Leymarchi’s Kazar Of Bedellus

Copyright: Patricia Beadle

Date of Birth:  12th June 2007
Sex:  Dog
Colour:  Tri-Colour
Breed Type: Papillon

Breeder:  Patricia Beadle
Owner: Mr S Simpson

Gained his Stud Book No. at the Papillon Club Of Scotland Championship Show 2010


Pedigree (correct to the best of our knowledge)

Ch Bodebi Success Story For Bedellus ShCM
Glasafon Successor
Ch Glasafon Mustard
Ch Glasafon Gordons Girl
Elvistime Lady Holly At Bodebi Gleniren Golden Icon
Kingshaven Patience At Elvistime
Lozek Sassy Sally For Jujohn Collness Rags Lad At Lozek Granasil Kool Kat At Collness
Collness Laffaminit
Lozek Scarlet With Jujohn Inixia Valentino
Khanness Red Queen