Manchester Championship Show 2019

18 January 2019

Papillon Judge: Miss Cheryl Lockett
Toy Group Judge: Mrs M Thorpe
Best in Show Judge: Mr Stuart Plane

BEST OF BREED : (DAVIDSON-POSTON Mrs J) GB Ch NL Ch Ir Ch Int Ch Spinillons Rebel Rowser J
Dog CC : (DAVIDSON-POSTON Mrs J) GB Ch NL Ch Ir Ch Int Ch Spinillons Rebel Rowser J
Res Dog CC : (MORRELL Mrs S) Serenglade Leap Of Faith For Temelora
Bitch CC : (WALSH Ms H V) Jorgealin Moon Star At Purepixie
Res Bitch CC : (VARLEY Mrs J) Ambre Dore Beata Bea At Coxleyview (Imp) JW
Best Puppy : (GRIFFITHS, Dr E & GRIFFITHS Dr M) Rozamie Vie En Rose Manawyddan
Best Veteran : (DAVIDSON-POSTON Mrs J) GB Ch NL Ch Ir Ch Int Ch Spinillons Rebel Rowser JW

Minor Puppy Dog (8 Entries Abs: 0)
1st: (THORNTON Mr C & Mrs A) Milbu Ciciobello At Shevid (Imp Lva) Very attractive b/w well balanced boy with a lovely expression- good sound body- of excellent proportions – stands very square with good strong rear angulation – moved very well, so well schooled for one so young- presented in lovely coat and condition : nicely proportioned head and foreface, good leathers with strong underlying muscle giving very alert well used ears- should have exciting future BPD
2nd: (STANBURY Mrs S) Inixia Trademark Very attractive with a lovely head which I preferred to 1:excellent lay of shoulder, firm body which was really pleasing, well set tail – nicely presented – not so settled in movement as 1 today – moving very wide going away and somewhat loose in front – but should be very interesting prospect to as he matures and settles – nice pup
3rd: (MORRELL Mrs S) Tricianbri Harry Beau For Temelora
Res: (WATERS Miss W Sweetbriar Starbuck
VHC: (PATRICK Miss E B) Volpecula The Second Mouse

Puppy Dog (9 Entries Abs: 2)
1st: (HILL Mr & Mrs P & J A) Caraideas The Firebird very handsome shaded sable red/w dog with a lovely long fine silky coat- although was a little wavy today-has super dark eye but set somewhat obliquely detracting from the softer expression I really was looking for. Well off for skull and a more masculine foreface, Well shaped & sized correct harefeet- missing in quite a few – very well bodied with good rib & topline, good mouth- moved out well with light purposeful action- although preferred the balanced head & expression of 3
2nd: (WATERS Miss W) Sweetbriar A Harlequin little r/w chap was a little unsure in this environment today, but gave him benefit of the doubt, very pleasing head, eye and expression, good ears of nice size and flexibility, correct flat silky coat :moved well -both ways – quite well made- well set tail – preferred mouth of 1
3rd: (MANN, Mrs M & MANN Misses B & J) Melangel Everlasting Love
Res: (QUINN Mrs R) Resolutebay Tyrone
VHC: (WILKINSON Mrs S M) Nika’s Show Crystal in Poppywood (Imp)

Junior Dog (7 Entries Abs: 2)
1st: (LEE-SLATER, Mrs C & KEWLEY Mrs C) Magic Sunrise Ace Ventura (Imp) Very fine boy who was certainly playing his handler up a bit today- elegant type, very attractively marked if somewhat fine for me, presented in lovely coat – very well proportioned elegant head with refined foreface, nice well muscled neck of good length.good length of loin – presenting good topline on the move, well set & carried tail, lovely dark eye – very mobile ears – like to see him when fully matured.moved a bit erratic today.
2nd: (URQUHART Mr G & Mrs C) Queen Bless Jp Victory Tour To Blackpark (Imp) Loved the elegant head & type of this boy – & such lovely feet- very appealing expression and eye with a classical refined well filled foreface – showing no weakness – presented in lovely coat – needs more time to come into himself – and to firm up – moved ok, but one for the top draw as he mature’s I’m sure. Needs a bit more body for me at the moment.preferred his lovely ears to 3.
3rd: (THOMPSON, Mrs J & AUSTIN Mrs S) Melangel Highland By Design At Jhanakia
Res: (OLOF Ms D) Tarnock Romeo Romeo
VHC: (GRIFFITHS, Dr E & GRIFFITHS Dr M) Manawyddan Victor Hugo

Post Graduate Dog (14 Entries Abs: 2)
1st: (MORRELL Mrs S) Serenglade Leap Of Faith For Temelora Was bowled over by the superb dark soft sweet expression and beautifully moulded head of this soundly made B/w Phalene.such a handsome masculine boy of ideal size – very soundly made all though with no sign of coarseness – excellent ribs giving good heart room so sadly lacking in many – fine round bone, well covered ribs, all fits together so well – super mouth and pigmentation, correctly set & used ears- well fitted jacket of correct texture and moved so true! Unlucky to meet the outstanding VD winner today but I’m sure his day will come -RCC
2nd: (ORCHARD Miss S) Panspayon Eye Of The Storm Soundly made boy of style – just a bit too much of him in head for me – although well balanced, preferred the softness and lines of 1.sound, lithe, strongly made dog, good rib and topline, moves out with purpose and drive, lovely feet, classic type with super coat and presentation, attentive nice dog who deserves his place – keen enthusiastic showman.
3rd: (PHILLIPS Mrs K) Manawyddan Hamish Maccunn
Res: (GEARY Mrs G A) Taliesyn Black Walnut
VHC: (PHILLIPS Mrs K) Manawyddan Paschal

Limit Dog (10 Entries Abs: 1)
1st: (WALSH Ms H V) Purepixie Swish And Flick Very appealing quality B/W dog in profuse coat who was very close up for top honours – had such style when moving – with a lovely long reach from good lay of shoulder to elegant high set of his tail – all flowed so well together. Has superb eye & expression, with quite a masculine outlook which attracted – lovely depth of rib, elegantly shaped upsweep & loin giving nice length of back -so shapely – preferable to the somewhat cobby appearance of many – Lovely type – somewhat fuller in foreface than 2 but fitted his overall profile – lovely dog -was very torn for RCC – presentation of the phalene tipped the balance! On another day…
2nd: (BOUGHTON, Mrs A & STANBURY Mrs S) Inixia Follower Of Fashion Really liked this boy a lot -superb strong body with excellent shoulder angulation and muscle tone, has a keen pleasing expression and well placed eye and a lovely tapering foreface, strongly erect ears – so soundly made with great stifles and good harefeet-correct type of coat – just lacking a little of the elegance in furnishings of 1 today – but a quality dog of great charm – pipping the pleasing type of 3 today.
3rd: (REID Mr I) Phylcher Heartbreaker
Res: (PATRICK Miss E B) Volpecula Handsome Is
VHC: (WIGGINS Mrs J) Rozamie Monsieur Arthur For Scapafield JW

Open Dog (8 Entries Abs: 1)
Very close decision on both 1&2- quality dogs both :1 just pipping on coat and head qualities for me today, both very serious contenders for CC/RCC
1st: (IVANI, Mrs I & DAVIDSON-POSTON Mrs J) Slo Ch Whip Honey Double Smash Jun Ch Sh.CM Just loved the head of this quality boy- such a beautifully moulded skull and foreface fitting all seamlessly together – no sign of coarseness or strain – smooth cheeks – tight lips lovely mouth and teeth – wonderful pigmention – eye set, shape & soft appealing expression. Beautifully fringed ears, well made body with good rib and lovely length of back – well angulated for and aft but sadly carrying a little too much weight over the ribs today which showed in front movement – very strong moving away – lovely boy who when at his fighting weight would be hard to beat!
2nd: (KING Miss J S) Skyvana Tom Thumb Sarasha JW Upstanding attractive masculine tri presented in tip-top order.very well built with excellent topline and tail set, good neck, pleasing head – moved Parallel both ways – carrying good body with nice bone – quality dog – surely one for the upper house soon
3rd: (THOMPSON, Mrs J & AUSTIN Mrs S) Melangel Highland Vogue At Jhanakia
Res: (FOYNES, Mr A J & MAY Mrs C A) Lafay Petite Etoile JW
VHC: (FOYNES, Mr A J & MAY Mrs C A) Sweetbriar Face The Music At Johnasta

Veteran Dog (4 Entries Abs: 0)
2 superb dogs a credit to their owner!it was a shame they had to meet in this class
1st: (DAVIDSON-POSTON Mrs J) GB Ch NL Ch Ir Ch Int Ch Spinillons Rebel Rowser J This dog fits the standard for me! Such a lovely dog all round.Towards the upper end of height but within limits: this quality masculine dog has no sign of coarseness and so belies his 8 years age – presented in better condition than most a third of his age! Superb mouth with beautiful clean strong straight white teeth -correct bite. Beautifully moulded head with correctly spread ears, classic head, fine leathers and fringes,lovely eye;good rib ; Well angulated -strong parallel movement going away – may be a few grams heavy over the rib to be super critical – strong level top-line; well carried tail and lovely hare-feet just no getting past him today! DCC/BVD/BOB/BVIB
2nd: (DAVIDSON-POSTON, Mrs J & FARRELL Miss K A) Multi Ch Magnolise Tiago For Spinillons CW14 (Imp) Handsome boy of bigger proportions : appeals so much for his lovely soft expression and well balanced body, all in proportion- nicely moulded foreface and kind eye : he has a construction only to be envied by many : superbly angulated for and aft – superb boy just a little too much of him – but oozes quality.
The movement on both these veterans put many of the youngsters to shame

3rd: (MORRELL Mrs S) Temelora Bobby Dazzler JW
Res: (FOYNES, Mr A J & MAY Mrs C A) Travelling By Moonlight To Amicae

Minor Puppy Bitch (5 Entries Abs: 0)
2 very nice puppy bitches who will no doubt change places many times
1st: (LANGDON Miss S C) Skyvana Xpose Very promising baby who appealed greatly and moved very positively both ways :very pleasing head and lovely dark soft eye giving lovely expression – very good top-line, nice bone and very good attitude – should have bright future!
2nd: (MORRELL Mrs S) Tricianbri Wispa For Temelora Appealing youngster just a bit over exuberant in front today and bit bouncy on the move, lovely balance and type- nice size and coat for age – head handles very well, correct ear and eye placement, pleasing expression, moves well going away – well put down – nice pup!
3rd: (SELLICK Miss K A) Inixia Annabelle NAF
Res: (STEELE Mrs Y) Enigmadogz Black Diamond
VHC: (RAMSEY, Ms J D & MOWATT Mr C J) Iotastar Intrepid Explorer

Puppy Bitch (5 Entries Abs: 1)
1st: (GRIFFITHS, Dr E & GRIFFITHS Dr M) Rozamie Vie En Rose Manawyddan Very appealing youngster r/w with dark mask :lovely expressive dark eye, large well rounded fringed ears, very attractive pup all round who moved stylishly – very feminine with good body, level topline, good tail set and lovely legs and feet – was a serious contender for top honours – just needs few more months to challenge the best I feel – lovely pup BPB/ BPIB
2nd: (LANGDON Miss S C) Skyvana Xfactor Wonderfully angulated raw baby who gave so much away in age today – but has the best of stifles and hocks!puppy with immense promise – lovely dark soft expression and finely tapered fore-face, coat coming in nicely and of correct texture, moved extremely well for age – should challenge the best in a few months time
3rd: (THOMPSON, Mrs J & AUSTIN Mrs S) Melangel Enchanting Evita At Jhanakia
Res: (BOUGHTON, Mrs A & STANBURY Mrs S) Inixia Hot Sox

Junior Bitch (8 Entries Abs: 1)
1st: (SELLICK Miss K A) Inixia Stella Star NAF Nice size girl but bit on the thin side for me! very feminine,good general construction, top-line and tail set.good dark expressive eye, lovely fore-face, very sweet, good neck and shoulders – lovely straight hocks- moved well.
2nd: (COLLINS Mr & Mrs G & S) Jorgealin Fire Magic At Steeplehouse Rangier leggy girl at the moment that needs more time, but has the makings of an honest all rounder. Well put together, well proportioned head, good depth of rib, level top- line, well set tail, moves out very positively just needing more furnishings to complete the picture.
3rd: (COOPER Mr C) Wilachans Jasmine
Res: (ORCHARD Miss S) Panspayon Gold Fever
VHC: (ANDERSON Mrs C D) Pappretty Luck Be A Lady

Post Graduate Bitch (11 Entries Abs: 2)
1st: (OLOF Ms D) Tarnock Runaway Ruby What a little charmer!so close up in consideration for top honours, delightful little r/w girl, so feminine, fab ears, face, eyes, expression and top-line, very pretty, moved out smartly, true both ways :good body and ribs – I. Good coat – needs better presentation but
On another day could go all the way.

2nd: (URQUHART Mr G & Mrs C) Blackpark Vogue R/w ultra elegant finely made girl presented in super coat and condition.classic head and foreface and superb feet – excellent type, so elegant and feminine- moved ok. Very close decision between 2 & 3 just proffered elegance of 2
3rd: (MASKELL Mrs K) Kazkell Milo’s Dream JW
Res: (ORCHARD Miss S) Ablazzor Angel Of The North At Panspayon
VHC: (WHEELER Ms H) Ibstock Divine Insparation

Limit Bitch (5 Entries Abs: 1)
Toughest class, I was very torn between all 3 of these girls – all different types but all had some excellent qualities and it was splitting hairs between all 3 – so close! I liked them all.
1st: (WALSH Ms H V) Jorgealin Moon Star At Purepixie feminine, soundly made : showed a treat : well presented: moved out true and with ease, excellent show girl, lovely type, well balanced -well carried and set tail – nicely proportioned head, nice expression well boned – filled my eye. BCC/RBOB
2nd: (VARLEY Mrs J) Ambre Dore Beata Bea At Coxleyview (Imp) JW So very ultra feminine with most appealing classical head, ears and fringing, superb harefeet – lovely breed type – not the smooth flow in movement of 1 and just lacked a little in pizazz- not the construction of 3 but scored in femininity & refinement & elegance.RCC
3rd: (FULTON Mr K) Milbu Warlock At Kenf (Imp) JW
Res: (MEACHAM Miss A) Bankshill Ruth Is An Angel at Khanor

Open Bitch (6 Entries Abs: 1)
1st: (LANGDON Miss S C) Ch Shadowknight Ebony Rose Of Skyvana JW Super well balanced Bitch of great appeal, lovely neck & type, stands totally four square- excellent flexible Pasterns, lovely shaped feet, good bone with no signs of weakness, so feminine, nice head, large flared ears, lovely eye, presented in first class order – quality girl
2nd: (URQUHART Mr G & Mrs C) Blackpark Patricia Another elegant appealing r/w from this kennel
Presented in super coat and condition, just a little overwrought as nearly missed her class and just needed to settle bit better to the job in hand
Has beautiful refined foreface, super tail set and carriage, moves true both ways – very pleasing type with nice expression.scored over 3 in elegance, neck and presentation

3rd: (ORCHARD Miss S) Ringland Yoko’s Solo At Panspayon Sh.CM
Res: (DAVIDSON-POSTON Mrs J) Multi Ch Spinillons Classic Caress JW Sh.CM CW14 I
VHC: (HILL Mr & Mrs P & J A) Caraideas Rhapsody In Blue

Veteran Bitch (3 Entries Abs: 0)
1st: (ANDERSON Mrs C D) Hilsorg Marks Amelia At Pappretty Well built tri girl of good type with very pleasing head, lovely soft expression, super well used ears, level top-line, well carried tail, in good coat – moved out well
2nd: (GEARY Mrs G A) Taliesyn Orchid taller girl who is in fine fettle for her advanced years, great body condition for 12, soundly made with good strong top-line still,well angulated, well shaped feet, stood and showed well – lacking furnishings today
3rd: (FOYNES, Mr A J & MAY Mrs C A) Jhanakia Masquerade At Lafay