Northern and Eastern Counties Papillon Club Championship Show 2015

25 July 2015

Judges: Dogs: Mrs Elizabeth Cochrane (Tutyak); Bitches: Mrs Carol Lees (Lafford)
Junior Handling Judge: Mrs Jean Banfield (Kingshaven)
Special Award Classes: Maureen Richardson (Kringleholme)

Best in Show: Conysluck the Red Baron JW
Res. Best in Show: Ch Gleniren Shootin’ Starmaker
Best Puppy in Show: Lynflyer Winter Sparkle
Best Veteran in Show: Jaroma Geena Gee at Elfuago

Dog CC: Conysluck the Red Baron JW
Res. Dog CC: Ch Gleniren Shootin’ Starmaker
Best Puppy Dog: Gleniren Stardust Maker
Bitch CC: Metamorphic Delivered
Res. Bitch CC: Sempefidelis Dulcidine
Best Puppy Bitch: Lynflyer Winter Sparkle
Best of Specials: Cantoverde Lady In Red

Minor Puppy Dog (8 entries)
1st: Rozamie S’ilvous
2nd: Metamorphin Thunder Storm
3rd: Elguago a New Adventure
Res: Purepixie Swish and Flick
VHC: Farleysbane Take Flyte To Burghbridge

Puppy Dog (4 entries)
1st: Magic Morgan Melangel
2nd: Papplewick Picture Perfect
3rd: Zoloto Lord Bossy Boots of Delphlands

Junior Dog (7 entries)
1st: Amicae Day Dreamer
2nd: Rozamie Pierre
3rd: Kirkchase Danger Mouse
Res: Epimai Black Tie Affair
VHC: Royal Riley Melangel

Yearling Dog (4 entries)
1st: Herumen Mountain Moon
2nd: Petress Special Blend JW
3rd: Jaroma Lord of the Manor of Delphlands

Novice Dog (7 entries)
1st: Cenotes Prince Jasper at Lynflyer
2nd: Janalieis He’s a Belter
3rd: Gleniren Stardustmaker
Res: Metamorphin Thunder Storm
VHC: Zoloto Lord Bossy Boots of Delphlands

Graduate Dog (7 entries)
1st: Sukanto Yuki Storm
2nd: Amicae Call me Bad at Macstrak
3rd: Jorgealin Ziggy Starman at Rubywings
Res: Sweetbriar Shine on Belvane

Post Graduate Dog (8 entries)
1st: Basilbrooke Maxi Gromble
2nd: Denemore the Ruben Effect at Farthingall
3rd: Penang so the Story Goes
Res: Kingshaven Danger Mouse At Jorgaelin
VHC: Jorgealin Ziggy Starman at Rubywings

Limit Dog (12 entries)
1st: Conysluck the Red Baron JW
2nd: Macstrak Jack Daniel
3rd: Sweetbriars Sticks N’ Stones JW
Res: Bankshill Lord of the Rings is Pure Pixie
VHC: Ablazzor Harlys Wild Echo at Lynflyer

Open Dog (7 entries)
1st: Ch Gleniren Shootin’ Starmaker Sunshoo
2nd: Rozamie Depeche Mode
3rd: Sharjoy in the Future
Res: Metamorphic Posted to Vlinder
VHC: Ibstock Custom Made

Special Beginners Dog (7 entries)
1st: Lynbank Smartie Jones
2nd: Sukanto Eluva Ticklemouse for Rubywings
3rd: Lafford Fly the Flag for Delphlands
Res: Tinklebury The Fusilier
VHC: Papadore Spot on Manny at Pappretty

Special Phalene Open Dog (no entries)

Veteran Dog (8 entries)
1st: Paupad Ring of Fire ShCm
2nd: Sharjoy Regency Buck
3rd: Papplewick Petroglyph ShCm
Res: Lynbank Smartie Jones
VHC: Ch Bodebi Rhythm is a Dancer

Thank you to the Officers and Committee for inviting me to judge at the July Championship Show. My thanks also to the exhibitors for accepting my decisions in a sportsmanlike way. I was delighted to discover just 3 absent from my total entry. I found the exhibits to be presented and shown well, all had clean teeth. If I had one concern it was that several had a straight upper arm, with a corresponding upright shoulder this noticeably affects front movement. Some would benefit from more body and better muscle. Thank you all for a wonderful day, my final line up of females were all of a type.
Carol Lees

Minor Puppy Bitch (10 entries)
1st: Lynflyer Winter Sparkle Young bitch lives up to her name and sparkled for me. Tri with a well balanced classic head, good foreface, lovely dark rounded eyes, well placed large ears, good neck and shoulders, correct tail set, flat silky coat, moved well. Best Puppy Bitch and Best Puppy in Show.
2nd: Omegaville Treasure Me Too R/S & W, so pretty with a balanced head, framed with lovely large ears, good neck and straight front, level topline, still sorting out what to do with her tail but this did not detract from her qualities. Front still a little lose but will improve with age and exercise.
3rd: Metamorphic Fantasy
Res: Cantoverde Lady in Red
VHC: Caraideas Joie de Vivre

Puppy Bitch (4 entries)
1st: Dourhu Capercaille Smart attentive B/W youngster, full of attitude, small, fine and dainty, well balanced head, dark sparkling eyes, good sized, broad based mobile ears, shorter neck but a good body and her front assembly and movement is really good. In good coat, lovely hare feet and a well set tail, moved very well.
2nd: Jorgealin Moon Magic Smart young R/W, lovely balanced head, correct round eyes, used her large broad based round tipped ears well, level topline, good body and well set tail. A good quantity of silky coat, especially giving a good ruff and chest for age. Moved well
3rd: Cheeky Celica at Shevid
Res: Fall in Love with me Perlowy Raj Jalatemme (Imp Pol)

Junior Bitch (6 entries)
1st: Skyvana Rhosyn Du Ideal size, would prefer a deeper stop, large mobile ears, good neck into excellent shoulders, good front assembly with elbows tight into ribs, positive front action, good ribcage, firm loin, good rear angulation, correctly arched tail, flat silky coat, moved very well.
2nd: Omegaville Love me Do Smart and dainty girl, pretty head and well placed broad based ears, lovely eyes. Slightly shorter in neck than winner, straight in upper arm so affecting front action. Good body and firm muscle, well set arched tail, in good coat, moved well.
3rd: Petitchien Keep the Faith at Farthinghall
Res: Kirkchase Dare to Dream
VHC: Rozamie Fleur Rough for Jannobar

Yearling Bitch (2 entries)
1st: Skyvana Rhosyn Du
2nd: Jalatemmes Lah de Dah Pretty R/W, balanced head, lovely rounded eyes, well filled muzzle, well placed ears, moved well.

Novice Bitch (3 entries)
1st: Dourhu Capercaille
2nd: Lynflyer Winter Magic at Ablazzor Pretty Tri girl, beautiful type, well balance head and large well placed ears. Excellent shoulders, good body, well set tail, very much a baby and needs to settle more.

Graduate Bitch (3 entries)
1st: Dourhu Capercaille
2nd: Jaroma Lady in Waiting Pretty R/W, sweet head with the most appealing expression, good neck and level topline, upright in upper arm, well set tail, could benefit with more body, a little out of coat, rear movement could improve though generally moved well but could be more animated.
3rd: Sukanto Annie Ticklemouse

Post Graduate Bitch (9 entries)
1st: Petress Black Magic JW B/W well balanced head, fine muzzle, gently rounded skull, lovely large well fringed ears, dark sparkling round eyes, good length of neck and good shoulders, held topline level, firm and well bodied, fine boned and super hare feet, flat silky coat, overall a lovely girl, moved well and pushed hard for RCC.
2nd: Metamorphic Opal at Semperfidelis Pretty B/W with nicely balanced head, round dark eyes, large well fringed ears, good neck and rib cage, flat silky coat, tail well carried, moved well on lovely hare feet.
3rd: Melangel Tilly Tri Star
Res: Golygfamor Mademoiselle
VHC: Moetica Snow Winds to Jorgealin

Limit Bitch (10 entries)
1st: Grindales Sweet Caroline at Bankshill R/S/W smart and feminine, lovely balance head, good underjaw, lovely eyes, large well fringed ears, good neck into good shoulders, level topline, well set but slightly flat tail, overall fine boned, well balanced with a flat silky coat. Moved well on long hare feet.
2nd: Rozamie Je ne Sais Quoi Fine boned and dainty, smaller pretty head, fine slightly shorter muzzle and neck than winner, well set tail carried in an arch Good depth of chest, single flat silky coat, good rear angulation, moved well.
3rd: Mercedes Daimond at Rubywings
Res: Phylcher Love’s Labour’s Won
VHC: Bonmeshays Ruby at Gloynbyw

Open Bitch (10 entries)
The most challenging class of the day with some quality exhibits which could so easily change places on another day. Don’t be disappointed if you weren’t placed, I only had 5 to award.
1st: Metamorphic Delivered Lovely B/W, a classic outline with balanced head and muzzle, good underjaw and well filled cheeks, her eyes are round, dark and sparkling, well placed ears at the correct angle, large mobile and well fringed. Good neck and shoulders, precise front assembly, level topline, correctly set arched tail, lovely flat silky coat, delightful hare feet and good rear action resulting in a very good movement. Delighted to award her the CC which I later discovered was her third, congratulations.
2nd: Sempefidelis Dulcidine Another lovely girl with little to separate her from the winner. Lovely well balanced head, good underjaw, super ear set and fringing, good neck and shoulders, sound body and lovely flat silky coat. Lovely hare feet and true limbs, moved very well. RCC
3rd: Ablazzor Wild at Heart
Res: Ch Gleniren Kiss me Kate Sunshoo
VHC: Amicae Royal Seal

Special Beginners Bitch (4 entries)
1st: Mercedes Diamond at Rubywings Pretty Tri, fine and dainty and in good coat. Sweet expression, well balanced muzzle, dark expressive eyes, broad based ears, good neck and level topline. Good front and well set on slightly curled tail. Moved well.
2nd: Kazkell Definately Dazling for Kennice Tri in good coat, well balanced head, good stop, large mobile ears, lovely dark eyes, good neck, slightly low set tail, good hare feet, moved well.
3rd: Phlycher Love’s Labour’s Won
Res: Rozamie Fleur Rough for Jannobar

Special Phalene Open Bitch (no entries)

Veteran Bitch (4 entries)
1st: Jaroma Geena Gee at Elfuago 10 year old Tri, a little star, correct bite and complete dentition, sweet expression, clear dark round eyes, a good stop and gently rounded skull. Well placed large ears, good fringes, medium neck. Good movement front and rear, lovely body and depth of chest, well set tail and in very good coat and condition moving in a spritely fashion around the ring. BVIS.
2nd: Burghbridge Maid of Gold Ultra feminine, beautiful expression, good stop and lovely dark round eyes, good sized well fringed ears, good body and in excellent good textured coat. Tail held back making her look longer than she really is. Moved well.
3rd: Lafay Wota Star
Res: Pineland Black Lace

Open Show held within the Championship Show
Judge: Maureen Richardson (Kringleholme)

Special Award Puppy Dog or Bitch (5 entries)
1st: Cantoverde Lady In Red
2nd: Papplewick Picture Perfect
3rd: Solo to Lord Bossy Boots Of Delphlands
Res: Purepixie Swish and Flick
VHC: Purepixie Mischief Managed

Special Award Post Graduate Dog or Bitch (2 entries)
1st: Jorgaelin Ziggy Starman at Rubywings
2nd: Amicae Yackety Yack

Special Award Open Dog or Bitch (3 entries)
1st: Bedellus Jazz Time
2nd: Metamorphic Posted To Vlinder
3rd: Sukanto Eluva Ticklemouse for Rubywings