Joint Papillon Clubs Championship Show 2016

27th August 2016

Hosted by The Papillon (Butterfly Dog) Club of Scotland

Judge: Marian Sloane (Austrene)

Joint Championship Show: Many thanks to the Papillon club of Scotland for the invitation, also to my hard working stewards for a seamless and well run day. Some observations on the entry.

As I could count on the fingers of one hand the number of dogs I had judged before, I came to this entry with fresh eyes. I was looking firstly for breed type. To quote Richard Beauchamp, ‘Type is clearly visible – yet defies description’. I feel light eyes and flat tails take away from breed type. What I did not expect to see so many with very poor fronts, resulting in high stepping movement. This is not what the standard calls for.

A few were light in condition but none were too thin. It was a pleasure to see so many junior handlers, or past ones. They knew how to present and handle their dogs to advantage.

Marian Sloane

Best In Show: CH Gleniren Shootin Starmaker Sunshoo
Res Best In Show: CH Rozamie Dream Lover
Best Opposite Sex: Petress Dark and Daring JW
Best Puppy In Show: Amicae Hugs & Kisses
Best Veteran: CH Papplewick Pretty In Pink JW ShCM
Best Phalene In Show: IR CH Siljans Star Delight Connection With Pepeke

Best Junior Handler: Issac Magri-Arrowsmith

Principal Winners left to right: BIS, RBIS, BOS, BPIS, BVIS, B Phalene IS
Principal Winners left to right: BIS, RBIS, BOS, BPIS, BVIS, B Phalene IS

Dog CC: CH Gleniren Shootin Starmaker Sunshoo
Res. Dog CC: CH Rozamie Dream Lover
Best Puppy Dog: Amicae Hugs & Kisses
Bitch CC: Petress Dark and Daring JW
Res. Bitch CC: CH Omegaville Make me a Petitchien
Best Puppy Bitch:

Veteran Dog 7 (1)
1st Nolan, Abbeyton Here We Go Again for Loreburn, Lovely dog, of excellent breed type, very youthful veteran who still loves to show. Soundly made in excellent condition. Great temperament.
2nd Skelton, Winterwings Sea The Stars Well turned out dog, classic head with large well fringed ears. Nicely balanced and moved well.
3rd Burns & Lacy, Paplysh Ezekiel Son of Ablou
4th Letch, Conysluck Master Pip
5th Waller, Lilnrose Mistletoe & Wine ShCM

Minor Puppy Dog 6 (0)
1st Mann & Lee-Slater, Melangel Zachary Such a pleasing 6-month baby. So full of attitude. Great make and shape. Excellent head and body. Really long tail, which he was very proud of today. Very true on the move, hope he goes on to fulfil his early promise.
2nd Patrick, Volpecula The Early Bird Volpecula The Early Bird. Lovely head and ear carriage. True in front, nice topline and well set tail.
3rd Patrick, Volpecula Handsome Is
4th Deamer, Mark My Word It’s Zak
5th Monroe, Papplewick Perfect Passion

Puppy Dog 5 (1)
1st Whitehill, Amicae Hugs and Kisses Beautifully balanced pup, with correct head proportions, well set ears with fringing coming. He has a level topine and correctly set plumed tail. Full of himself which can make this movement less than accurate but gave me enough steps to please me. Happy to make him Best Puppy.
2nd Rimmer, Paparotsie Painted Viking of Pepeke Paparotsie Painted Viking of Pepeke. Promising tri Phalene, scoring in head and expression. Good temperament, lovely silky coat.
3rd Bull, Altaya Star Attraction
4th Anderson, Rozamie Riccardo NAF TAF

Junior Dog 9 (1)
1st Miller, Feorlig Smarty Pants Stood away to win this class. Loved his overall balance and breed type. Correct head proportions. Well bodied, level topline and good plumed tail. Moved soundly. Beautifully presented.
2nd Hill, Caraideas Orpheus Not a big boy, with everything in proportion. Showed well and moved soundly.
3rd Whitehill, Graycaz Chill Your Boots
4th Atkins, Vlinder Northern Star
5th Foynes, Lafay Grand Prix

Yearling Dog 8, 1 (1)
1st Richardson, Rozamie Request Belvane Great overall shape. Correct head proportions, nice neck and level topline and tailset. Moved soundly.
2nd Rainbowe, Amicae Moondust Nice type, large flaring ears. Good topline and tailset. Correct hare feet. Would prefer a finer muzzle.
3rd Clint, Papplewick Persian Power JW
4th Mann, Melangel Xfactor
5th Nolan, Loreburn Rebel Yell

Maiden Dog 3,1 (0)
1st Lee-Slater, Magri, Rozamie Monsieur Phillipe Easy winner of this class. Confident showman. Correct head and ears. Beautiful outline. So full of promise. Just a little light in body, which cost him BP. I’m sure he will have a bright future.
2nd Mann, Melangel Zeus Just a baby of 6 months. Outgoing temperament with pleasing head and well set ears.
3rd Hobson, Pappretty For Ever And Ever At Rosenjon

Novice Dog 2, 1 (1)
1st Maskell Waller, Sarahmah Midsummer’s Dream Nice head and ears. Good overall shape. Well coated.
2nd Hobson, Pappretty For Ever And Ever At Rosenjon R/W puppy enjoying his day out, ears a bit soft today.

Post Graduate Dog 10 (0)
1st Anderson, Northlyte Genisis Quality dog with good head and ears. Correct front, level topline and correct tailset. Moved very soundly.
2nd Skelton, Adnamashan Bat Out Of Hell Excels in head proportions and large flaring well fringed ears. Nice body, moved well.
3rd Cochrane, Gift Wrapped For Tutyak
4th Borg, Elendil Bellman
5th Hatch, Amicae Call Me Bad At Macstrak

Limit Dog 15 (1)
Large class with quality dogs, I was spoiled for choice.
1st Anderson & Comrie-Bryant, Frasermar Storm in The Snow Beautifully turned out dog. Very good breed type. Lovely temperament. Correct head and ears. Well ribbed body. Moved well.
2nd Letch & Buckley-Waters, Conysluck Mister Pickles Conysluck Mister Pickles. Lovely overall shape. Excels in head and ears. Level topline, nice body and hare feet.
3rd Bruce & Bruce-Jackson, Tijuana Mischief Maker
4th Hatch, Macstrak Jack Daniel
5th Clint, Papplewick Persian Punch JW

Open Dog 9,2 (0)
Such a quality class, headed by two super dogs that are top of the tree. What a privilege to judge them. They are both turned out to perfection, correct weight and muscular condition, groomed to best advantage. I can see how they are both big winners. So sorry I could not give them both the cc but split them I had to.
1st Robb, CH Gleniren Shootin Starmaker SunshooWhat a show dog, with buckets of attitude and breed type. So well made and so sound. Classic head and ears, crested neck, level topline and well plumed tail. Single silky coat. Correct bone and hare feet. His movement is so light and free flowing CC and BIS.
2nd Magri & Arrowsmith, CH Rozamie Dream Lover What’s not to like about this dainty dog? His so correct head, with finely pointed muzzle. Large mobile ears, crested neck and level topline and well plumed tail. Correct angled shoulders on true front. Moved soundly. Res CC and Res BIS.
3rd Forth, Magri & Arrowsmith, Petitchiens Truth Or Dare
4th Sharp Dixon, Reyes & Lynn, Afterglow Adonis For Queenslake
5th Waters, Sweetbriars Sticks and Stones

Special Phalene Dog 1,2 (2)
1st Rimmer, Paparotsie Painted Viking of Pepeke

Veteran Bitch 5 (0)
1st Smith, CH Papplewick Pretty In Pink At Adinaken JW ShCM Sh CM. Excellent type of bitch. Sweetest of heads, all in correct proportions, with nicely fringed ears. Great body condition. Could show some of the younger dogs how it move. Best Veteran in Show.
2nd Nolan, Papplewick Papa Don’t Preach To Loreburn Lovely head and expression. Best of legs and feet. Level topline and good plumed tail. Moved soundly.
3rd Gray, Gennasus Make Believe
4th Urwin, Begaville Geordie Girl for Paparottsie
5th Maskell, Kazkell Velvet Dream JW

Minor Puppy Bitch 4 (0)
1st Robb, Gleniren For Your Eyes Only Very pretty, correct head and lovely shape. Lots of attitude. Turned out to perfection. I’m sure will have a great future. BPB.
2nd Roberts & Smith, Rayol Giselle Very promising Phalene baby. Pleasing head and correct ear carriage. Lovely body shape and condition.
3rd Roberts & Smith, Rayol Petronella
4th Deamer, Bankshill Crème Cracker

Puppy Bitch 7 (0)
1st Magri & Arrowsmith, Rozamie Madame Reeva Quality bitch of good breed type. Correct head and outline. Lovely plumed tail. Unfortunately, a little unsettled on the day.
2nd Urwin, Paparottsie Lady Jane Tri bitch of nice proportions, with fabulous ears with fringing coming well. Correct hare feet.
3rd Roberts & Smith, Ibstock Divine Comedy
4th Whitehill, Rozamie Madam Marcell
5th Bradford, Wild Child

Junior Bitch 6 (1)
1st Forth, Magri & Arrowsmith, A’diors Make a Wish Rozamie Stood away to win this class. Ideal head and ears. Straight topline and good tail carriage. Lovely temperament, moved soundly.
2nd Hill, Caraideas Hope Not a big girl, but within the standard. Beautiful proportioned, little show girl. Moved soundly.
3rd Maskell / Waller, Sarahmah Mayan Daydream Kazkell
4th Mathews, Rozamie Mon Amour
5th Mandleson, Maridova Victorias Dream at Honrukai (Imp)

Yearling Bitch 8, 1 (1)
1st Skelton & Fraser, Bonmeshays Lady Charlotte of Adnamashan Lovely shaped bitch with great attitude. Pleasing head and neck. Large flaring well fringed ears.
2nd Lanson, Cantoverde Lady In Red JW ShCM Very attentive to handler. Moved soundly.
3rd Sharp Dixon & Reyes, Zolota Princess Queenlake
4th Thornton, Cheeky Celica at Shevid
5th Johnston, Dourhu Capercaille

Maiden Bitch 0 (0)

Novice Bitch 2 (2)
1st Maskell / Waller, Sarahmah Mayan Daydream Kazkell Nice overall shape and good tail carriage. Correct hare feet.
2nd Johnston, Dourhu Rosa Is Red Has a good front. Just a bit unsettled today.

Post Graduate Bitch 5 (0)
1st Lanson, Contoverde to Cantoverde Very sound. Correct head and expression, with large well fringed ears. Scores in front, level topline and correct tail set.
2nd Joyce, Calajoy Simply Ava Pleasing head, ears and expression. Well bodied. Moved soundly.
3rd Ramsay & Mowatt, Iotastar’s Moment In Time
4th Waller & Maskell, Kazkell Midnight Dream
5th McCrindle, Kazzlyn Rainbow Rose

Limit Bitch 10 (3)
1st Borg, Petress Dark and Daring JW Stylish bitch with great attitude. Classic head with coal black eyes. Sparkling white, silky single coat with black markings. Level topline and correct tailset and plume. So fit for function with her beautifully conditioned well angulated body. Her profile movement was positive and she is so light on her hare feet. CC.
2nd Miller & Ryan, Rozamie Kisses At Midnight At Feorlig JW Ir ShCM Well-presented R/W. Lovely shape, level topline and well plumed tail. Stylish, positive mover.
3rd MacGregor, Craigaber Timewatch JW
4th Smith, Adinaken Pretty Puzzled
5th Buckley / Buckley-Waters, Metamorpic Opal At Sepefidelis

Open Bitch 9,1 (1)
1st Forth, CH Omegavville Make Me A Petitchien Object lesson in presentation, correct head proportions and well set ears. Level topline and well plumed tail. Best of legs and hare feet. Great breed type, worthy Champion. Res CC.
2nd Victor, CH Lafford Kandy Floss JW Another Quality bitch, well presented. She has a classic head and overall great shape.
3rd Urquhart, Queen Bless Winner Of Art Etoile At Blackpark JP (Imp)
4th Deamer, Grinsdales Sweet Caroline Bankshill
5th Maskell, Kazkell Just A Dreamer JW

Special Phalene Bitch 1,2 (0)
1st Rimmer, IR CH Siljans Star Delight Connection With Pepeke Soundly made, pleasing head proportions, good rib and topline. Moved well, Best Phalene.
2nd Roberts & Smith, Rayol Giselle
3rd Roberts & Smith, Rayol Petronella

Special Beginners Dog or Bitch 2 (2)

Brace 4 (0)
1st Smith, CH Papplewick Pretty In Pink JW ShCM / Papplewick Penhaligion At Adinaken ShCM Well matched brace, moved and stood in unison.
2nd Rimmer, IR CH Siljans Star Delight Connection With Pepeke / Paparotsie Painted Viking of Pepeke Walked well together.
3rd Maskell, Kazkell Just A Dreamer JW / Kazkell Velvet Dream JW
4th Bull, Altaya Foreign Affair / Altaya Star Attraction

Junior Handling 6-11 years
1st Issac Magri-Arrowsmith
2nd Rebekah Hewitt
3rd Amy Whitehill
4th Ellie Davidson
5th Lucy Whitehill
6th Emma Whitehill

Junior Handling 12- 16 years
1st Jacob Magri-Arrowsmith
2nd Kyle Davidson