Driffield Championship Show 2006

15 October 2006
Judge: Mr J Simpson (Penang)

BOB Lynflyer Harry Zona
BP Skyvana Apparition Of Shadowknight
DCC Lynflyer Harry Zona
RDCC Sunshoo Imahot Shot Gleniren TAF
BCC Pyatshaw Silver Tassie
RBCC Invergarick Modern Milly JW

Minor Puppy Dog (10 Entries, 1absent)
1st Wee Angus of Adinaken (Mrs K M Smith )
2nd Frasermar Lost For Words TAF (Mr M Whitehill)
3rd Jhanakia Highland Shadow (Mesdames J Thompson & S Austin)
Res Abbeyton Isle B Willin To Tri (Mrs S Deamer)
VHC Bodebi How Very Dare You (Mr I & Mrs S Victor & Miss E McLaughlin)

Puppy Dog (8 Entries, 1 absent)
1st Skyvana Apparition Of Shadowknight (Miss S C Langdon)
2nd Ringlands Carter’s Gold (Miss M Moss & Mrs P Munn)
3rd Kazkell Tetleys Dream (Mesdames M Raper & K Maskell)
Res Tutyak Zither Zone (Mrs E Cochrane)
VHC Kazkell Clockwork Dream (Mr K Raper)

Junior Dog (7 Entries, 1 absent)
1st Thoughts Of Stardom At Amsema (Miss A Mason)
2nd Lysandra’s Ptol Ankh Esh (Dr N P & Ms T Thurman)
3rd Prince Victory (Miss L Cumming)
Res Spellbinder at Amicae (Mrs M Whitehill)
VHC Ablazzor Royal Sensation At Trishara NAF (Miss Y Rudge)

Yearling Dog (4 Entries, 2 absent)
1st Sunshoo Imahot Shot Gleniren TAF (Mrs I & Mr G Robb)
2nd Amicae Hide And Seek (Miss C A Leiper)

Post Graduate Dog (12 Entries, 1 absent)
1st Calajoy Robbie Macfluff (Mrs J Joyce)
2nd Blairancoes Merrygoround of Delphlands (Miss M J Moss)
3rd Volpecula Vanity’s Mirror (Ms E B Patrick)
Res Sharjoy Regency Buck (Mrs J Finlayson)
VHC Pamhurst Hes A Star (Miss P Taylor)

Limit Dog (12 Entries, 1 absent)
1st Lynflyer Harry Zona (Mrs A Cooper)
2nd Sharjoy Dream Of Destiny JW (Mrs J Finlayson)
3rd Mrs M , Shazzabars Mirror Image (Mesdames E Bailey-Turner & M Barlow)
Res Tawzan Do It Like Dudley (Mr S F & Mrs A Stevens)
VHC Glasafon Succession (Mrs J I Leverett)

Open Dog (9 Entries, 0 absent)
1st Adnamashan Kiss N Tell (Mr & Mrs R J Skelton)
2nd Ch Jhanakia Royal Highlander JW (Mesdames J Thompson & S Austin)
3rd Bankshill Isle Of Lewis Sh.CM (Mesdames S Deamer & J Davidson-Poston)
Res Ch Bodebi Ray Of Success At Lafford (Ms C P Lees)
VHC Jhanakia Olivers Story JW (Mesdames J Thompson & S Austin)

Minor Puppy Bitch (7 Entries, 0 absent)
1st Abbeyton Some Like It Hot (Mrs J P Savage)
2nd Volpecula You’re So Vain At Amicae (Mrs M Whitehill)
3rd Personality Plus Melangel (Mrs M & Misses J & R Mann)
Res Frasermar Fairy Tail of Rozamie NAF TAF (Mr J A Magri)
VHC Ringlands Society Girl at Coxleyview (Mrs J Varley)

Puppy Bitch (11 Entries, 5 absent)
1st Ablazzor Dark N Delicious (Mrs L Morton)
2nd Ablazzor Tiger Lily (Mrs A Hector)
3rd Shevid Sparkle For Sharjoy (Mrs J Finlayson)
Res Paupad Floral Dynasty (Mr & Mrs P C Coughlan)
VHC Pamhurst Dream (Miss P Taylor)

Junior Bitch (12 Entries, 5 absent)
1st Frasermar Snowbird Volpecula (Ms E B Patrick)
2nd Calajoy April Promise (Mrs J Joyce)
3rd Adnamashan Serenity (Mr & Mrs R J Skelton)
Res Abbeyton Angel’s Kiss (Mrs J P Savage)
VHC Meerwings Dream Butterfly At Raceburns (Mrs L Lees)

Yearling Bitch (2 Entries, 1 absent)
1st No Entries?

Post Graduate Bitch (8 Entries, 3 absent)
1st Invergarick Moularouge (Mrs P Wilson)
2nd Calajoy Ebony As Winter (Mrs J Joyce)
3rd Jaroma Geena Gee (Mrs H Aitkin)
Res Kazkell Lets Dream (Mrs K Maskell)
VHC Raceburns Sweet Breeze (Mrs L Lees)

Limit Bitch (11 Entries, 6 absent)
1st Invergarick Modern Milly JW (Mrs P Wilson)
2nd Kirkchase Bewished (Mrs E Kirk)
3rd Tijuana Victoria (Mrs E Cochrane)
Res Wee Lucy of Adinaken Sh.CM (Mrs K M Smith)
VHC Briber Midsummer Dream of Rosenjon (Mrs R Hobson)

Open Bitch (9 Entries, 1 absent)
1st Pyatshaw Silver Tassie (Mrs A B Macgregor)
2nd Amicae Star Time (Mrs M Whitehill)
3rd Ch Gleniren Starlight Kisses (Mrs I & Mr G Robb)
Res Mrs S Jhanakia Highland Breeze (Mesdames J Thompson & S Austin)
VHC Longcrags Bewitched At Kirkchase (Mrs E Kirk)