Papillon (Butterfly Dog) Club Championship Show 1999

10th April 1999

Dogs – Miss A Summerfield
Bitches – Mr E Hulme

Best in Show: Ardbeck Tinkerbelle
Best Puppy in Show: Sunshoo Imascarlet Erika

Dog CC: Caswell Copper Connection
Res.Dog CC: Nouveau Puppet Master
Best Puppy Dog: Serenglade Silvaron To Prestella
Bitch CC: Ardbeck Tinkerbelle
Res.Bitch CC: Graycaz Olivia
Best Puppy Bitch: Sunshoo Imascarlet Erika

Minor Puppy Dog (10)
1st: Inixia Domino
2nd: Burghbridge Our Ryanie
3rd: Giverny King Midas
Res: Ibstock Toy Boy
VHC: Roshelle Red Rum

Puppy Dog (11)
1st: Serenglade Silvaron To Prestella (BPD)
2nd: Serenglade San Vitario
3rd: Sunshoo Imaknight Crusader Of Daneview
Res: Penang The Narrator
VHC: Sunshoo Imaknight Errant of Barrallan

Junior Dog (12)
1st: Penang Fable
2nd: Glasafon Wedgewood
3rd: Birghbridge Ned Kelly
Res: Kingshaven Principal Boy At Gleniren
VHC: Lorah’s Ring Of Fortune

Special Yearling Dog(4)
1st: Serenglade Setanta
2nd: Dellatown A Touch Of Delight
3rd: Kingshaven Oh Mr Porter
Res: Northlyte Wandering Star

Maiden Dog (6)
1st: Kingshaven Perry Of Iffley
2nd: Dourhu Del Amitri
3rd: Chanbre Cointreau
Res: Shimna Magic In The Air
VHC: Bonnicks Super Ted

Novice Dog (3)
1st: Alcala Solon
2nd: Kingshaven Perry Of Iffley
3rd: Shimna Magic King In The Air

Graduate Dog (7)
1st: Nouveau Puppet Master (RCC)
2nd: Inixia Dev’s Dirty Deed
3rd: Burghbridge Moonraker
Res: Glasafon Ben Hur
VHC: Sunshoo Imared Deriksun

Post Graduate Dog (23)
1st: Ibstock Boy Blue
2nd: Shamal Mystique
3rd: Tussalud Juke Box
Res: Shamal Sullivan At Leevick
VHC: Longcrags The Wanderer To Brezac

Limit Dog (23)
1st: Caswell Copper Connection (CC)
2nd: Anncolm Valentino
3rd: Sunshoo Imapaddington Bear
Res: Tykkdewas Tobias
VHC: Corralyn Tartan Toorie

Open Dog (21)
1st: Hywear Hoamer
2nd: Serenglade Sebastian At Temelora
3rd: Ch Tussalud Story Teller
Res: Ch Alcala Ringleader
VHC: Diquest Fairy Glen

Veteran Dog (8)
1st: Ch Ibstock Mark Of Distinction
2nd: Wingers Need To Know
3rd: Shimna Bilbo Baggins
Res: Ch Inixia Artful Andrew
VHC: Regal Robert At Aporia

Special Beginners Dog (7)
1st: Tykkydewas Tobias
2nd: Wellside Pure Elegance
3rd: Kingshaven Pickles
Res: Shimna The Winter King At Farfalla
VHC: Bluezone Teddybears Picnic

Special Open Phalene Dog (2)
1st: Serenglade Sweet William
2nd: Harilovon Emporor Erik For Serenglade

Minor Puppy Bitch (18)
1st: Sunshoo Imascarlet Erika (BPB & BPIS)
2nd: Sunshoo Imascarlet Ribbons
3rd: Collness Painted Lady
Res: Kazkell Summer Dream
VHC: Bedellus Arabella

Puppy Bitch (13)
1st: Lindendale Liberty Belle
2nd: Rambling Rose At Roshelle
3rd: Lorah’s Chance To Dream
Res: Northlyte Wish Upon A Star
VHC: Northlyte Wishing Star

Junior Bitch (16)
1st: Abbeyton Spring Blossom
2nd: Joystan Ice Maiden
3rd: Inixia Paulette
Res: Gonmyn Countess Of Cordonrouge
VHC: Wingers Mist Obscures All At Alwenil

Special Yearling Bitch (11)
1st: Longcrags Breila At Brezac
2nd: Graycaz Blissful Thinking
3rd: Conysluck Robina
Res: Serenglade Zizeeta
VHC: Inixia Magnolia

Maiden Bitch (12)
1st: Iffley Summer Time Girl
2nd: Madam’e Gabrielle At Marshlea
3rd: Lorah’s Chances Are
Res: Joystan Ice Maiden
VHC: Glasafon Black Silk

Novice Bitch (10)
1st: Barleybright April Sky At Melangel
2nd: Iffley Summer Time Girl
3rd: Madam’e Gabrielle At Marshlea
Res: Abbeyton Springtime
VHC: Volpino Moon Fantasy

Graduate Bitch (6)
1st: Roshelle Rosanna
2nd: Gonmyn Countess Of Cordonrouge
3rd: Tonring Lady Zia At Hemdale
Res: Shalandar Snowberry
VHC: Shalander Tinkerbelle

Post Graduate Bitch (19)
1st: Apogee Arlena
2nd: Longcrags Breila At Brezac
3rd: Yeldaeh Thumberlina
Res: Inixia French Maid
VHC: Longcrags Sasis Dannsa

Limit Bitch (13)
1st: Inixia Aureole
2nd: Glasafon Coral At Julesville
3rd: Geanzger Sofine Graycaz
Res: Northlyte Morning Mist
VHC: Kirkiboll Wee Marquesa Of Adinaken

Open Bitch (12)
1st: Ardbeck Tinkerbelle (CC & BIS)
2nd: Graycaz Olivia (RCC)
3rd: Ch Daneview dainty Bella bella
Res: Blackpark Moonshine
VHC: ?

Veteran Bitch (5)
1st: Ch Daneview Dainty Yulara
2nd: Serenglade Symphony
3rd: Ch Serenglade Seraphim
Res: Roshelle Sarah Jane At Lindendale
VHC: Baskell Chiquita

Special Brood Bitch (4)
1st: Glasafon Sea Breeze
2nd: Princess Sophia Of Shalandar
3rd: Tawzan Storybook Girl Of Chriskadu
Res: Shimna The Golden Girl

Special Beginners Bitch (14)
1st: Shalandar Pollyanna
2nd: Gonmyn Countess Of Cordonrouge
3rd: Blackpark Olive
Res: Syb Ella At Tykkydewas
VHC: Jonmaru Mystic Meg

Special Open Phalene Bitch (1)
1st: Serenglade Symphony