Northern and Eastern Counties Papillon Club Open Show 2014

02 March 2014
Judge: Mr Jan Roosens (De Costalina)

Best In Show: Gleniren Shootin Starmaker Sunshoo
Reserve Best In Show: Mercedes Diamond At Rubywings
Best Puppy In Show: Papplewick Persian Punch
Best Veteran In Show: Kirkchase Loved Regardless By Papplewick
Best Phalene In Show: Buttalowie Solo At Melangel
Best Junior Handler In Show: Eleanor Taylor

Best Dog: Gleniren Shootin Starmaker Sunshoo
Res. Best Dog: Powdermill Original Touch
Best Puppy Dog: Papplewick Persian Punch
Best Bitch: Mercedes Diamond At Rubywings
Res. Best Bitch: Ablazzor Wild At Heart
Best Puppy Bitch: Lafford Fly By Nyte

Class 1 Minor Puppy Dog (4, 1 Absent)
1st: Lafford Flyin Solo To Burghbridge
2nd: Swifthocks Teddy Edward At Harlesyke
3rd: Buttalowie Solo At Melangel

Class 2 Puppy Dog (4)
1st: Papplewick Persian Punch
2nd: Jorgealin Ziggy Starman At Rubywings
3rd: Powdermill Touch A Star
Res: Ancojo Master Piece

Class 3 Junior Dog (6, 1 Absent)
1st: Gleniren Shootin Stramaker Sunshoo
2nd: Lafford Fly The Flag
3rd: Melangel Ura Highland Dream At Jhanakia
Res: Sukanto Eluva Ticklemouse For Rubywings
VHC: Buttalowie Remember Me Melangel

Class 4 Yearling Dog (5, 2 Absent)
1st: Sukanto Yuki Storm
2nd: Melangel Time To Shine
3rd: Sweetbriar Sticks An Stones

Class 5 Novice Dog (4, 1 Absent)
1st: Saramah Angel Man
2nd: Collness Rumorasit

Class 6 Graduate Dog (5, 2 Absent)
1st: Petitchiens Trikovsky
2nd: Macstrak Jack Daniel
3rd: Bankshill Lord Of The Rings

Class 7 Post Graduate Dog (4, 1 Absent)
1st: Powdermill Original Touch
2nd: Tutyak Get Up And Go
3rd: Consluck Mr Pickles

Class 8 Limit Dog (9, 3 Absent)
1st: Conysluck The Red Baron JW
2nd: Kazkell Thyme To Dream JW SHcm
3rd: Papplewick Pinball Wizard To Vlinder
Res: Mystic Spark Melangel
VHC: Lafford Fly To Elfuago

Class 9 Open Dog (6)
1st: Ch Burghbridge Black Shadow Jw
2nd: Tutyak Edward Rozamie
3rd: Jhanakia Highland Destiny
Res: Ch Amicae Something To Say
VHC: Metamorphic Posted To Vlinder

Class 10 Special Beginners Dog (4, 1 Absent)
1st: Jorgealin Ziggy Starman At Rubywings
2nd: Buttalowie Remember Me Melangel
3rd: Tijuana Starmaker

Class 11 Minor Puppy Bitch (6)
1st: Graycaz Not On Your Nellie
2nd: Lafford Fancy That For Elfuago
3rd: Buttalowie Beautiful Noise
Res: Buttalowie Sweet Caroline Melangel
VHC: Swifthocks Holly N Ivy At Harlesyke

Class 12 Puppy Bitch (5, 5 Absent)

Class 13 Junior Bitch (2, 1 Absent)
1st: Farthinghall’s Nui Nui

Class 14 Yearling Bitch (3, 1 Absent)
1st: Sukanto Annie Ticklemouse

Class 15 Novice Bitch (5, 1 Absent)
1st: Lafford Fly By Nyte
2nd: Graycaz Frankly My Dear
3rd: Dotty Girl

Class 16 Graduate Bitch (3, 2 Absent)
1st: Denemore Icons Melody At Coxleyview (Ikc)

Class 17 Post Graduate Bitch (3, 1 Absent)
1st: Mercedes Diamond At Rubywings
2nd: Kennice Dolly Daydream Jw

Class 18 Limit Bitch (4, 2 Absent)
1st: Ablazzor Wild At Heart
2nd: Kazkell Definitely Dazzling For Kennice Jw

Class 19 Open Bitch (5, 1 Absent)
1st: Jaroma Geena Gee At Elfuago
2nd: Ch Paparottise Painted Lady Shcm
3rd: Tutyak Fantasy
Res: Amicae Look Who’s Talking

Class 20 Special Beginners Bitch (5)
1st: Mercedes Diamond At Rubywings
2nd: Buttalowie Beautiful Noise
3rd: Sukanto Annie Ticklemouse
Res: Kazkell Definitely Dazzling For Kennice
VHC: Kennice Dolly Daydream JW

Class 21 Special Phalene Open Dog Or Bitch (0)

Class 22 Veteran Dog Or Bitch (10, 3 Absent)
1st: Kirkchase Loved Regardless By Papplewick
2nd: Ch Bodebi Rhythm Is A Dancer
3rd: Ch Jhanakia Highland Breeze
Res: Ch Jhanakia Royal Highlander
VHC: Begaville Geordie Girlfor Paparottsie Shcm

Class 23 Brace (4 Pairs, 1 Pair Absent)
1st: Ch Paparottsie Painted Lady Shcm & Begaville Geordie Girl For Paparottsie Shcm
2nd: Buttalowie Remember Me Melangel & Buttalowie Beautiful Noise
3rd: Macstrak Minuet Jw Shcm & Tijuana Starmaker

Judge: Carolyn Roe (Sunshoo)

Class Jh1 (6-11 Years)
1st: Holly Bradford (10)

Class Jh2 (12-16 Years)
1st: Rachel Dutton (15) – Best Junior Handler In Show
2nd: Eleanor Taylor (12)