LKA Championship Show 2002

13 December 2002

Judge – Mrs M Whitehill

Best of Breed & TOY GROUP 3: Ch Ibstock Marksman
Best Puppy: Gleniren Scarlet Monogram

Dog CC: Ch Ibstock Marksman
Res.Dog CC: Inixia So Be It For Elendil
Bitch CC: Ch Tijuana Tiller Girl
Res.Bitch CC: Pinelan Amaryllis

MPD (20 Entries) Abs: 5
1st: Gleniren Scarlet Monogram
2nd: Tutyak Line Navigator
3rd: Tykkydewas Carollan
Res: Tijuana Melody Maker
VHC: Lorah’s Sharp Shooter With Claretta NAF TAF

PD (13 Entries) Abs: 0
1st: Burghbridge Ur Classic Gold
2nd: Graycaz Lick and a Prayer for Collness
3rd: Shevid Lyric
Res: Serenglade Wings of Victory
VHC: Jhanakia Oliver’s Story

JD (12 Entries) Abs: 0
1st: Jaylan Jay Amastunner
2nd: Christea Rumbaba
3rd: Adinaken Wee Patriot
Res: Pinelan’s Dream Come True
VHC: Glasafon McCallum

GD (16 Entries) Abs: 2
1st: Inixia French Resistance
2nd: Lorah’s Wind In The Willows
3rd: Serenglade Starshooter at Inixia NAF
Res: Macstrak Minuet JW
VHC: Inixia Perfect Host

PGD (12 Entries) Abs: 2
1st: Tawzan Bizzy Bee Bee
2nd: Graycaz Indisguise at Langness
3rd: Powdermill Touch of Magic
Res: Geanzger Coppersky Legacy
VHC: Fortglen Dark Island

LD (19 Entries) Abs: 3
1st: Inixia So Be It For Elendil
2nd: Graycaz Give It Up For Thello JW
3rd: Inixia You Know Hugh
Res: Ibstock Bright Spark for Spinillons
VHC: Abbeyton Tiger Bay

OD (10 Entries) Abs: 0
1st: Ch Ibstock Marksman
2nd: Eng & Ir Ch Denemore Forbidden Treasure
3rd: Ch Penang Bold Horatio
Res: Ch Tijuana Minstrel
VHC: Likely Story

MPB (23 Entries) Abs: 5
1st: Pilipalas Eroica
2nd: Cordonrouge Ciara
3rd: Daneview Dainty Oliviana
Res: Abbeyton With A Touch of Gold
VHC: Spinillons A Touch of Hope

PB (13 Entries) Abs: 0
1st: Burghbridge Ura Golden Lady
2nd: Geangzer Meadow Butterfly at Jaylanjay
3rd: Geanzger French Butterfly TAF
Res: Spinillons Touch of Heather
VHC: Sharjoy Flanders Flower

JB (15 Entries) Abs: 2
1st: Snowlord Swiss Maid For Serenglade
2nd: Gleniren Jump ‘N’ Jive
3rd: Jaylanjay Amalady
Res: Gypsy Rosa Lee
VHC: Burghbridge Temair for Temelora

GB (12 Entries) Abs: 0
1st: Melangel Dolly Dreamgirl
2nd: Caswell Fairystory
3rd: Julesville Classic Cliches
Res: Fraserdene Passion Fruit
VHC: Golygfamor Gypsy

PGB (10 Entries) Abs: 4
1st: Tussalud Cruella De-Ville
2nd: Northlyte Star Struck
3rd: Aporia Secret Love
Res: Geanzger Butterfly Magic
VHC: Ithon Valley Moonlight

LB (10 Entries) Abs: 2
1st: Pinelan Amaryllis
2nd: Inixia Jack’s Jewel
3rd: Pyatshaw Nessun Dorma
Res: Melangel Carrianne
VHC: Harilovon Marlene

OB (14 Entries) Abs: 3
1st: Ch Tijuana Tiller Girl
2nd: Lynflyer Perfect Lady
3rd: Ch Graycaz Kiss in the Dark at Collness
Res: Penang Small Talk to Shevid
VHC: Ibstock Adorable at Tussalud