Papillon (Butterfly Dog) Club Championship Show 2019

20th April 2019

Dogs: Mr David Guy (Donzeata)
Bitches: Mrs Lynda Woodrow (Lynflyer)
Referee & J/H: Mr Stephen Bardwell (Stewell)

Best in Show: Ch Feorlig Smarty Pants JW ShCM
Res Best In Show & BOS: Ch Jorgealin Cast A Spell for Kingshaven
Best Puppy in Show: Milbu Ciciobello at Shevid
Res Best Puppy in Show: Metamorphic Vista
Best Veteran in Show: Kazim Uptown Girl
Best Phalene in Show: Tijuana Mayhem
Best Fringes: Paparottsie Blue Moon
Best Junior Handler: Isabella Cox

DCC: Ch Feorlig Smarty Pants JW ShCM
RDCC: Amicae Badger
BCC: Ch Jorgealin Cast A Spell for Kingshaven
RBCC: Milbu Warlock at Kenf JW

Thanks to the officers and committee for the kind invitation to judge dogs at this well run show. Many thanks for the good entry of dogs which I greatly appreciated. I had two good stewards. My co-judge Mrs Lynda Woodrow and I agreed on all decisions.
David Guy

Minor Puppy Dog (6, 0)
1st Mann – Mowlay Let’s Boogie to Melangel 8mths darkest of eyes, expressive head, a size smaller than the second but well balanced throughout, decent legs and feet, presented in good coat and condition, moved out well, good outline in profile.
2nd Snell – Frason King Of Hearts A size larger than the first but very well balanced, with a lovey solid body, good legs and feet, correct coat texture, he too moved out well but the first just scored in profile movement.
3rd Marsden – Finity Rewrite The Stars
Res Rowberry – Jayberry Daydream Believer
VHC MacKenzie – Quincesett Quail

Puppy Dog (4, 1)
1st Thornton – Milbu Ciciobello at Shevid A very typy puppy who has a super outline when free standing, good head and eye, well set and used ears with good fringes. Well constructed front, correct body proportions. Good tailset and carriage, on the move he was light and free flowing with good footfall. All in all a quality boy who just needs to mature and I feel he will trouble the best. Pleased to award him Best Puppy Dog and in agreement with my co judge Best Puppy In show.
2nd Morrell – Tricianbri Harry Beay for Temelora Another quality puppy of correct breed type, decent neck and shoulder, good legs and feet, carried adequate body for age, in good coat and condition. On the move he made the best of himself, unlucky to meet the winner on the day.
3rd MacKenzie – Quincesett Quest

Junior Dog (11, 0)
1st Whitehill & Urwin – Amicae Timeless Dream This 13 mths boy is another top quality dog who should have a bright future. Appealing head with well placed and used ears, good front assembly, good legs and feet, carried a solid well developed body, on the move he strode out with purpose and style making the very best of himself.
2nd Lee-Slater & Kewley – Magic Sunrise Ace Ventura This 14 mths is also close to the breed standard, nice head, good topline, presented in super coat and condition, carried his tail well. On the move free and light but the first just had a touch more length to his stride in profile movement.
3rd Headley – Yeldaeh Simply Red
Res Thompson & Austin – Melangel Highland By Design at Jhanakai
VHC Brown – Zoloto Lucky Winner Exhilaro

Yearling Dog (7, 0)
1st Olof – Tarnock Romeo Romeo This 18mth dog score on the move as he was true coming and going, not small but well balanced and within the standard. He too has good proportions, carried a solid body, coat well presented and of good texture,, good tailset and carriage.
2nd Griffiths – Manawyddan Victor Hugo 19 mths, keen alert expression with very good pigment, could have a touch more width to his front as a touch close coming towards, good going away. Good body and coat, made the best of himself in profile movement.
3rd Ockenden – Ringlands Oliver Twist
Res Walklett – Angullyon’s Secret Chap
VHC Urwin – Stagedoor Exposed by Paparottsie

Maiden Dog (0 entries)

Novice Dog (2, 0)
1st Brown – Zoloto Lucky Winner Exhilaro This 14 mths dog is a size smaller with a well constructed front which gave him the edge is this class. Good bone, legs and feet, carried ample body, tail could be carried a little higher, on the move he gave a very good account of himself out and back.
2nd Wilkinson – Nika’s Show Crystal in Poppywood A size larger than the first, nice head, good coat, on the move coming towards he was not as accurate as the winner, ok going away and good in profile.

Graduate Dog (6, 0)
1st Stanbury – Inixia Ever Ready Eddie This was the first of two brothers who will I am sure change places. Well off for breed type, lively and intelligent spring to mind with this boy. Good head and eye, well placed and carried ears, decent legs and feet. He was good on the move out and back and gave a good picture in profile.
2nd Stanbury & Unwin – Inixia Dressed To Kill Most of the same remarks apply, good well proportioned body, good tail carriage, moved out well front and back however the first was more settled on the table which edged him into first place.
3rd Borg – Elendil Bellman
Res Richardson – Ringlands Sunny Tommy Tucker Belvane
VHC Glanville-Hughes – Taliesyn Wytchrowan of Brandonburg

Post Graduate Dog (8, 0)
1st Brown & Stanbury – Inixia Fully Charged Exhilaro 21 mths, well off for breed type, well balanced throughout, good over the neck and shoulder, scored in front movement over the second, true going away, used himself well in profile, striding out. Presented in good coat and condition.
2nd Bruce – Tijuana Mayhem This phalene was in super coat and condition, good legs and feet, not as accurate coming towards as the winner, good going away. Appealing head, good pigment, well carried tail and good profile movement.
3rd Jury – Melangel Zachary at Lindanwaye
Res Marsden & Mason – Inixia Fine Fella In Finity
VHC Geary – Taliesyn Black Walnut

Mid-Limit Dog (4, 1)
These two dogs could change places on another day.
1st Wilkinson – Lafford Inspector Morse in Poppywood JW A lovely headed dog, super well fringed ears which gave a lovely picture, correct over the neck and shoulder, good bone, legs and feet, carried a solid body. Very true coming and going and good in profile.
2nd Morley & Hitchcock – Elfuago Bombastic Another quality boy of good breed type, balanced head, good body proportions, solid body, presented in good coat and condition, good to go over, on the move was active and alert. Today the first was a touch more positive coming towards which swung it his way. Good rear movement and a lovely outline in profile.
3rd Richardson – Rozamie Request Belvane

Limit Dog (14, 2)
1st Wilson – Amicae Badger This 2yrs boy proved to be my reserve CC winner, well off for breed type, quality head and eye, good fringes, true in front, good hindquarters and tailset, super body and coat. On the move was absolutely true out and back and in profile he strode out well.
2nd Boughton & Stanbury – Inxia Follower Of Fashion This boy was also of top quality and presented in super order and handled to get the best from him. Good to go over, well constructed throughout, appealing head, good legs and feet, the first was just a touch more accurate on the move, never the less a quality dog.
3rd Diprose – Lilacrose Inspired By You
Res Morton – Ablazzor King Of Spades
VHC Wiggins – Rozamie Monsieur Arthur for Scapafield JW

Open Dog (6, 0)
1st Bull – Altaya Star Attraction 3 yrs dog, lovey outline standing, decent head, well place ears, true front, good body properties, correct bone, presented in good coat and condition. Moved out well front and back and his good profile movement carried him though to win this class. Looked a picture going around the ring.
2nd Lee-Slater – Rozamie Monsieur Phillipe Another quality dog of correct breed type, light and free on the move, good out and back but the winner just scored on his stride in profile. Presented in first class order, super coat and condition. Decent front but not the width of the winner.Good topline and tailset.
3rd Thompson & Austin – Melangel Highland Vogue at Jhanakai
Res Langdon – Skyvana Tom Thumb Sarasha JW
VHC Morrell – Temelora Let It Be Magic JW

Champion Dog (2, 0)
1st Miller & Ryan – Ch Feorlig Smarty Pants JW ShCM Well this was my CC winner and BIS with the agreement of my co judge. He entered the ring with purpose and style, super outline, good pigment, well fringed ears, true front with decent width, good legs and feet. Coat in super condition, correct tailset and carriage which completed the picture. On the move he was accurate out and back and strode out very well in profile. A well deserved Best in Show. Well done.
2nd Bartram – Ch Tresors Kings Valiant Lancelot Another smart boy who was presented in good coat. Nice head, ok in front, super body, decent hindquarters, carried himself well in profile. True out and back good tailset and carriage.

Veteran Dog (5, 0)
1st Bartram – Ch Burghbridge Ur Solid Gold Skyvana JW ShCM This 10yrs gave a very good account of himself on the move, so positive out and back, in good coat and condition, Balanced head, good pigment, good topline and tailset, carried a good body. Looked well in profile.
2nd Thompson & Austin – Jhanakai Highland Destiny This 12 years old dog appeared to enjoy his day out, light and dainty describes him. Good body legs and feet, a touch close coming towards, ok going away. Held his outline in profile.
3rd Morrell – Temelora Bobby Dazzler JW
Res Malcolm – Petitchiens Moon Beam
VHC King – Metamorphic Phantasm Sarasha

Open Phalene Dog (3, 0)
1st Bruce – Tijuana Mayhem
2nd Roberts & Smith – Paparottsie Walk On By This boy carried a big body, decent topline and tailset, good legs and feet, on the move was not as light as the winner and a touch reluctant to stride out in profile. Appealing head, coat was presented in good order.
3rd Maskell & Waller – Lilnrose Ears Looking At You Kazkell

First of all I must thank the club for asking me to judge at their CH show, it is always an honour to judge this delightful breed but our various club shows are special. The butterfly temperament of this breed to me is very important and today I found on the whole this was good. They are an active breed, some dogs were very well bodied and muscled up and this shows in their free flowing movement. My co judge and I (David Guy) got on very well together and we agreed on all our joint decisions.
Lynda Woodrow

Minor Puppy Bitch (9, 0)
1st Wells & Brown – Metamorphic Vista 8 month sable, BPB A lovely puppy. Well proportioned head with good stop and dark eye correct bite, enough neck good shoulder and front, coat coming nicely for age and of good quality, good tail set nicely carried at all times, a lovely puppy just my type.
2nd Davidson – Lafford Golden Girl of Elmaraine 7 month tri Another lovely puppy good head proportions, correct bite, nice dark eye, again coat coming nicely for age, showed well, level topline, lovely jug handle tail, topline held well on the move 2 very promising puppies.
3rd Whitehill – Papmar Moonlight Missabeat
Res Morley & Hitchcock – Berestead Belle Noir at Lizlanmor
VHC Bunce & Sarre – Frason Dora The Explorer

Puppy Bitch (5, 0)
1st Langdon – Skyvana Xpose 10 month B and W good head markings with a nice dark twinkling eye correct bite good straight front covers the ground well and coat of good quality which is sparkling black and a lovely clean white, well set ears fringing nicely, good level topline and nice rear angulation.
2nd Morrell – Tricianbri Wispa for Temelora 10 month old sable good dark eye, correct bite, good stop with nicely rounded skull, enough neck, straight front, sound movement, level topline good quality coat.
3rd Wells & Brown – Metamorphic Horizon
Res Sellick – Inixia Annabelle
VHC Bunce & Sarre – Frason Dora The Explorer

Junior Bitch (10, 1)
1st Thompson & Austin – Melangel Enchanting Evita at Jhanakai Difficult to choose between 1 and 2 I am sure they will change places often, R and W lovely sweet expression with a twinkling dark eye , correct bite , good length of neck leading to well placed shoulders moves well coming and going , nicely covering the ground without exaggeration . Good coat of the correct type, well presented, happy showgirl.
2nd Lee-Slater & Kewley – Magic Sunrise Believe In Me 18 month tri, good head proportions nice dark eye, good bite level topline with a quality coat, good steady movement coming and going nice tail plume carried well at all times, turned out to perfection , level topline and nice ground covering stride , good front and firm body.
3rd Griffiths – Rozamie Vie En Rose Manawyddan
Res Orchard – Panspayon Gold Fever
VHC Langdon Skyvana Xfactor

Yearling Bitch (12, 1)
1st Maskell – Kazkell Milo’s Dream Tri Good quality exhibit nicely proportioned head with well set ears, dark eye correct muzzle and bite, enough length of neck leading to level topline held on the move, positive ground covering action without exaggeration, coat of good silky texture, showing all the time.
2nd Whitehill – Farthinghall Zain Rox B and W Showy girl with a good head, dark eye, correct ear shape and slightly domed head, nice length of neck leading into a level topline well held moving both coming and going. Well angulated hindquarters with good tailset.
3rd Orchard – Ablazzor Angel Of The North Panspayon
Res Milroy – Farthinghall By Fly
VHC Olof – Tarnock Runaway Ruby

Maiden Bitch (1, 0)
1st Wells & Brown – Metamorphic Vista

Novice Bitch (6, 0)
1st Olof – Tarnock Devore Minimal tri, lovely light free mover with a good coat, hare feet, correct head proportions with a nice dark eye and expression, good tail plume correct rear angulation a happy showgirl, Nice straight front with good shoulder placement.
2nd Milroy – Farthinghall By Fly Tri, nice head with good stop and dark eye sl domed head with a good length of neck well placed shoulders and straight front, level topline held on the move, good hare feet.
3rd Green – Stagedoor Bonnet
Res Geary – Taliesyn White Camelia
VHC Wells & Brown – Metamorphic Horizon

Graduate Bitch (5, 0)
1st Morley & Hitchcock – Jorgealin Indian Magic at Lizlanmor JW Pretty tri with good head proportions nice length of neck leading to well placed shoulders and a quality coat, good free movement both coming and going, hare feet, well presented.
2nd Miller & Ryan – Foerlig Smart Cookie 13 month old sable, cracking quality coat lovely length of neck flowing into good shoulder placement, straight front, well plumed tail and a nice free mover, hare feet, nice dark eye and a good bite.
3rd Cox – Denemore Juniperberrie at Tricianbri
Res Olof – Tarnock Rumour N Riddles
VHC Orchard – Panspayon Gold Fever

Post Graduate Bitch (10, 2)
1st Welsh – Kazim Rhyme And Reason Tri 2 ½ Full of character, lovely dark eye good head proportions nice length of neck leading to well placed shoulders good straight front, level topline, good movement both coming and going, lovely well muscled body, a very happy bouncy butterfly.
2nd Nash – Afterglow Gooseberry with Ookiimimi 3 year old B and W Lovely outline when standing, good quality coat, moves ok, good bite and a nice dark eye medium length neck, hare feet.
3rd Diprose – Lilacrose Tallie Ho Talent
Res Cox – Denemore Juniperberrie at Tricianbri
VHC Walklett – Angullyon’s Secret Delight

Mid Limit Bitch (3, 0)
1st Posslewhite – Maridova Holy Time Tri Lovely head, nice dark eye with a good stop and sl dome to the skull, good bite, medium neck, good straight front, nice profile standing and keeps a good shape when moving, attentive to handler all the time and well presented.
2nd Urquhart – Blackpark Vogue 22 month red and white super quality coat of the correct texture good bite, good neck length and level topline moved well coming and going, good tailset, hare feet and very well presented.
3rd Geary – Fedelta Angelica at Taliesyn

Limit Bitch (6, 2)
1st Fulton – Milbu Warlock at Kenf JW B and W a bitch of quality, lovely well presented coat, silky and jet black and clear white, correct head proportions, good bite nice shaped dark eye, correct muzzle length, good neck leading to well placed shoulders and straight front, well muscled and this showed up in her lovely free movement, well placed long silky tail and a happy butterfly enjoying her day out. Pleased to award her the RCC and am sure there is more to come for this girl.
2nd Griffiths – Manawyddan Flora MacDonald Another nice girl, sable with good head proportions nice length of muzzle and dark eye, nice ear shape and fringing, quality coat, good front and rear angulation therefor moves well coming and going, looks good on the stand with a nice overall shape.
3rd Woodcock – Zoloto Princess Queenslake
Res Milton – Farthinghall Star Struck at Papdemonium

Open Bitch (7, 1)
1st Orchard – Ringland Yoko’s Solo at Panspayon ShCM Another quality exhibit who pushed hard for the RCC sable with a lovely head correct length of muzzle ,good bite and nice stop with a neck leading to correct shoulders and a straight front, hare feet good plume and an abundant quality coat , correct tailset, moved well coming and going and showed off the whole time .
2nd Urquhart – Blackpark Patricia Red and white 22month old, turned out beautifully with the correct coat, level topline well fringed ears, good bite, dark eye moved well coming and going, nice length of neck and good shoulders.
3rd Milroy – Farleysbane Frilly Filly from Farthinghall ShCM
Res Nash – Afterglow Gooseberry with Ookiimimi
VHC Davidson – Cintarshe Red Amethyst

Champion Bitch (4, 0)
1st Lee-Slater – Ch Jorgealin Cast A Spell for Kingshaven What can you say about this class four absolutely top class girls and the placings come down to personal preference , all of these girls are a credit to our wonderful breed .For me personally I felt my first place ticked all my boxes she is feminine elegant and what a papillon should be , just felt today she had left some of her jacket at home and that was the decision my co judge and I felt when we came to BIS .
2nd Cox – Tricianbri Tuppence a Kiss JW ShCM Another of my favourites a sable bitch of lovely quality, have watched her from a puppy and again was beautiful on the move everything in the right place. A credit to her owner.
3rd Ch Shadowknight Ebony Rose of Skyvana JW
Res Borg Ch Petress Dark And Daring

Veteran Bitch (10, 1)
1st Welsh – Kazim Uptown Girl 7 ½ tri girl, couldn’t believe she was a veteran, super condition with a well muscled body which helped her float around the ring, sound movement coming and going, a lovely quality coat silky and smooth, a cheeky happy expression, dark twinkly eyes, lovely ears and fringing, made my decision for RCC very difficult indeed. A credit to her owner.
2nd Buss – Ch Twiggy Cupcake of Flutura JW 8¾ years young, another quality exhibit, sable lovely shaped head with good stop, nice ears set at the correct angle, good length of neck with well placed shoulders, quality coat, moved freely around the ring coming and going and held her topline well.
3rd Wells & Brown – Ch Metamorphic Delivered
Res Nash – Ookiimimi Calamity Kate
VHC Walklett – Hilsorg Katz Trade Secret of Farthinghall

Open Phalene Bitch (1, 0)
1st Sellick – Pinkmead Fire Cracker 17month old tri, a very pretty young lady, dainty with the start of a good coat to come ears starting to fringe up nicely, level topline and a nice mover, hare feet, lovely bouncy attitude.

Junior Handling 6 – 11 years (5, 0)
1st Niamh Nash Excellent job, handling with a gentle and encouraging style and with a good rapour with her charge. Placed the dog well on the table and kept her exhibit attentive. Moved her exhibit at a good pace, followed instructions very well and kept her exhibit between her selfe and the judge on the move, could have just stoped the move a little further from the judge on the return to give a better view of her exhibit. Kept her exhibit alert and attentive for the final phase of selection.
2nd Lance Morley An excellent handler really understood his job and kept his exhibit on its toes throughout the class. Showed good control of his exhibit on the table and moved at his exhibits ideal pace, but could have swapped hands on the return on the move to advantage. Had his exhibit on its toes for the final stand in the class and never let his concentration drop.
3rd Ellie Davidson did a very good allround job, kept nicely in the background whilst keeping her charge focused on the job at hand. Had a good rapour with her exhibit and kept on the correct side of her charge on the move
Res Kara Mason
VHC Isabella Goulding

Junior Handling 1 – 16 years (2, 0)
1st Isabella Cox did an excellent job, calm and attentive, followed instructions well. Handled nicely on the table, moved at the correct pace for her exhibit and kept her exhibit centre stage at all times. Best overall junior handler
2nd Kyle Davidson did a creditable job with his charge rather distracted and having problems concentrating, but kyle remained calm and collected, followed instructions well and showed that he had a good understanding of what was expected of him.