Papillon Club of Scotland Championship Show 2001

23 September 2001
Judge – Mr T Whitehill

Best in Show: Ch Graycaz Kiss In The Dark At Collness
Best Puppy: Graycaz Ash Lee

Res.Best in Show: Ibstock Marksman
Best Opposite Sex: Ibstock Marksman

Dog CC: Ibstock Marksman
Res.Dog CC: Graycaz Green Is Envy
Bitch CC: Ch Graycaz Kiss In The Dark At Collness
Res.Bitch CC: Bonifee Sophisicated Lady

Veteran Dog (7/1a)
1st: Ch. Diquest Fairy Glen
2nd: Maringay Merry Rascal
3rd: Chappell Intermezzo
Res: Northlyte Adonis Blue
VHC: Adinaken Wee Marquis

Minor Puppy Dog (9/2a)
1st: Graycaz Give It Up For Thello
2nd: Graycaz Busyboy
3rd: Lysanra Basilic
Res: Ringlands Jeremy’s Fax To Tanya
VHC: Chappell Fred Astaire

Puppy Dog (5/1a)
1st: Graycaz Ima Firestarter
2nd: Aswan Emblem Of Julesville
3rd: Shazzabars Coup De Chance
Res: Tell Me Another

Junior Dog (8/1a)
1st: Geanger Avon Prince Of Jaylanjay
2nd: Aabbeyton Tiger Bay
3rd: Aswan Eye Of The Tiger Of Julesville

Maiden Dog (3)
1st: Barallan Knight Of The Realm At Sunshoo
2nd: Danginifee Harrington
3rd: Pharosian Little Egypt

Novice Dog ( 4/2a)
1st: Kingshaven Ross At Sharjoy
2nd: Pharosian Little Egypt

Graduate Dog (7/1a)
1st: Pyatshaw Murphy’s Law
2nd: Pinelan Adanis At Northlyte
3rd: Daneview Rhythm N Blues
Res: Shazzabars Blackstar
VHC: Bankshill Cool Justice

Post.Graduate Dog (11/3a)
1st: Pyatshaw Murphy’s Law
2nd: Lynrick’s Take A Chance On Me
3rd: Lysandra Carlos Ringlet
Res: Claretta Just William
VHC: Longcrags Delan De Prionsa At Fortglen

Limit Dog (15/1a)
1st: Sunshoo Imacaptain Scarlet
2nd: Rimzim Orlando Graycaz
3rd: Kylecroft Celebration
Res: Wendyocres Charlie Boy
VHC: Northlyte Silver Dream

Open Dog (12/2a)
1st: Ibstock Marksman
2nd: Graycaz Green Is Envy
3rd: Ch. Kingshaven Principal Boy At Gleniren
Res: Sunshoo Imaknight Errant Of Barallan
VHC: Sunshoo Imascarlet Encore HC Corralyn Tartan Toorie

Special B/W or Tricolour Dog/Bitch (6/1a)
1st: Dourhu How’s Tricks At Kilbreck
2nd: Longcrags Warrior’s Dream
3rd: Elenil Perdita
Res: Calphia Wild Bramble
VHC: Longcrags Willoughby

Special R/W, L/W, S/W Dog/ Bitch(12/3a)
1st: Kylecroft Celebration
2nd: Pyatshaw Murphy’s Law
3rd: Pamhurst Precious Gem Res.Wendyocres Benzena
VHC: Glenscot Joyful Welcome

Special Beginners Dog or Bitch (5/1a)
1st: Kylecroft Country Girl
2nd: Glenscot Joyful Welcome
3rd: Calphia Honeysuckle Rose
Res: Longcrags Willoughby

Veteran Bitch (4/1a)
1st: Ch. Blackpark Georgio Of Lorenzo
2nd: Dourhu How’s Tricks At Kilbreck
3rd: Adinaken Wee Countess

Minor Puppy Bitch (8)
1st: Graycaz Ona Promise
2nd: Adnamashan As-Cute-As-A
3rd: Lysandra’s Vicky Res.Chappell Ginger Rogers
VHC: Kirkiboll Sugar & Spice

Puppy Bitch (16/1a)
1st: Graycaz Ash Lee
2nd: Meerwings Charlie’s Angel
3rd: Anncolm Almost An Angel
Res: Temelora Starlight At Kylecroft
VHC: Fraserdene Yowden

Junior Bitch (8/2a)
1st: Kingshaven Roxy At Gleniren
2nd: Crelak Strike It Lucky
3rd: Melangell Dolly Dream Girl
Res: Fraserdene Yowden
VHC: Danginifee Meggie

Maiden Bitch (6/2a)
1st: Temelora Starlight At Kylecroft
2nd: Danginifee Meggie
3rd: Rossacre Vanessa Of Lysandra Res.Glenscot Joyful Welcome

Novice Bitch (6/1a)
1st: Sunshoo Imastar Lighter
2nd: Longcrags Warrior’s Dream
3rd: Pharosian Queen Of Sheppa
Res: Kirkioll Sugar & Spice
VHC: Calphia Honeysuckle Rose

Graduate Bitch (8/2a)
1st: Tutyak Pandora
2nd: Pyatshaw Nessun Dorma
3rd: Claretta Simply Magic 4 Pamhurst She’s A Cracker
VHC: Chappell Top O’ The Morning

Post Graduate Bitch (14/5a)
1st: Domhnull Little Star
2nd: Tutyak Quene
3rd: Leevick Moon Dust
Res: Chappell Calamity Jane
VHC: Pamhurst Precious Gem

Limit Bitch (15/4a)
1st: Daneview Dainty Roxanne At Sunshoo
2nd: Lynflyer Perfect Lady
3rd: Wings Of Song For Volpecula
Res: Longcrags Sassie Dannsa
VHC: Longcrags Papaver Of Sharjoy

Open Bitch (12)
1st: Ch.Graycaz Kiss In The Dark At Collness
2nd: Bonifee Sophisicated Lady
3rd: Graycaz Blissful Thinking
Res: Ibstock Adorable At Tussalud
VHC: Penang Small Talk To Shevid

Phalene Dog Or Bitch (6)
1st: Harilovan Dandie
2nd: Sharjoy Tutti Fruitti
3rd: Harilovan Oholly (taf)
Res: Harilovan Marlene

Special Brood Bitch (7/2a)
1st: Rossacre Vanessa Rosa Of Bysanra
2nd: Tussalud Miss Terri-Belle
3rd: Kinghaven Play It Again At Kylecroft
Res: Northlyte Wish Upon A Star of Adinaken
VHC: Northlyte Iabella

Myra Service Special Stakes (13)
1st: Lynflyer Perfect Lady
2nd: Tutyak Quene
3rd: Meerwings Charlie’s Angel
Res: Whisky Galore At Sharjoy
VHC: Tutyak Pandora