Ch Tykkydewas Santa’s Gift to Inixia

Copyright: Sue Stanbury

Date of Birth:  25th December 2004
Sex:  Dog
Colour:  Red, Sable & White
Breed Type: Papillon

Breeder:  Michelle Osborne
Owner: Michelle Osborne & Sue Stanbury


Pedigree (correct to the best of our knowledge)

Ch, Ir & Can Ch Ringlands Denemore Chasing Rainbows
Int & Ir Ch Ringlands Treasure Island
Ch Ringlands Copyright
Ch Ringlands Stella Star
Ch & Ir Ch Ringlands Rainbow
Ringlands Topitin
Ringlands High Jane
Tykkydewas Twylytepolka to Inixia Tykkydewas Twylytedancer Serenglade Sylvanus
Tykkydewas Taffeta
Syb Ella at Tykkydewas Serenglade Sakime
Serenglade Sylvita