Papillon Club of Scotland Championship Show 2014

17 May 2014
Judge: Joan Savage
110 dogs/129 entries

Best in Show CH Papplewick Preacher Man JW ShCM (Clint)
Res BIS NU CH No Deals Joy To The World At Petitchien (imp Ned) (Burns)
B Opp Sex AMCH/CH Clearlake Clovis At Northlyte (Anderson)
BPIS Grinsdales Sweet Caroline At Bankshill (Deamer)
BVIS Gennasus Make Believe (Gray)
BPhIS Temelora Dream Lover (Morrell & Teague)

DCC CH Papplewick Preacher Man JW ShCM (Clint)
RDCC NU CH No Deals Joy To The World At Petitchien (imp Ned) (Burns)

BCC AMCH/CH Clearlake Clovis At Northlyte (Anderson)
RBCC Grinsdales Sweet Caroline At Bankshill (Deamer)

Veteran Dog 5
1st CH Calajoy Robbie Macfluff (Joyce)
2nd Sharjoy Regency Buck (Foynes)
3rd Pyatshaw Ravel (MacGregor)
Res. Papplewick Petroglyph ShCM (Atkins)
Vhc. Travelling By Moonlight To Amicae (Foynes)

Minor Puppy Dog 8
1st Amicae Call Me Bad (Hatch)
2nd Afterglow Adonis For Queenslake (Sharp Dixon Reyes & Lynn)
3rd Farleysbane Mighty Mouse at Kingshaven (Banfield)
Res. Ablazzor Harleys Wild Echo at Lynflyer (Morton)
Vhc. Volpecula Tammienorrie (Patrick)

Puppy Dog 4 (2)
1st Buttalowie Solo Melangel (Mann)
2nd Volpecula Snapdragon (Patrick)

Junior Dog 6
1st Bonmeshays Ted Baker For Temelora (Morrell & Teague)
2nd Papplewick Persian Punch (Clint)
3rd Papplewick Penhaligon At Adinaken (Smith)
Res. Powdermill Touch A Star (Bradford)
Vhc. Kazzlyn Rainbow Warrior (McCrindle)

Yearling Dog 3
1st Adnamashan Bat Out Of Hell (Webber)
2nd Sweetbriars Sticks and Stones (Waters)
3rd Melangel Time To Shine (Mann)

Maiden Dog 4 (1)
1st Adnamashan Bat Out Of Hell (Webber)
2nd Buttalowie Solo Melangel (Mann)
3rd Rosenjon HuShudbesolucky (Hobson)

Novice Dog no entries

Post Graduate Dog 11 (1)
1st Tutyak Get Up And Go (Cochrane)
2nd Temelora Rising Star JW (Morrell & Teague)
3rd Macstrak Jack Daniel (Hatch)
Res. Denemore Life Of Reilly For Cantoverde ShCM (Lanson)
Vhc. Craigaber Rolex (MacGregor)

Limit Dog 5
1st Northlyte Cyclone (Anderson)
2nd Kingshaven Danger Mouse (Banfield)
3rd Gennasus On A Mission (Gray)
Res. Conysluck Juscalmeansom At Jalatemmes (Allsop & Browne)
Vhc. Metamorphic Posted To Vlinder (Atkins)

Open Dog 9 (1 w/d)
1st CH Papplewick Preacher Man JW ShCM (Clint)
2nd NU CH No Deals Joy To The World At Petitchien (imp Ned) (Burns)
3rd Ch Amicae Something To Say (Whitehill)
Res. Adnamashan Time After Time (Skelton)
Vhc. Sharjoy In The Future (Thornton)

Special Phalene Dog 2
1st Temelora Dream Lover (Morrell & Teague)
2nd Volpecula Set In Gold (Patrick)

Veteran Bitch 8
1st Gennasus Make Believe (Gray)
2nd CH Conysluck Magic Flute (Mooney)
3rd Meerwings The Swallowtale By Pyatshaw (MacGregor)
Res. Begaville Geordie Girl For Paparottsie (Urwin)
Vhc. Shevid Uptown Girl (Thornton)

Minor Puppy Bitch 9 (1 w/d)
1st Amicae Call Me Crazy (Whitehill)
2nd Farleysbane Damselfly (Victor & McLaughlin)
3rd Paparottsie All Been Said (Urwin)
Res. Ablazor Tyme To Be Wild (Morton)
Vhc.Temelora Dora The Explorer (Morrell & Teague)

Puppy Bitch 7 (1)
1st Grinsdales Sweet Caroline At Bankshill (Deamer)
2nd Ancojo Shock Wave At Ablazzor (Morton)
3rd Calajoy Simply Ava (Joyce)
Res. Loreburn Cosmic Angel (Nolan)
Vhc. Connection Siljans Tiny Jewel For Paparottsie naf taf (Urwin)

Junior Bitch 7 (2)
1st Amicae Royal Seal (Whitehill)
2nd Melangel Unique Star For Lafay (Foynes)
3rd Bonemeshays Shady Lady (Collins)
Res. Bomenshays Miss Kitty (Fraser & Graham)
Vhc. Kazzlyn Rainbow Rose (McCrindle)

Yearling Bitch 3
1st Caraideas Ragna
2nd Ablazzor Dark Lady At Cantoverde JW ShCM (Lanson)
3rd Kazzlyn Rainbow Rose (McCrindle)

Maiden Bitch 2
1st Powdermill Look Of Mischief (Bradford)
2nd Buttalowie Sweet Caroline Melangel (Mann)

Novice Bitch 2 (1)
1st Temelora Wish Upon A Star (Morrell & Teague)
2nd Adnamashan Cleopatra (Skelton)

Post Graduate Bitch 9 (3)
1st Adinaken Pretty Puzzled (Smith)
2nd Calajoy Mystic Mia (Richardson)
3rd Bonmeshays Olivia (Fraser & Graham)
Res. Melangel Tilly Tri Star JW (Mann)
Vhc. Jhanakia Masquerade At Lafay (Foynes)

Limit Bitch 7 (1)
1st Skyvana Fancey That At Kingshaven (Banfield)
2nd Northlyte Minerva (Anderson)
3rd Grinsdales Rose Bud (Reed)
Res. Papplewick Pappa Don’t Preach At Loreburn (Nolan)
Vhc. Genasus Rambling Rose (Gray)

Open Bitch 9 (2)
1st AMCH/CH Clearlake Clovis At Northlyte (Anderson)
2nd CH Papplewick Pretty In Pink At Adinaken JW ShCM (Smith
3rd Shevid Rumor Has It (Thornton)
Res. Paparottsie Geordie Diva (Urwin)
Vhc. Amicae Look Whos Talking (Whitehill)

Special Phalene Bitch 1
1st Temelora Chance To Dream (Morrell & Teague)

Special Beginners Dog or Bitch no entries

Brace 4
1st Mrs S Gray
2nd K M Smith
3rd Mrs S Morrell & Mrs T Teague
Res. Mr T & Mrs P Urwin