Leicester City CS Open Show 2016

29th August 2016

Judge: Mr Jeff Luscot (Jalus)

Best of Breed: Tinklebury Super Sprout Spinillons JW
Res. Best of Breed: Feorlig Smarty Pants JW
Best Puppy: Afterglow Gooseberry

Puppy (4, 1)
1st Nash: Afterglow Gooseberry
2nd Rowberry: Jayberry Twinkletoes
3rd Bartram: Pappretty Now And Forever for Burghbridge

Junior (7, 2)
1st Scovell: Afterglow Tom Fool at Caswell
2nd Christensen: Tresor’s Kings Valiant Lancelot
3rd Lees: Lafford Penny Black
Res Maskell & Waller: Sarahmah Mayan Daydream Kazkell
VHC Maskell & Waller: Sarahmah Midsummer’s Dream

Post Graduate (6, 0)
1st Miller: Feorlig Smarty Pants JW
2nd Waller & Maskell: Kazkell Theme For A Dream for Lilnrose
3rd Geary: Taliesyn Travellers Joy
Res King: Petitchien’s Chilli Pepper of Jadelands
VHC Rowberry: Moetica Snow Winds to Jorgealin

Open (9, 1)
1st Davidson-Poston & Farrell: Tinklebury Super Sprout Spinillons JW
2nd Scovell: Frasermar Explosion at Caswell
3rd Davidson-Poston & Farrell: Spinillons Classic Calee
Res Lees: Lynflyer Winter Story at Lafford
VHC Geary: Powdermill Designer Touch at Taliesyn