MID LIMIT – Dog Entries:7 Abs:0
1 st Macstrak Minuet JW ShCM
2 nd Shamal Fable of Alcala
3 rd Shirando Officer Dibble
Res Bankshill Isle Of Lewis
VHC Volpecula Eyecatcher

LIMIT – Dog Entries:21 Abs:1
1 st Amicae Star Charm at Kingshaven
2 nd Tijuana Melody Maker
3 rd Danginifee Barney Bubbles
Res Inixia Troysdale Time Traveller
VHC Up And Down’s Frederike

OPEN – Dog Entries:21 Abs:0
1 st Ch Antony
2 nd Queen Bless JP Top Gun
3 rd Caswell Classic Tri
Res Tawzan Fun And Fancy Free
VHC Ir Ch Austrene Imelectric
HC DAN/SWE/NO La Rocca’s Soulmate
C Ch Inixia So Be It for Elendil

GOOD CIT – Dog Entries:2 Abs:0
1 st Macstrak Minuet JW ShCM
2 nd Ir Ch Ibstock Bright Spark for Spinillons ShCM

VETERAN – Bitch Entries:6 Abs:1
1 st Ch Caswell Coppatina
2 nd Domhnull Copy Deadline
3 rd ch glasafon mindella
Res Longcrags Sassie Dannsa
VHC Kazkell Day Dream

SPEC PUPPY – Bitch Entries:7 Abs:1
1 st Tawzan Madame Cezan
2 nd Tutyak Gina G
3 rd Glasafon Irish Colleen at Cordonrouge
Res Amicae Hidden Chance
VHC Temelora Tianna

SPEC JUN – Bitch Entries:11 Abs:2
1 st Sharjoy Melody In Moonlight
2 nd Rayol Circe
3 rd Sharjoy Melting Moment
Res Kirkchase Razzle Dazzle
VHC Pyatshaw Madam Butterfly

YEARLING – Bitch Entries:14 Abs:2
1 st Frasermar Ice Queen
2 nd Farleysbane Unsung Melody at Kingshaven
3 rd Abbeyton Sweet Dream at Adnamashan
Res Sharjoy Tanzany Lady at Lafay
VHC Marshlea Lady Emma

POST GRAD – Bitch Entries:13 Abs:2
1 st Tijuana Georgio
2 nd Murvagh Rippling Stream
3 rd Inixia Madeline avec Panspayon
Res Fortglen Shadow Dancer
VHC Wee Lucy Of Adinaken

MID LIMIT – Bitch Entries:12 Abs:0
1 st Lucindale Forget Me Not of Aristopaps
2 nd Creliatown Golden Treasure
3 rd Jaroma Lady Of The Glen
Res Geanzger Magic Butterfly
VHC Kingshaven Quest For Life

LIMIT – Bitch Entries:21 Abs:1
1 st Genendale Glint Of Gold at Elendil
2 nd Feorlig Zweet Sensation
3 rd Serenglade Satanya for Temelora
Res Jhanakia Highland Breeze
VHC Pamhurst Shes A Lady

OPEN – Bitch Entries:16 Abs:6
1 st Ch Serenglade Enchanted Lady for Temelora
2 nd Ch Burghbridge Our Princess
3 rd Up And Down’s Donna Bella
Res Tussalud Cruella De-Ville
VHC Toymaker’s Home Coming Queen
HC Christea Midnight Rose for Skyvana
C Bonifee Lady Penelopie of Tykkydewas

GOOD CIT – Bitch Entries:5 Abs:0
1 st Murvagh Rippling Stream
2 nd Ch Spinillons Touch Of Heather
3 rd Lucindale Forget Me Not of Aristopaps
Res Lucindale Ahoyti Toyti of Aristopaps
VHC Farfalla Dynasty For Paupad