Manchester Championship Show 1999

12th February 1999
Papillon Judge – Mr E Fearnley

Best of Breed: Graycaz Olivia
Best Puppy: Corralyn Tittle Tattle

Dog CC: Burghbridge Keverne At Gleniren
Res.Dog CC: Meerwings Murphy’s Dream
Bitch CC: Graycaz Olivia
Res.Bitch CC: Longcrags Haunting Melody

Minor Puppy Dog
1st: Chanbre Chivas Regal

Puppy Dog
1st: Sunshoo Imaknight Errant Of Barallan
2nd: Tijuana Tell Tale
3rd: Kingshaven Principal Boy At Gleniren
Res: Sunshoo Imaknight Crusader Of Daneview

Junior Dog
1st: Tijuana Minstrel
2nd: Pyatshaw White Heat
3rd: Sunshoo Imared Doriksun
Res: Benzara Hanky Panky By Graycaz

Special Yearling Dog
1st: Northlyte Wandering Star
2nd: Shamal Sullivan At Leevick
3rd: Glasafon Royal Welsh
Res: Ablazzor Time And Tyme Again Of Delphlands

Post Graduate Dog
1st: Sunshoo Imapaddington Bear
2nd: Shamal Sullivan At Leevick
3rd: Elendil Flash Harry
Res: Wellside Pure Elegance

Limit Dog
1st: Meerwings Murphy’s Dream
2nd: Hemdale Academic Ali
3rd: Anncolm Valentino
Res: Tippitoes Luck Of The Draw

Open Dog
1st: Burghbridge Keverne At Gleniren
2nd: Marshlea Ambassador
3rd: Jaylanjay Amacracker
Res: Diquest Fairy Glen

Minor Puppy Bitch
1st: Lynflyer Perfect Lady
2nd: Northlyte Super Nova
3rd: Geanzger Emblems Pride
Res: Barallan Jump For Joy

Puppy Bitch
1st: Corralyn Tittle Tattle
2nd: Tijuana Tiller Girl
3rd: Longcrags Cool Breeze
Res: Rambling Rose Of Roshelle

Junior Bitch
1st: Pinelan Golden Starlight Of Jhanakia
2nd: Daneview Dainty Lucia
3rd: Tutyak Snow Queen
Res: Domhnull Copy Deadline

Special Yearling Bitch
1st: Marshlea Belle Fille
2nd: Serenglade Sabina
3rd: Longcrags Papaver Of Sharjoy
Res: Domhnull Copy Deadline

Post Graduate Bitch
1st: Chanbre Natasha
2nd: Tinklebury Maybe I’m A Haggis
3rd: Domhnull Damask Rose

Limit Bitch
1st: Longcrags Haunting Melody
2nd: Northlyte Morning Mist
3rd: Glasafon Coral At Julesville
Res: Rixbury Queen In Amber Shimna

Open Bitch
1st: Graycaz Olivia
2nd: Inixia Aureole
3rd: Mannsown Maybe Someday
Res: Vella Ennis