Crufts Championship Show 2014

08 March 2014

Papillon Judge: Ms A Oliver
Toy Group Judge: Mrs Renée Sporres-Willes (Sweden)

A fantastic day & a lovely entry of this beautiful breed to handle. I was quite staggered at the number of dogs present & I know that some would have been disappointed but in many classes because of the huge entry it was inevitable that some good dogs would not be in the cards. I was a little concerned about the fronts on some dogs that I thought otherwise really lovely & because of the keen competition was not in a position to be too forgiving. Just one or two overshot mouths & also some teeth could have been a bit cleaner.

Best of Breed: Ch/AKC/G Ch Lafford Fly Me Too Farleysbane
Best Puppy: Toot Sweet’s Charming Casanova At Ancojo (Imp Due)

Dog CC: Ch/AKC/G Ch Lafford Fly Me Too Farleysbane
Res. Dog CC: Bel/Fr/Lux/Cros/Swe/Fin/Chib Ch Siljans Truly Yours (Su)
Bitch CC: Ch Papplewick Pretty In Pink At Adinaken JW ShCm
Res. Bitch CC: Ringlands Special Gift

You can see the Papillon being handled in the Toy Group ring at 23:04 minutes.

Veteran Dog (Entries: 13 Abs: 2)
1st: Int/Balt/Est/Lv/Jap/Ir/Gb Ch Smileline Covergirl Immortal Gene (Mrs P E Munn), we got off to a good start with this class of lovely veterans. In fact as I went through the classes I was very impressed with the way the breed matures. They certainly mature well & keep their looks. The winner here was an impressive r/w of 8½ years, still a lovely exhibit, quite flamboyant in style, has well set large ears, nice neck & well placed shoulders allowing for a flowing movement. Good stifles, & muscled thighs, silky coat in lovely condition
2nd: Brontigaer Orlando Shcm (Mrs C A & Miss R A Brooks)b/w, well balanced, nice coat, good feet & moved out well. Preferred expression of winner
3rd: Ch Bodebi Rhythm Is A Dancer ( Mr J W Turner), 9 years r/w, pleasing size & balance, attractive lad, just slightly lacking in forechest.
Res: Ch Calajoy Robbie Macfluff (Mrs J Joyce)
Vhc: Travelling By Moonlight To Amicae (Mr A & Mrs C Foynes & May)

Special Puppy Dog (Entries: 11 Abs: 1)
1st: Toot Sweet’s Charming Casanova At Ancojo (Imp Due) (Mr J & Mrs A Cooper), well named as he is truly charming. 13 months r/w lovely head & super expression, well placed & shaped ears, with fringing, just right for muzzle length & balance, good shaped head with fine blaze. Lovely neck & shoulders. Well angulated therefore makes an attractive profile on the move. Coat is light & silky & plenty of it, lovely frill, good depth of brisket. He has good ribs & body & is an elegant little chap. BP
2nd: Aiming High Up The Amp Suniren (Imp Isl) Naf Taf (Mrs I & Mr G Robb), another cracking puppy presented beautifully, 9 months, so a little less mature but has all the makings of a good future. r/w, good muzzle, beautiful eyes & expression, nice shaped head with blaze. Dainty but not lacking in substance in any way. Moved with style
3rd: Rozamie Depeche Mode (Messrs J A & K N Magri & Arrowsmith), b/w so much less mature than other two but silky coat & super outline, moves with a lightness of step
Res: Temelora Dream Lover (Mrs S & Mrs T Morrell & Teague)
Vhc: Powdermill Touch A Star (Miss H Bradford)

Special Junior Dog (Entries: 18 Abs: 4)
1st: Gleniren Shootin Starmaker Sunshoo (Mrs I & Mr G Robb) , this 16 months boy r/w was so dainty an elegant, head carriage giving a nice clean neck & topline. Is very correctly made in fore & hindquarters. Was presented in beautiful condition with a lovely coat r/w embellished with a fulsome frill & plume. tailset correct & carried well. Lovely large mobile ears, sparkling eyes & just right balance of muzzle to skull. Good moving both ways
2nd: Lafford Fly The Flag (Mrs C P Lees) , similar b/w/r in type but not the furnishings as yet of the winner. Good body & loin. Large ears. Can stand a little slack in front occasionally
3rd: Feorlig Ollywood Star (Miss K F & Mr E L Miller & Ryan), very fine all through, sable, but good outlook generally as has type & balance, & has lots going for her. Has plenty of time on her side to catch up
Res: Dollbabies Asher Art Of Style (Atc Aq02201lva) (Mrs I Fraimane)
Vhc: Temelora Rising Star Jw (Mrs S & Mrs T Morrell & Teague)

Yearling Dog (Entries: 18 Abs: 2)
1st: Ch Rozamie Dream Lover (Messrs J A & K N Magri & Arrowsmith), what a glamour pants, this r/w 23 months boy was in every way. In lovely coat & condition, full frill & plume, & body coat. Beautiful head & eyes, melting expression yet sparkling & saucy at the same time. Good front & sound at the rear. Nice muscle on the thighs. Pleasing in neck & shoulders & very attractive moving both ways with such lightness yet propulsion from the rear & good extension in front. Good shaped feet
2nd: Kingshaven Danger Mouse (Mr R & Mrs J Banfield), r/w lost out on coat to winner but an attractive dog & texture & condition were first class. Is so typical of the breed, lovely ears & fine blaze on good skull. Sound moving
3rd: Macstrak Jack Daniel (Miss C Hatch), b/w very pleasing breed type, has sound body all through & everything in right place, just lets himself down occasionally standing in front.
Res: Coffe Ice Cream Forussi At Henrix (Imp Pol) (Mr J & Mrs S Caton)
Vhc: Sukanto Yuki Storm (Miss E Cooke)

Post Graduate Dog (Entries: 22 Abs: 1)
1st: Kissable De Costalina At Panspayon (Imp Bel) (Miss S & Mrs M Orchard), r/w, 2 years, just possibly a slightly plain head, but so lovely in every other way & with good neck & shoulders. Just kept going back to this boy in the company he was in he had the edge in construction & outline on the move. Very sound both ways
2nd: Feorlig Magic In The Making (Mrs J C Barnett), very much daintier & sweeter in head but preferred ear set of winner. Lovely pigment & moved so well
3rd, : Semicvetik Berny Amaizing (Atc Ar00093rus) (N Osokina)
Res: Skyvana Little Rafferty (Mrs D Gornall)
Vhc: Lilacrose Magic Touch (Mrs K Diprose)

Mid Limit Dog (Entries: 14 Abs: 2)
1st: Lafford Fly To Elfuago (Mrs H Aitkin), this 4 years tri got my attention with his gorgeous head & expression, super pigment enhancing this. Never stopped showing off his many attributes, his large well placed well fringed ears were used all the time. However he also had good ribs, & loin, well muscled thighs, nice feet, very smart in topline showing off a lovely plume. Moved well both ways
2nd: Conysluck The Red Baron JW (Miss C Letch, Ms J & Mr & Mrs A K & E A Allsop), r/w lovely chap just a little underdressed today. In profile he has the neck & shoulders & all the other attributes I was hoping for
3rd: Lilnrose Mistletoe And Wine Shcm (Miss M C Waller), b/w 5 years in lovely condition, kept a nice outline on the move & standing, just not moving with quite the style of those above him
Res: Lafford Dennis The Menace In Poppywood (Mrs S M Wilkinson)
Vhc: Bellaluna Leonando (Mrs M A Mcwade)

Limit Dog (Entries: 13 Abs: 1)
1st: Feorlig Klever Kloggs Jw Shcm (Miss K F Miller), this little dog really has a lot to charm, full of fizz, r/w 3 years old, straight front, moves with a nice reach & drives off good hindquarters. Loved his neck & shoulders. Large ears with beautiful fringing. Good body under the attractive outer packaging
2nd: Abbeyton Here We Go Again For Loerburn (Mrs C Nolan), another very lovely boy, so nice in profile. Extra large ears & fringing. Plenty of frill. Coat fab, altogether just lets himself down a little in front when standing from time to time
3rd: Ancojo Gold Fever Jw (Mr J & Mrs A Cooper), r/s good type, sound on the move, has appeal in many areas
Res: Conysluck Juscallmeansome At Jalatemme (Ms J & Mr D Allsop & Browne)
Vhc: Kazkell Thyme To Dream Jw Shcm (Mrs K Maskell)

Open Dog (Entries: 25 Abs: 3)
1st: Ch/Akc/G Ch Lafford Fly Me Too Farleysbane (E & S Vandermolen & Newcomb), this class was absolutely fabulous but a challenge. A real headache to sort out & sad to say I had to be very firm & make decisions basing them on all the qualities I was looking for & not forgiving fronts, or shyness in any way. There were one or two not to my mind typical with bodies too long & out of balance, or just oversized & lacking the refinement I was looking for. I moved the class in two sections so that everybody had sufficient room to show off the attributes of their dogs. Yes I recognised the winner as fourth in the group under me at Crufts in 2012 & at that time I did not know I had given him his 1 CC at LKA in 2009. At 6 years old I was amazed to find that I still could not get past him. He is just lovely in every way. He is beautiful in size & daintiness & yet there is no weediness whatsoever, he has firm body & loin under the glamorous silky coat. He has a beautiful head & muzzle with large mobile ears well placed & dripping fringes. The flow from head & neck & shoulders into topline & tailset down to his lovely feet all just flow. He is in lovely condition, muscled thighs. I could not fault him moving either way & he looks as if he can do it on & on. Delightful temperament, delightful exhibit, I was proud to see him representing the breed in the main ring & his manners there were as good as in the breed ring. He did have to pull out the stops against the bitch. I gather this is the third year he has won BOB? The second of the breed to do this. Congratulations to all involved. CC & BOB
2nd: Bel/Fr/Lux/Cros/Swe/Fin/Chib Ch Siljans Truly Yours (Su) (Mrs I & Mr G Robb), r/s gorgeous in every way, dainty, precise in moving & the coat is absolutely beautiful. Just a little slack from time to time in front end but so refined, firm ribs, great to see so much quality in such a small package
3rd: Multi Ch Magnolise Tiago For Spinillons (Imp Usa ) (Mrs J & Ms C Davidson-Poston & Rutten), this
phalene was presented in lovely condition, moves well, beautiful head, I would just like to see a shade smaller

Res: Fin Ch Paparottsie Painted Lord Jw ( Mr T & Mrs P Urwin)
Vhc: Int Ch Magic Sunrise Great Gentleman (ATC AP01692lVa) (Mrs I Fraimane)

Good Citizen Dog Scheme Dog (Entries: 10 Abs: 0)
1st: Ch Spinillons Rebel Rowser Jw Shcm (Mrs J Davidson-Poston), b/w loved this lad very typical of the breed with good ears, large & mobile, dainty in style & shape, sound moving both ways & nice to know he is using his brains too in the GC
2nd: Lilnrose Mistletoe And Wine Shcm (Miss M C Waller)
3rd : Petitchiens Moonbeam (Mr D & Mrs H Malcolm), congtats on being a GC holder, obviously uses his lovely large ears to hear the commands
Res: Brontigaer Orlando Shcm (Mrs C A & Miss R A Brooks)
Vhc: Travelling By Moonlight To Amicae (Mr A & Mrs C Foynes & May)

Veteran Bitch (Entries: 10 Abs: 1)
There were some really lovely Papillons in the veteran classes, they certainly seem to age well & retain in the main their teeth. There were several in double figures
1st: Ch Calajoy Silver Lining (Mrs J Joyce), b/w 8 years shortly, largest ears & still able to show off on the move. You can see how she won her title
2nd: Royal Moonbeam For Creliatown (Mrs K Tidmarsh), r/w made the most of herself standing & on the move, another 8 years old
3rd: Bedellus Heaven Sent To Kazim (Mrs D J Welsh), another of 9 years & still well made & moving well.
Res: Creliatown Golden Treasure (Mrs K Tidmarsh)
Vhc: Sharjoy Tanzany Lady At Lafay (Mr A & Mrs C Foynes & May)

Special Puppy Bitch (Entries: 14 Abs: 2)
1st: Lilacrose Chasing Options (Mrs K Diprose), 9 months & very feminine, she has that extra that draws attention. Very good front, sound body & loin, good topline. Large ears that she uses to advantage. Good angulation. Silky coat, a little charmer
2nd Nolan’s Loerburn Cosmic Angel, r/s, appears a little longer in body than winner, has breed type all through, moves stylishly
3rd: Rozamie Kisses At Midnight At Feorlig (Miss K F Miller), this little girl has breed type & quality but today though she well deserved her place here on her breed attributes she was a little unsettled unfortunately
Res: Up And Down’s Oli Li Jw (Atc Ap01148nld) (Miss C G M Rutten)
Vhc: Panspayon Xoe (Miss S Orchard)

Special Junior Bitch (Entries: 18 Abs: 0)
1st: Powdermill Look Here At Lilacrose (Mrs K Diprose), 14 months, r/s caught my eye with her overall outline & shape. Beautiful ear fringes, lovely frill, silky coat, all growing well, lovely shaped feet. Really nice outline, tailset. Has plenty of time
2nd: Spinillons Sofistication (Mrs J Davidson-Poston), b/w, sweet fine bone, has a good shaped head, is stylish on the move & close up to winner
3rd: Ancojo Wild Fire (Mr J & Mrs A Cooper), could just have better earset, slightly high set, but otherwise many good points & in lovely condition
Res: Ginny (Atc Ar00618ita) (Mr R & Miss T Tassinari Emanuela)
Vhc: Alwenil Classic Tanzanite (Mr D L & Miss C A Lyndon)

Yearling Bitch (Entries: 13 Abs: 1)
1st: Spinillons Classic Caress Jw, Ir Jr Ch (Mrs J Davidson-Poston), b/w 22 months, cracking youngster in lovely condition. Firm body, good loin, muscled thighs & good feet. Super head with balanced muzzle, beautiful sparkling eyes, ears set right & used to express her interest. Loved her tailset & plume. Pleasing front quarters too, attractive & sound on the move
2nd: Denemore Iconsmelody At Coxleview (Ikc) (Mrs J Varley), r/s, does not need any more weight on her body as it is spoiling her front. Pleasing in other respects & she was able to move with style
3rd: Kingshaven Dizzy Whizzy To Jorgealin (Ms George-Evans), slightly finer, typical head properties, & moved well.
Res: Metamorphic Opal At Sempefidelis (Ms I L Buckley-Waters & Lord Buckley)
Vhc: Adinaken Pretty Puzzled (Mrs K M Smith)

Post Graduate Bitch (Entries: 17 Abs: 2)
1st: Ookiimimi Calamity Kate (Mrs J & Miss J Nash), 4 years, appealing bitch with a sweet head & muzzle. Good fringing, ears well set & large. Just right for size & in lovely coat & condition. Enough plume & carried well. Delightful expression, moved well
2nd: Kazim Uptown Girl (Mrs D J Welsh), nice breed type all through but not quite the style of the winner. Nevertheless she showed her little heart out
3rd: Lorah’s Heaven Scent (Mr J & Mrs W Foster), beautiful ears & fringing & in lovely coat, could do with a little more enthusiasm on the move
Res: Burghbridge Ura Golden Girl (Mrs W F Price)
Vhc: Panspayon Ur My Lucky Charm (Mrs A Whitaker)

Mid Limit Bitch (Entries: 15 Abs: 3)
1st: Ringlands Special Gift (Mrs P E Munn), 2½ years r/s. Gorgeous, quality all through. Has lovely head & mobile ears. Just right stop & muzzle. The balance of one to other is just right. Straight front, fine bone. Sound hindquarters with muscle on thighs. Lovely body & loin. Good stifles. One of those bitches that you find yourself keep going back to as she is always standing right & moved so freely. Average size, a quality little lady. RCC
2nd: Skyvana Fancy That At Kingshaven (Mr R & Mrs J Banfield), b/w solid head, loved the expression, ears dripping with fringing & well bodied. Knew how to move around the ring too
3rd: Lilnrose Devil Woman (Miss M C Waller), lost a little ear fringing but well deserved her place here on all her overall qualities
Res: Taliesyn Alcea Rosea (Mrs G A Geary)
Vhc: Craigaber Timewatch Jw (Mrs A Macgregor)

Limit Bitch (Entries: 13 Abs: 3)
1st: Hollrexia Magical Star (Mr M & Mrs P Dembiniok), r/s, feminine, fine bone, kept her shape on the move. Good feet. has a certain style about her
2nd: Paupad Revelation Jw (Mr P C & Mrs P B Coughlan), another very attractive girl & also with well shaped feet. Certainly makes an attractive picture, lovely body, good silky coat & plume
3rd: Connection Siljans White Star Jw (Imp Fin) (Mrs W F Price), tad wider at front than the other two spoiling the overall picture but plenty of other qualities
Res: Herumen Mountain Breeze At Kazim (Mrs D J Welsh)
Vhc: Meerwings The Swallow Tale By Pyatshaw (Mrs A Macgregor)

Open Bitch (Entries: 15 Abs: 5)
1st: Ch Papplewick Pretty In Pink At Adinaken Jw Shcm (Mrs K M Smith), r/w 4 years & a beautiful bitch. She has a firm ribs, loin, muscled thigh, superb body & condition. Her head is gorgeous, large ears that she uses well, fabulous expression. Just that look at me quality about her. Good feet, silky, abundant coat, fringing & plume. Beautiful shape & size, dainty, elegant, what more can I say. Moving around the ring she just floats it is light but purposeful at the same time. She & the DCC winner really made me work hard to make a decision. They are both absolutely lovely. CC
2nd: Ch Gleniren Kiss Me Kate Sunshoo (Mrs I & Mr G Robb), absolutely beautiful, really pulled out all the stops here. She is presented to perfection. Dainty, elegant, incredible silky coat & is such a worthy champion
3rd: Ch Mad About Saffron At Ringlands (Mrs P E Munn), another 3½ years worthy champion with gorgeous plume, how lucky the breed are to have such choice
Res: H/Ro/Gbz/Mor/Hr/Srb Ch Queen Bless Jp Lady Bee (ATC AQ00178Jap) (Mr B Ntmeth)
Vhc: Ir/Ger Ch Denemore Toy Story (Mr S & J Carroll & Newman)

Good Citizen Bitch (Entries: 6 Abs: 2)
1st: Lilnrose Devil Woman (Miss M Waller)
2nd: Bedellus Heaven Sent to Kazim (Mrs D Welsh)
3rd: Spinillons Annabelle ShCM (Mrs J Davidson-Poston)
4th: Burghbridge Ura Golden Girl (Mrs W Price)