Moetica Prince Charming - Johnny

Merseyside Toy Dog Open Show 2015

Moetica Prince Charming - Johnny18 October 2015
Papillon Judge: Mrs Vanessa Williams-Wegmann

Best of Breed: George-Evan’s Moetica Prince Charming At Jorgealin (Imp)
Best Puppy & Puppy Toy Group 3: Robb’s Gleniren StardustMaker

Papillon Puppy(4)
1st Robb’s Gleniren Stardustmaker. Flashy Red and white showy, quality dog, 9mnths old with super mobile well fringed ears. Rounded alert dark eye. Clean scissor bite, correct slope of shoulder and deep chest, liked his strong fine boned well knit frame, torso is slightly long with a level top line and good spring of rib, has the slight belly arch. Glorious tail for a youngster carried gaily on high. Showing himself of today and covering the ground soundly each way. Well presented BPIB. So pleased that he was placed Puppy Group 3 in the show today
2nd Cooper’s Wilachan’s Kitt
3rd ¬†Cooper’s Wilachan’s Prince Rocky
4th Lockharts Ringlands Fun In The Sun

Post Graduate (1)
1st George-Evans Jorgealin moon Magic. 13mnths old pretty red/white bitch, feminine expression in dark eye, with good large ears having well rounded tips and fine leathers. Scissor bite and thin firm lips. Elbows close to deep chest, correct body shape, being slightly long with level top line, good spring of rib and under carriage has slight tuck up. Moving soundly each way.

Open (3)
1st BOB George-Evan’s Moetica Prince Charming At Jorgealin. 3 yr old flashy tri dog with masculine round and dark alert eye. Ears are good being large erect mobile and set just a bit back so that you can see the shape of the skull which is slightly rounded. Has correct scissor bite and firm jaws. Body is slightly longer than high with a level top line, good spring of rib, correct slope of shoulder, elbows close to deep chest .Under carriage has slight tuck up. Tail is carried happily aloft at all times. Movemnet is free flowing and sound each way. Well presented.
2nd Lockhart’s Rozamie Dream Chaser with Chetruda
3rd Cooper’s The Enchanted Princess