Driffield Championship Show 2001

14 October 2001
Papillon Judge – Mrs D Simpson

Best of Breed: Denemore Forbidden Treasure
Best Puppy: Denemore Forbidden Treasure

Dog CC: Denemore Forbidden Treasure
Res.Dog CC: Ch Tussalud Tell Me A Story
Bitch CC: Penang Small Talk To Shevid
Res.Bitch CC: Daneview Dainty Roxanne At Sunshoo

Minor Puppy – Dog
1st Macstrak Minuet
2nd Lysandra Basilic
3rd Pyatshaw Rhythm N Blues At Meerwings

Puppy – Dog
1st Denemore Forbidden Treasure
2nd Graycaz Ima Firestarter
3rd Shazzabars Coup De Chance
Res Tell Me Another

Junior – Dog
1st Inixia You Know Hugh
2nd Barallan Knight Of The Realm At Sunshoo
3rd Barj Hot Gossip
Res Unixia Picasso Of Delphlands

Spec Year – Dog
1st Tutyak Quest
2nd Inixia Picasso of Delphlands
3rd Geanzger Dee Jay Beausher

Post Grad – Dog
1st Inixia So Be It For Elendil
2nd Daneview Rhythm And Blues
3rd Ablazzor Time And Tyme Again Of Delphlands
Res Lynricks Take A Chance On Me

Limit – Dog
1st Sunshoo Imacaptain Scarlet
2nd Genevieves Flirtie Bertie
3rd Inixia Hugo’s There
Res Pyatshaw White Heat

Open – Dog
1st Ch Tussalud Tell Me A Story
2nd Ibstock Marksman
3rd Penang Tycoon At Shevid
Res Sunshoo Imaknight Errant Of Barallan

Minor Puppy – Bitch
1st Graycaz Ona Promise
2nd Chriskadu Kataleyna

Puppy – Bitch
1st Novastar I Can Do Majic
2nd Meerwings Charlies Angel
3rd Glasafon Dairy Mae
Res Sharjoy Bonny

Junior – Bitch
1st Melangel Dolly Dreamgirl
2nd Inixia Mademoiselle Violette
3rd Cachorra Elens Burg Blue At Rayol
Res Kingshaven Roxy At Gleniren

Spec Year – Bitch
1st Daneview Dainty Roxanne At Sunshoo
2nd Tutyak Pandora
3rd Harilovon Marlene

Post Grad – Bitch
1st Elendil Peri
2nd Rayol Leilante
3rd Tutyak Pyjama Girl
Res Geanzger Rainbow Melody At Annahew

Limit – Bitch
1st Lynflyer Perfect Lady
2nd Inixia French Frie
3rd Christea Pollyanna Of Briber
Res Glasafon Fantasy Of Jhanakia

Open – Bitch
1st Penang Small Talk To Shevid
2nd Ibstock Adorable At Tussalud
3rd Chappell Dizzy Izzy Ringlands
Res Inixia Aureole