Papillon (Butterfly Dog) Club Winter Open Show 2012

17 November 2012
Judge: Mrs Carol Lees

Best in Show: Ancojo Whisper To Me
Res.Best in Show: Tutyak Edward Rozamie
Best Puppy in Show: Ancojo Gold Fever
Res.Best Puppy in Show: Macstrak Kisses to Tijuana

Best Dog: Tutyak Edward Rozamie
Res. Best Dog: Feorlig Chase The Dream JW
Best Bitch: Ancojo Whisper To Me
Res. Best Bitch: Lorah’s Girls Aloud at Henrix

Best Veteran: Begavillie Geordie Girl for Paparottsie
Best Phalene: Papshund Lady Sash for Rayol

Minor Puppy Dog
1st: Amicae Something New to Say
2nd:Omegaville I am a Petitchien

Puppy Dog
1st: Ancojo Gold Fever
2nd: Tutyak Get up and Go
3rd: Petitchiens Trikovsky

Junior Dog
1st: Feorlig Magic in the Making
2nd: Bankshill Lord of the Rings
3rd: Kissable De Costalina at Panspayon (imp Bel)

Yearling Dog
1st: Mystick Sparkle Melangel
2nd: Feorlig Magic in the Making
3rd: Feorlig Klever Kloggs JW

Maiden Dog
1st: Bankshill Lord of the Rings
2nd: Elendil Lord of the March

Novice Dog
1st: Kissable De Costalina at Panspayon (imp Bel)
2nd: Ookiimimi Dapper Dancer

Graduate Dog
1st: Lynbank Smartie Jones
2nd: Elendil Glint of Gold

Post Graduate Dog
1st: Tijuana I’m Harry
2nd: Ticianbri Dawn Feature
3rd: Melangel Pickle Pumpkin

Mid Limit Dog
1st: Elendil San Michele
2nd: Southanning Kiss Me Quick
3rd: Metamorphic Phantasm Sarasha

Limit Dog
1st:Tutyak Edward Rozamie
2nd: Papplewick Pinball Wizard to Vlinder
3rd: Ringlands Spirit Level to Rayol

Open Dog
1st: Feorlig Chase the Dream JW
2nd: Ch, Jap Ch Smileline Cover Girl Immortal Gene
3rd: Southanning Major Max

Veteran Dog
1st: Tinklebury the Fusillier

Open Phalene Dog
1st: Temelora For Your Eyes Only

Minor Puppy Bitch
1st: Macstrak Kisses to Tijuana
2nd: Amicae Look Who’s Talking
3rd: Cintarshe Silver Carnelian at Shalandar

Puppy Bitch
1st: Powdermill Look Upon a Star at Farthinghall
2nd: Kaskell Just a Dreamer
3rd: Erinbec Sugarlump

Junior Bitch
1st: Taliesyn Alcea Rosa
2nd: Panspayon Vanity Fayre

Yearling Bitch
1st: Taliesyn Briar Rose
2nd: Panspayon Vienna

Maiden Bitch
1st: Rozamie Reinette
2nd: Macstrak Kisses to Tijuana
3rd: Cintarshe Silver Carnelian at Shalandar

Novice Bitch
1st: Kaskell Just a Dreamer
2nd: Ellesangel Mystic Meg Melangel

Graduate Bitch
1st: Paparottsie Geordie Diva
2nd: Temelora Sweet Jessica
3rd: Ookiimimi Calamity Jane

Post Graduate Bitch
1st: Lorahs Girls Aloud at Henrix ShCM

Mid Limit Bitch
1st: Tutyak Fantasy
2nd: Jadelands Exquisite Belle at Sarasha
3rd: Taliesyn Golden Satifraga

Limit Bitch
1st: Paupad Revelation JW
2nd: Jaroma Lady Josephine
3rd: Taliesyn Violet Elizabeth

Open Bitch
1st: Ancojo Whisper to Me
2nd: Ch Mad About Saffron for Ringlands
3rd: Ch Paparottsie Painted Lady ShCM

Veteran Bitch
1st: Begaville Geordie Girl for Paparottsie
2nd: Rayol Lotus Blossom

Open Phalene Bitch
1st: Papshund Lady Sasha for Rayol