Midland Counties Championship Show 2003

26 October 2003
Judge – Mrs A Borg

Many thanks to all the exhibitors for giving such a large entry! I enjoyed the day (though it was hard work!). In general: dogs outshone bitches, temperaments were good, presentation was good, only one case of dirty teeth. All my winners moved excellently, but in many other cases rear movement still needs attention: do they get enough exercise?

Best of Breed: Ch Tussalud Tell Me A Story
Best Puppy: Jhanakia Royal Highlander

Dog CC: Ch Tussalud Tell Me A Story
Res.Dog CC: Jhanakia Royal Highlander
Bitch CC: Ch Lynflyer Perfect Lady
Res.Bitch CC: Tijuana She’s No Angel

Minor Puppy Dog (8)
1st:  Anderson’s Northlyte Star Appeal, 7-month-old smart r/w, very pretty well-marked head, level topline and tail arched well over back, true in front with good rear angulation, good coat coming, moved and showed confidently; 
2nd:  Stanbury’s Inixia Troysdale Time Traveller, also 7 months, larger type b/w, full of confidencer and drive, well-marked masculine head, good neck, level topline and excellent tail-set; not in much coat yet, which showed up his strong outline; 
3rd:  Lee-Farnsworth’s Graycaz Take the Michael.

Puppy Dog (12, 2 abs)
1st: Thompson & Austin’s Jhanakia Royal Highlander. beautiful fawn/s/w, handsome head with dark mask; though only 10 months, well up on his toes, caught and held your eye throughout the class and into the challenge, where he held his own against maturer competition to deservedly win the reserve ticket. Very mature for his age, silky coat over firm, well-muscled body, good reach of neck, good topline with well set on tail, good plume; well angulated at rear and with good, neat front action, he went round like a professional, and looked a picture standing (BP, RCC)
2nd: Stanbury & Unwin’s Inixia Dream’s Magic. striking b/w who was unlucky to meet (1) on such good form. Delicately featured and well-marked head, good neck and topline, excellent tailset and plume, lovely alert bearing, moved and showed well
3rd: Patrick’s Volpecula Eye Of The Storm

Junior Dog (14, 1 abs)
1st:  Peacock’s Shamal Fable of Alcala, dark tri of medium size, sound-moving, bright and alert, graceful bearing and lovely temperament.  Well-coated, long and silky, good well-fringed ears, level back, correct tailset with good plume; a very nice dog;
2nd:  Robb’s Gleniren Scarlet Monogram, handsome r/s/w dog with very large, flared, well-fringed ears.  Very smart on the move, well-muscled at rear, moved with drive and confidence; everything to like about him, when his coat lengthens will look even better;
3rd:   Kavanagh’s Serenglade Gold Sovereign.

Post Graduate Dog (15, 2 abs)
1st:  Thornton’s Shevid Lyric, b/w with pretty, well-marked head, fine muzzle, well-set large ears with good fringing; good reach of neck and level back, very graceful; good length of correct silky coat and well carried tail, moved soundly and confidently – well-balanced on the move and standing; 
2nd:  Waters’ Glasafon Jiggery Poke, b/w, very sound dog, again nicely balanced; appealing head with correct shape eye, well-laid shoulders, level back and well arched tail, moved and showed excellently (despite his name!); 
3rd:  Harwood’s Papset Rupert Bear.

Limit Dog (17, 3 abs)
A large class with some excellent dogs – I was spoilt for choice:
1st:   Colyer & Stanbury’s Inixia Perfect Host for Shirando, b/w, medium-sized lively dog with almost a smiling face, correctly placed dark eyes, well-set ears which he used to advantage, at 2 yrs old in good coat and furnishings: pushed hard for the Reserve spot – a difficult choice;
2nd:  Scovell’s Caswell Classic Tri, handsome, tri dog with impressive head, dark, well-set eyes, good pigment; his excellent front and shoulders and well angulated rear gave him attractive, free movement and he covered the ground with ease.
3rd:   Roberts’ Inixia French Resistance.

Open Dog (18, 4 abs)
1st: Stewart’s Ch. Tussalud Tell Me a Story – what can one say about this dog that has not already been said so many times!  To me he is the ultimate in the breed at the moment and, even at 7 years old, he was unbeatable today.  He stands out for his fine bearing and ring presence, his stunningly attractive head and large, well-fringed ears, correct front assembly, deep chest, wealth of coat and proud tail carriage; he has plenty of neck, keeps the levellest of backs both on the move and standing; movement drives well from the back with well-muscled hindquarters and parallel straight, strong front.  With all this, he is fine-boned, everything is in proportion, good length of leg and correct hare-feet with toe-fringes.  Today he moved like  a dream and swept all before him, and I was proud to offer him yet another CC.
2nd:  Victor’s Abbeyton Silver Phantom, attractive b/w with good ear-set and fringing, correctly shaped dark eyes well placed in a well-marked head; in good coat, he moved soundly round the ring, keeping a good level topline, and stood smartly, very attentive and bright. 
3rd:  Ayris’ Ch. Ibstock Marksman.

Minor Puppy Bitch (14)
1st:  Anderson’s Northlyte Star Shine, sister to the winner of MPD, and  similar in size,  compact  tri,  very fine boned; well-set, mobile ears with pale fringing, just enough neck to promise elegance, level topline, good tail-set, moved and showed well (BBP).
2nd:  Cochrane’s  Tutyak Tamara, b/w with pretty head, dark eyes well set, good ears with fringing coming, well-constructed, moved strongly and with confidence, very cheerful dog. 
3rd:  Lee-Farnsworth’s Graycaz Tongue in Cheek.

Puppy Bitch (11, 1 abs.)
1st:  Macdonald’s Fortglen Shadow Dancer, r/s/w, at 10 mths a most impressive puppy. At first glance she can seem plain and solid, but comes alive when her attention is caught and reveals many qualities – pretty, symmetrically marked head, good ears, beautifully made body, everything in the right place, moves ultra-soundly.  Threw away her chances in the challenge for BBP, but with maturity to fix her butterfly mind a little, she should do really well.  Nice size. 
2nd:  Shirley’s Cordonrouge Cameo, b/w baby of great character and lovely show temperament; large ears, which she uses well, fringing nicely; short-coupled, straight front, level back, moved very soundly and with great drive; lovely in stance, alert all the time, never off the boil.
3rd:  Patrick’s Volpecula Decibelle.

Junior Bitch (20, 2 abs.)
A very difficult class, with some good dogs having to go cardless.
1st:  Shirley’s Cordonrouge Ciara JW, petite b/w, alert expression and quick, light action round the ring; a picture standing: pretty head with very large, well fringed ears and nicely rounded skull between them, well-made though slight in body, beautiful level back which she kept at all times, on the move and standing, good tail-set and plume – what a show-girl! 
2nd:  Greiff’s Pilipalas Eroica, quieter, gentle r/s/w bitch, with soft expression and pretty coat, strikingly coloured.  Not the showgirl qualities of (1), but soundly made, straight, fine front legs and well-angulated behind, lovely level back and well set on tail, she moved and showed well – lovely bitch, who just lacked the final sparkle which might have given her first place. 
3rd:  Langdon’s Christea Midnight Rose for Skyvana.

Post Graduate Bitch (15, 2 abs.)
1st:  Bruce & Bruce-Jackson’s Tijuana She’s No Angel – looked angelic enough to me, and I was happy to give her RCC.  Medium-sized b/w, well made in body and carrying the sweetest of heads, sparkling dark eyes, well-set generous mobile ears with good thick fringing; full, silky coat, well-plumed and well set tail, faultless level back which she kept firmly on the move; very definite in movement both coming and going, and made a beautiful picture standing. 
2nd:  Osborne’e Tykkedewas Honisuckle Rose, good, solid but still graceful, r/w bitch, pretty head with dark pigment and lovely dark eyes; deep in chest, good length of back, strong hindquarters, hare feet; well-coated with good furnishings, sound on the move and showed well. 
3rd:   Maskell’s Kazkell Jadedoren Dream.

Limit Bitch (11, 2 abs.)
1st: Turner’s Lady in the Wings for Longcrags,  b/w, slender, fine-boned bitch with attractive coat – blackest of blacks against Persil whiteness!  Striking, well-marked head with fine muzzle and good, well-fringed ears, dainty hare feet; good shoulders, straight front, she moved strongly and soundly coming and going, and stood always alert to her handler. 
2nd:  Kirk’s Kirkchase Bewished, tri bitch with  well-marked, pretty head with well set ears and long fringes; good length of neck, level back, nicely set-on tail with good plume; moved very smartly and stood four-square; attractive, playful temperament. 
3rd:  Harwood’s Papset Treacle Tart.

Open Bitch (12, 3 abs.)
1st:  Woodrow’s Ch. Lynflyer Perfect Lady, tri, newly-crowned and always a favourite of mine, she shone today.  A lovely bitch in all departments, prettiest of heads, well-bodied, beautiful silky coat, dainty and sound, to my mind the most perfectly balanced of all the bitches here today – all proportions are correct.  Lovely temperament, very responsive, she is built to move gracefully and soundly, keeping her topline well and, carrying one of the longest and best-plumed tails I have seen, she sailed round the ring to collect another well-deserved CC. 
2nd:  Stewart’s Tussalud Cruella-de-Ville, strikingly coloured, compact r/s/w, with incredibly long, dark ear-fringes framing very pretty head; straight front and well-muscled hindquarters gave graceful and stylish movement accentuated by wealth of coat, good tail-set with long plume; mischievous, cheerful temperament.
3rd:   Victor’s Ch. Pinelan Amaryllis.