Darlington Dog Show Society 2014

14 September 2014
Papillon Judge: Mr J Munroe
Toy Group Judge: Mr T Mather
Toy Puppy Group Judge: Mrs A E Macdonald
Toy Veteran Group Judge: Mr J Thirlwell

I would like to thank the Darlington committee for their kind invitation to judge my first CC appointment at this my “local” show, and for their generous hospitality on the day. In judging today I was looking for balanced dogs who were dainty without being delicate in any way. On the whole, presentation was excellent, though not many exhibits had single, silky coats. Movement continues to be a worry with many exhibits lacking the light free flowing action as required in the Standard. Some very nice exhibits were let down by poor or dirty dentition. I was very pleased with my winners, feeling they illustrated well what I look for in a Papillon. I was delighted to see both BOB & BP shortlisted in their groups, and thrilled when the BV won the TVG.

BEST OF BREED : MAGRI, Mr J A & ARROWSMITH Mr K N Ch Rozamie Dream Lover
Best Puppy : CULLEN Mr P G & Mrs T A Petress Black Magic
Best Veteran & Veteran Toy Group : URWIN Mr T B & Mrs P M Begaville Geordiegirl For Paparottsie

Dog CC : MAGRI, Mr J A & ARROWSMITH Mr K N Ch Rozamie Dream Lover
Res Dog CC : TAYLOR Mrs H V Bankshill Lord Of The Rings Is Purepixie
Bitch CC : BUSS, Miss E & BUSS Mrs M Ch Twiggy Cupcake Of Flutura JW
Res Bitch CC : CULLEN Mr P G & Mrs T A Ch Ancojo Whisper To Me

Veteran Dog (3 Entries Abs: 0)
1st: (JOYCE Mrs J) Ch Calajoy Robbie Macfluff. 9½ years old, b/w boy. Well coated and presented in immaculate condition. Good facial pigment and well marked head. Nice dark eye, well set, well defined stop. Good overall outline though volume of coat made him appear heavier than he is. Level topline and tail carried well. Spirited lad, moved with plenty of energy
2nd: (MALCOLM Mrs H & Mr D) Shamal Topaz Sh.CM. Another 9½ year old boy, r/s/w. Facially this boy looks older than his years, as his muzzle is freying, but he still has a sparkle in his dark eyes. Stands foursquare with a level topline which he maintained on the move. Super fit condition and well presented, though again quite an excess of coat. Lovely temperament, very much in tune with his handler.
3rd: (FOYNES, Mr A J & MAY Mrs C A) Lafay Hibernian Prince

Minor Puppy Dog (5 Entries Abs: 1)
1st: (BRUCE, Mrs Q A V & BRUCE-JACKSON Mrs A J) Tijuana Mischief Maker 7½ months b/w. This well schooled boy cut a striking and clean outline both standing and on the move. Heavier marked had pattern but with the desired narrow symmetrical blaze and beautiful dark eyes with the softest of expressions. His ears are well set and frame his head well, fringing coming in nicely. Correct bite. Level topline and good high tailset and carriage. Moved well for his young handler.
2nd: (ODD, Miss C & ODD Mrs M) Dorvale Winter Gold At Trenarwyn 7½ months r/s/w. Similar type and construction as 1 but a little less refined in head at the moment, would have preferred a little more defined stop. Lovely outline and tail carriage, coat coming in nicely with good silky texture. Ears carried well when alert but a little lazy when relaxed. Moved soundly and with drive.
3rd: (THORNTON Mrs A) Shevid Cutting Edge
Res: (HOBSON Mrs R) Grinsdales Gigolo at Rosenjon

Puppy Dog (7 Entries Abs: 1)
1st: (SHARP-DIXON, Messrs K & REYES, J & LYNN J) Afterglow Adonis For Queenslake 11 months tri. A well marked boy with rich colour and a clean symmetrical blaze. Good dark eye well set. Ears correctly set and used well, fringing up nicely. Soundly constructed with straight front and rear. Level topline and nice high tailset. Moved with drive but stepping a little high in the grass today. Faultless presentation
2nd: (RICHARDSON Mr & Mrs A) Sweetbriar Shine On Belvane 11 months r/s/w. Another well marked and eye catching boy. Good dark eye set well. His fringing and coat are coming in nicely with correct texture and good length. Looks quite finished for a young dog. A good steady mover who covered the ground well.
3rd: (MORTON, Mrs L & WOODROW Mrs L) Ablazzor Harleys Wild Echo At Lynflyer
Res: (ROBB, Mrs I & Mr G & PATRICK Miss E) Volpecula Tammienorrie With Suniren
VHC: (STEWART, Mrs K & STEWART-KNIGHT Miss K) Tussalud Man On The Run

Junior Dog (5 Entries Abs: 2)
1st: (MORRELL, Mrs S & TEAGUE Mrs T) Bonmeshay Ted Baker For Temelora 17 months dark s/w. Pretty headed boy but still very much a dog. Large rounded ears frame his well marked head with the promise of plenty fringing. Soft, expressive eyes. Lovely overall outline and shape, looking good on the move and standing. Good length to his well set tail, plume developing nicely
2nd: (EDSON Mr J A & Mrs J E( Connection Siljans Crown Jewel of Novastar (Imp) 12 months tri. A quiet lad who is well built and nicely coated. He has a gentle expression though more open than 1 and eye could be darker. Moves well on the ground but a little untidy at the front when standing.
3rd: (GREEN Mrs J L) Jorgealin Ziggy Starman at Rubywings

Yearling Dog (8 Entries Abs: 1)
1st: (MANN, Mrs M & MANN Misses B & J) Melangel Time To Shine b/w boy, almost 2 years old. Cleanly marked, smart little dog with lots of attitude and presence. Well proportioned head with good bite and a round dark eye. Level topline which he held both standing and on the move. Short tail, but well wet and carried over his back. Correct coat texture and adequate length for age and development.
2nd: (ROBB Mrs I & Mr G) Ch Gleniren Shootin Starmaker Sunshoo Very smart and eyecatching tri of smaller type. Pretty head with round dark eye and defined stop. Ears well set and carried. Immaculately presented coat but not with the texture of 1. Very attentive to his handler and very well schooled.
3rd: (COOPER Mrs S A & Mr J M) Toot Sweet’s Charming Casanova At Ancojo (Imp)
Res: (FENN WEBBER Ms V) Adnamashan Bat Out Of Hell
VHC: (LEACH Mrs S & Mr M) Amicae Yackety Yack

Post Graduate Dog (9 Entries Abs: 2)
1st: (FEATONBY WARREN Miss P) Buttalowie Remember Me At Melangel A very pretty, well marked b/w with the darkest of eyes and framed by well set and fringed ears. Balanced construction with good overall shape, just needs to body up a little, nice straight front, well wet shoulders and level topline, moved soundly but could do with a bit more confidence, carrying his tail well.
2nd: (MORRELL, Mrs S & TEAGUE Mrs T) Temelora Rising Star A lively r/w boy with a well marked head and correctly set dark eyes. Defined stop but muzzle a little long for balance. Ears good for size, shape and set. Confident and attentive on the move, maintaining his topline and tail carriage
3rd: (COCHRANE Mrs E) Tutyak Get Up And Go
Res: (DUTTON Miss R) Penang So The Story Goes
VHC: (HATCH Miss C) Macstrak Jack Daniel

Limit Dog (10 Entries Abs: 1)
1st: (TAYLOR Mrs H V) Bankshill Lord Of The Rings Is Purepixie A finely built tri boy with a head that is pretty without being feminine. Open type face but still maintaining a defined stop. Dark round eyes full of mischief. Well set rounded ears which were nicely fringed and which he used to advantage. In construction he had a good straight front, level topline and nice rear angles. Moved well from all angles, well schooled and presented in immaculate condition.
2nd: (THORNTON Mr C & Mrs A) Sharjoy In The Future A beautifully presented b/w boy who is well coated and has plenty of fringing. Good pigment to his well marked head, round inquisitive eyes, well set. Level topline finished off with a good tailset, maintained both on the move. A smart dog that works well with his young handler, moved with drive and style.
3rd: (ALLSOP, Mrs J & BROWNE Mr D) Conysluck Juscalmeansom At Jalatemme
Res: (DUTTON Miss R) Powdermill Original Touch
VHC: (RICHARDSON Mr & Mrs A) Rozamie Montpellier At Belvane

Open Dog (11 Entries Abs: 4)
1st: (MAGRI, Mr J A & ARROWSMITH Mr K N) Ch Rozamie Dream Lover A very pretty and elegant dog illustrating many of the positive attributes of our breed. His well marked head has a defined stop, a good length muzzle for balance and is set off by his sparkling eyes. Good bite with clean teeth. Lovely red body markings set against a pristine white single coat of silky texture help finish the picture. He is dainty and fine but not delicate in any way. Balanced construction ensures he moves with purpose and drive, maintaining his shape and outline. I was very happy to award him CC & BOB and pleased to see him shortlisted in the toy group.
2nd: (COOPER Mrs S A & Mr J M) Ancojo Gold Fever JW Another well marked r/s/w boy, similar in type to 1. Well constructed and presented a pleasing outline with level topline, nice reach of neck, well carried tail and straight front and rear. Well coated and beautifully presented but preferred the texture of 1. A good mover, with plenty of drive and vigour and very attentive to his handler.
3rd: (DAVIES, Mr G & URWIN Mr & Mrs T) Ch Fin Ch Paparottsie Painted Lord JW Sh.CM
Res: (BARTRAM Mr & Mrs A K & E A) Ch Burghbridge Black Shadow JW
VHC: (ATKINS Mr M & Mrs A) Metamorphic Posted To Vlinder

Veteran Bitch (3 Entries Abs: 0)
1st: (URWIN Mr T B & Mrs P M) Begaville Geordiegirl For Paparottsie 10 years old b/w in super fit condition. Nicely balanced head with clear symmertical blaze. Good bite with excellent dentition. Full of energy, moved like a youngster. Was pleased to award her BV and thrilled to see her win the TVG
2nd: (JOYCE Mrs J) Calajoy Could She Be Magic Very pretty 7 years old r/w girl. Beautiful coloured markings and good pigment to nose leather and eyes. Another good mouth with clean teeth. Smaller type than 1 but nicely balanced throughout and again in good physical condition. Level topline, good tailset. Lively on the move and managed the conditions well.
3rd: (FOYNES, Mr A J & MAY Mrs C A) Sharjoy Hibernian Princess At Lafay

Minor Puppy Bitch (4 Entries Abs: 1)
1st: (GEORGE-EVANS Mrs L) Moetica Snow Winds To Jorgealin NAF (Imp) 8 months smart b/w girl with clearly defined markings. Dark eyes set well, good stop and correct bite. Large mobile ears which she used well. Moved well in the grass, confident and self assured. Coat coming in well.
2nd: (CULLEN Mr P G & Mrs T A) Petress Dark and Daring 9 months old. Another pretty b/w who showed herself well. DFark, round eyes and large well placed ears, fringing up nicely. Nice length to muzzle giving good balance to her head. Correct bite. on the ground she appeard a little shorter on the leg than 1, giving a slight loss of overall balance. Nice mover.
3rd: (FINLAYSON Mrs J) Rozamie Regardez-Moi NAF TAF

Puppy Bitch (7 Entries Abs: 1)
1st: (CULLEN Mr P G & Mrs T A) Petress Black Magic 9 months. A lovely b/w girl with nicely balanced head with clean cut markings, blaze a little off centre but did not detract from the overall balance of the head. Darkest of eyes placed correctly in the skull, correct bit and large rounded mobile ears. Lovely silky coat coming in nicely covering a solid, well constructed frame, level topline, moderate neck and good tailset and carriage. Steady and confident on the move. Pleased to award her BP and to see her shortlisted in the puppy toy group.
2nd: (MORTON Mrs L) Ancojo Shock Wave At Ablazzor 11 months old. A very pretty r/s/w soundly made and well furnished girl, appearing slightly longer cast than 1. Head beautifully balanced for shape and markings set off by dark sparkling eyes. Defined stop with nice length to muzzle. Correct bite. Moved confidently and with drive.
3rd: (GADSBY & LYNN) Afterglow Adelaide
Res: (LEES Ms C P) Farleysbane Firefly For Lafford
VHC: (ROBINS Mr & Mrs J A & P J) Jaroma Lady In Waiting

Junior Bitch (11 Entries Abs: 1)
1st: (COOPER Mrs S A & Mr J M) Ancojo Pixie Pickles 13 months old. A lovely r/s/w bitch with a very pretty head, well marked with a narrow blaze, correct clean bite and dark round eyes. Very balanced in profile with a level topline, good reach of neck and well carried tail. Coat beautifully presented. Moved with confidence and drive, very well schooled and devoted to her handler
2nd: (MILLER Miss K F) Rozamie Kisses At Midnight At Feorlig 16 months, another pretty r/s/w, very similar in overall type to the previous bitch, but I preferred the muzzle and head balance of the 1st bitch.. Lovely, balanced outline which was well coated for a very clean finish. Could swap places with 1 on another day.
3rd: (WHITEHILL Mrs M) Amicae Royal Seal
Res: (FEATONBY WARREN Miss P) Buttalowie Beautiful Noise
VHC: (FOYNES, Mr A J & MAY Mrs C A) Melangel Unique Star For Lafay

Yearling Bitch (8 Entries Abs: 2)
1st: (MANN, Mrs M & MANN Misses B & J) Melangel Tilly Tristar JW Almost 2 years old. A well marked tri girl with a pretty head, clean cut lines and balanced construction and shape. Good dark eyes, defined stop and correct bite. Good level topline, high tailset and carried well on the move. Moved well enough on the day though a little distracted and unsettled at times. Litter sister to YD winner.
2nd: (MORRELL, Mrs S & TEAGUE Mrs T) Temelora Chance To Dream 17 months old. A richly marked r/s/w phalene. Lovely dark, inquisitive eyes, ears correctly set with fringing developing nicely. Good definition to stop. Small white nose and with no blaze but this did not detract from her overall balance and good looks. She seemed a little unsettled at times but collected herself enough to move well on the ground.
3rd: (FOYNES, Mr A J & MAY Mrs C A) Melangel Unique Star For Lafay
Res: (COLLINS Mrs T) Bonmeshays Shady Lady
VHC: (TAYLOR Mrs H V) Farthinghall’s Nui Nui Is Purepixie

Post Graduate Bitch (4 Entries Abs: 0)
1st: (LANSON Miss S) Ablazzor Dark Lady at Cantoverde JW Sh.CM This tri girl has a pretty head with good markings, dark eyes, correct bite and large rounded well fringed ears. Her coat is of the correct silky texture and was well presented. Nice long tail which was correctly set and carried well. Her movement is free and easy.
2nd: (AITKIN Mrs H) Lafford Fancy That For Elfuago A very pretty b/w girl who, although not happy with the conditions, won through on breed type. Loved her head with its dark inquisitive eyes and gentle expression. Well presented silky coat, good topline and tailset.
3rd: (VARLEY Mrs J) Denemore Icons Melody At Coxleyview
Res: (AL-BAZI Mrs L & Miss N) Phylcher Love’s Labour’s Won

Limit Bitch (10 Entries Abs: 2)
1st: (KIRK Mrs E) Ablazzer Wild At Heart This richly marked tri has a good head pattern, lovely dark eyes giving the softest of expressions and framed by large rounded ears. She has a good straight front with well set shoulders giving good reach of neck leading to level topline and good tailset. Moved well for the conditions.
2nd: (GEORGE-EVANS Mrs L) Kingshaven Dizzy Whizzy To Jorgealin A r/s/w girl with very fine blaze, dark round eyes and large red ears set off by black fringing. Nice and steady on the move, good front and rear. Happy temperament, works well with her handler.
3rd: (GREEN Mrs J L) Mercedes Diamond at Rubywings
Res: (BUCKLEY, Lord D L R & BUCKLEY-WATERS Mrs I L) Metamorphic Opal At Sempefidelis
VHC: (URQUHART Mr G & Mrs C) Ringlands Summer Sunshine In Blackpark NAF

Open Bitch (9 Entries Abs: 2)
1st: (BUSS, Miss E & BUSS Mrs M) Ch Twiggy Cupcake Of Flutura JW I have previously admired and judged this silver s/w girl and she did not disappoint today. She has a well marked head, nicely balanced with correctly set ears, lovely dark eyes and correctly proportioned muzzle with correct bite with clean dentition. Her outline is balanced with good neck, level topline and nice tail plume which she carries well standing and on the move. She moved with drive and conviction and obviously adores her owner/handler who should be justifiably proud of this girl. I was delighted to be able to aware her the CC.
2nd: (CULLEN Mr P G & Mrs T A) Ch Ancojo Whisper To Me This classically marked b/w 4 year old girl has a very pretty face with dark eyes and huge well fringed ears. Her coat was sparkling white and beautifully presented. She moved freely and with confidence maintaining a level topline and balance throughout. RCC.
3rd: (STEWART, Mrs K & STEWART-KNIGHT Miss K) Ch Denemore Story’s Echo At Tussalud
Res: (THORNTON Mrs A) Ch Shevid Rumor Has It
VHC: (BUCKLEY, Lord D L R & BUCKLEY-WATERS Mrs I L) Sempefidelis Dulcidine