Northern and Eastern Counties Papillon Club Championship Show 2001

5 November 2001
Judges: Dogs: Mrs A Richardson (Belvane), Bitches: Mrs J Sparrow (Casarow)
(247 exhibits)

Best in Show: Ch Ringlands Hologram
Best Puppy in Show: Denemoor Forbidden Treasure

Res.Best in Show: Ch. Ringlands Cover Girls Story
Best Opposite Sex: Ch. Ringlands Cover Girls Story
Res. Best Puppy in Show: Adnamashan As Cute As A

Dog CC: Ch Ringlands Hologram
Res.Dog CC: Denemoor Forbidden Treasure
Bitch CC: Ch. Ringlands Cover Girls Story
Res.Bitch CC: Elendil Peri

Minor Puppy Dog (9)
1st Graycaz Give It Up For Thello
2nd Ringlands Georges Fax
3rd Amicae Rudi Bare
4th Ringlands Jeremy’s Fax to Tanyo
5th Tawzan Fun And Fancy Free

Puppy Dog (12)
1st Denemore Forbidden Treasure
2nd Graycaz Ima Firestarter
3rd Denemore Treasure Chest at Inixia
4th Macstrack Minuet
5th Shamal Once Upon A Time

Junior Dog ( 6)
1st Inixia You Know Hugh
2nd Abbeyton Tiger Bay
3rd Imago Douglas Dragonfly
4th Inixia Picasso of Delphlands
5th Shazzabars Coup De Chance

Maiden Dog (2)
1st Macstrack Minuet
2nd Volpino Romantic Tales from Omaonaig

Novice Dog (5)
1st Barrallan Knight Of The Realm at Sunshoo
2nd Inixia Picasso of Delphlands
3rd Macstrack Minuet
4th Creliatown Tom Thumb
5th Omaonaig Midnight Merando

Graduate Dog (11)
1st Tutyak Quest
2nd Marshlea Diplomat
3rd Inixia Jack The Lad
4th Murvagh High Cascade
5th Cheryldene Great Expectation for Tinklebury

Post Graduate Dog (21)
1st Daneview Rhythm and Blues
2nd Abbeyton Silver Phantom
3rd Tawzan Bizzy Bee Bee
4th Inixia How’s That
5th Pinelan Adonis at Northlyte

Limit Dog (17)
1st Inixia So It Be for Elendil
2nd Genevieves Flirtie Bertie
3rd Ringlands Roland with Nouveau (Phalene)
4th Sunshoo Imacaptain Scarlet
5th Abbeyton Silver Rain

Open Dog (17)
1st Ch Ringlands Hologram
2nd Ch Kingshaven Principal Boy at Gleniren
3rd Ch Tijuana Minstrel
4th Ch Tussalud Tell Me A Story
5th Sunshoo Imaknight Crusader of Daneview

Special Beginners Dog ( 8)
1st Macstrack Minuet
2nd Rayol Wolverine
3rd Meizara Music Man of Jaroma
4th Ablazzor I’m Magic for Delphlands
5th Penang Moody Blue

Veteran Dog (2)
1st Ch Tussalud Story Teller
2nd Gransil Kool Cat at Collness

Minor Puppy Bitch (11)
1st Graycaz Ona Promise
2nd Northlye Star Struck
3rd Amaicae Quazy Bare
4th Bonifee Lady Madonna at Garbreisa
5th Lysandra Angelique

Puppy Bitch (11)
1st Adnamashan As Cute As A
2nd Graycaz Ash Lea
3rd Chappell Ginger Rogers
4th Glasafon Daisy Mae
5th Northlyte Tri-Star

Junior Bitch (15)
1st Inixia Mademoiselle Violet
2nd Amicae Rainbow High
3rd Ringlands Disco Dancer at Shamal
4th Anncolm Almost An Angel
5th Polly Hannah for Tremelora

Maiden Bitch (5)
1st Powdermill Looking Good for Nouveau
2nd Marshlea May Butterfly
3rd Macstrack The Diva
4th Forthglen Highland Dancer
5th Creliatown Dollar Princess

Novice Bitch (6)
1st Pinelan Amaryllis
2nd Ringlands Gambling Amber for Novastar
3rd Mink Muff Fox Fur at Crelak
4th Kylecroft Country Girl
5th Creliatown Dollar Princess

Graduate Bitch (7)
1st Lady Susanna at Marshlea
2nd Sunshoo Imastar Lighter
3rd Pyatshaw Nessun Dorma
4th Inixia Courtesan
5th Harilovon Marlene

Post Graduate Bitch (14)
1st Elendil Peri
2nd Collness Candy Nell
3rd Leevick Moondust
4th Graycaz Sosueme at Amicae
5th Lynlight Angel of Ringlands

Limit Bitch (15)
1st Lorah’s Livin’ On The Run
2nd Daneview Dainty Roxanne at Sunshoo
3rd Ibstock Adorabelle at Tussalud
4th Tutyak Pyjama Girl
5th Lynflyer Perfect Lady

Open Bitch (13)
1st Ch Ringlands Cover Girls Story
2nd Ch Kingshaven Miss Molly
3rd Ch Graycaz Kiss In The Dark at Collness
4th Penang Small Talk to Shevid
5th Ch Inixia Aureole

Special Beginners Bitch (4)
1st Melangel Dolly Dream Girl
2nd Aporia Secret Love
3rd Kylecroft Country Girl
4th Lady Jane

Veteran Bitch (4)
1st Ch Serenglade Seraphim
2nd Ch Glasafon Mindella
3rd Ch Omaonaig Midnight Sun
4th Ch Blackpark Georgio of Lorenzo