Papillon (Butterfly Dog) Club Championship Show 2004

11th April 2004
Dogs – Mrs P Munn (Ringlands)
Bitches – Mrs P Peacock (Alcala)

Best in Show: Am Ch Cadaga Civil Action
Res.Best in Show: Denemore Rainbows Cameo
Best Opposite Sex: Denemore Rainbows Cameo
Best Puppy in Show: Sunshoo Imascarlett Oscars

Dog CC: Am Ch Cadaga Civil Action
Res.Dog CC: Ch Ibstock Marksman
Bitch CC: Denemore Rainbows Cameo
Res.Bitch CC: Gleniren Jump ‘N’ Jive
Best Puppy Dog: Sunshoo Imascarlett Oscars
Best Puppy Bitch: Cofton Ticklemy Fancy

MPD (14 ents 3 abs)
1st Invergarick Laff-A-Minit of Beausher
2nd Lafay Hibernian Prince
3rd Tyykydewas Master Darcy
4th Inixia Artful Adrian
5th Panspayon Wota Todo

PD (11 ents 1 abs)
1st Sunshoo Imascarlet Oscars
2nd Macstrak Classic Jazz
3rd Farleysbane U Rang M’Lord at Kingshaven
4th Rayol Aristoles
5th Daneview One And Only

JD (7 ents)
1st Inixia Troysdale Time Traveller
2nd Nouveau Less Is More
3rd Powdermill Touch The Moon
4th Bedellus Firefly Spacesaver
5th Northlyte Lucky Star

Sp.Yearling (10 ents 1abs)
1st Serenglade Gold Sovereign
2nd Powdermill Touch Of Art Nouveau
3rd Snowlord High Society for Temelora
4th Inixia Dreams Magic
5th Inixia Know All

MD (1)
1st Northlyte Lucky Star

ND (2)
1st Jujohn Quick As A Flash of Cintarshe
2nd Shirando Officer Dibble

GD (1)
1st Golygfamor Lord Harry

PGD (19 ents 1 abs)
1st Tyykydewas Rowanberry
2nd Macstrak Minuet JW
3rd Chocolate Star of Barleybright
4th Graycaz Pantson Fire for Skyvanna
5th Jhanakia Royal Highlander JW

LD (20 ents 1 abs)
1st Amicae Star Charm at Kingshaven
2nd Inixia French Resistance JW
3rd Gleniren Scarlet Monogram
4th Daneview Rhythm And Blues
5th Graycaz In The Red

OD (14)
1st Am Ch Cadaga Civil Action
2nd Ch Ibstock Marksman
3rd Taramu Amores Parcel
4th Ch Inixia So It Be for Elendil
5th Ch Graycaz Green Is Envy

Vet D. (5)
1st Ch Inixia Wily Walter
2nd Caswell Copper Charmer
3rd Burghbridge Fly For Gold
4th Vella Eurocrat
5th Northlyte Adonis Blue

Sp.Beg. D (7 ents 3 abs)
1st Tussalud Fantasmagorical at Aporia
2nd Sunshoo Jeremy Fisher
3rd Shamal Tell Me Another
4th Graycaz JP Gautier

Sp. Open Phalane D (2 ents 1 abs)
1st Tijuana Melody Maker

MPB (15 ents 2 abs)
1st Cofton Ticklemy Fancy
2nd Abbeyton Sweet Dream at Adnamashan
3rd Kirkchase Razzle Dazzle
4th Tykkdewas Hannah’s
5th Abbeyton Beautiful Dreamer

PB (17ents 4 abs)
1st Christea By The Emma Envy
2nd Farleysbane Fly High
3rd Farleysbane Unsung Melody at Kingshaven
4th Penang Faberge
5th Farleysbane Fudge Delight

JB ( 12 ents 5 abs)
1st Glasafon Wild Mint
2nd Cordonrouge Cameo JW
3rd Serenglade Shadow Dancer for Temelora
4th Scherzando Sensation
5th Jhanakia Highland Breeze

Sp. Yearling B (3)
1st Denemore Rainsbows Cameo
2nd Serenglade Harmony
3rd Baladora Pretty Remarkable

MB (5 ents 2 abs)
1st Marshlea Lady Emma
2nd Barbrees Mamma Mia
3rd Ringlands Ruby Wine Chaser of Daneview

NB (5 ents 3 abs)
1st Tijuana Georgio
2nd Jhankia Dauthine for Inixia
3rd Creliatown Loves Reward

GB (5 ents 1 abs)
1st Inixia Party Poppet
2nd Tijuana She’s No Angel
3rd Kingshaven Truly Scrummy for Bodebi

PGB (19 ents 1 abs)
1st Tykkydewas Honisuckle Rose
2nd Inixa Fleur De Lys
3rd Brontigaer By Chance
4th Christea Painted Lady
5th Bobbards Primrose Posy for Maili

LB (16 ents 1 abs)
1st Gleniren Jump ‘N’ Jive
2nd Serenglade Enchanted Lady for Temelora
3rd Burghbridge Ur A Golden Lady
4th Lynricks Ain’t She Sweet
5th Frasermar Ice Maiden

OB (8 ents 1 abs)
1st Ch Serenglade Saffriesa for Temelora
2nd Ibstock Adorable at Tussalud
3rd Ch Cordonrouge Ciara JW
4th Ch Burghbridge Our Princess
5th Bonifee Lady Penelopie of Tykkydewas

Vet. B (8)
1st Ch Caswell Coppatina
2nd Simply Sophia at Serenglade
3rd Ch Glasafon Mindella
4th Serenglade Soraya at Shamal
5th Ch Inixia Aureole

Sp. Brood B. (3)
1st Ch Caswell Coppatina
2nd Princess Sophia of Shalander
3rd Sharjoy Hibernian Princess at Lafay

Sp. BB (5 ents 2 abs)
1st Paupad Delphine
2nd Farfalla Dynasty for Paupad
3rd Christea Painted Lady

Sp. O Phalene B. (4 ents 2 abs)
1st Serenglade Saltarella
2nd Aporia Chaissoso

Progeny (1)
1st Ch Graycaz Green Is Envy

Brace (2 ents 1 abs)
1st Morrell & Teagues