Papillon Club of Scotland Championship Show 2019

18 May 2019

Judge: Carl Sparrow
Special Classes Judge: Moira Cunningham (Moyard)
Junior Handling Judge: Kirsty Miller (Feorlig)

Best In Show – Miller & Ryans CH Feorlig Smarty Pants JW Sh CM
Reserve Best In Show – Adnamashan Craiglang For Pamhurst
Best Opposite Sex – Jorgealin Indian Magic At Lizlanmoor
Best Puppy In Show – Gleniren Whos Your Daddy
Best Dog Puppy – Gleniren Whos Your Daddy
Best Bitch Puppy – Tricianbri Whisper For Temelora
Best Veteran In Show – Ch. Papplewick Pretty In Pink At Adinaken
Best Phalene – Tijuana Mayhem

Dog CC – Ch Feorlig Smarty Pants Jw Sh Cm
Res Dog CC – Adnamashan Craiglang For Pamhurst
Bitch CC – Jorgealin Indian Magic At Lizlanmoor
Res Bitch CC – Ch. Shadowknight Ebony Rose Of Skyvana

Veteran Dog
1st Kazkell Thyme To Dream
2nd Conysluck Master Pip
3rd Temelora Bobby Dazzler
4th Travelling By Moonlight To Amicae
VHC Metamorphic Posted To Vlinder

Minor Puppy Dog
1st Gleniren Whos Your Daddy
2nd Martika Kiss And Tell
3rd Papmar Moonlight Teddy Bare
4th Thistlemist Talent To Amuse

Puppy Dog
1st Phylcher Highland Fling
2nd Milbu Ciciobello At Shevid (Imp Lva)
3rd Tricianbri Harry Beau For Temelora
4th Iotastars Great Adventure
VHC Volpecula Spun Sugar

Junior Dog
1st Amicae Timless Dream
2nd Magic Sunrise Ace Ventura (imp lva)
3rd Caraideas The Firebird
4th Sweetbriar A Harlequinn

Yearling Dog
1st Stagedoor Exposed By Paparottsie
2nd Amicae Highland Glen
3rd Adnamashan The Wanted At Debrilyn
4th Sweetbriar The Poser
VHC Adnamashan Take That

Maiden Dog
1st Adnamashan Take That
2nd Volpecula Tesseract

Novice Dog
1st Thistlemist I Am Victor

Post Graduate Dog
1st Cantoverde Captain Casper Jw Sh Cm
2nd Tijuana Mayhem
3rd Paparottsie Blue Moon
4th Iotastars Brave New World
VHC Lilnrose Ima Lovebug

Limit Dog
1st Adnamashan Craiglang At Pamhurst
2nd Tijuana Mischief Maker
3rd Amicae Badger
4th Serenglade Leap Of Faith For Temelora
VHC Skyvana Van Helsing
Open Dog
1st Ch Feorlig Smarty Pants JW Sh CM
2nd Skyvana Tom Thumb Sarasha JW
3rd Rozamie Monsieur Phillipe
4th Graycaz Chill Your Boots
VHC Temelora Let It Be Magic JW

Special Phalene Dog
1st Tijuana Mayhem
2nd Lilnrose Ears Looking At You

Veteran Bitch
1st Ch. Papplewick Pretty In Pink At Adinaken Jw Sh Cm
2nd Jhanakia Masquerade At Lafay
3rd Adinaken Pretty Puzzled

Minor Puppy Bitch
1st Papmar Moonlight Missabeat
2nd Berestead Belle Noir At LIzlanmoor
3rd Lafford Golden Child
4th Lafford Golden Girl Of Elmaraine
VHC Papmar Moonlight Rosealee

Puppy Bitch
1st Tricianbri Wispa For Temelora
2nd Skyvana Xpose
3td Skyvana Fly High For Northlyte
4th Iotostars Intrepid Explorer

Junior Bitch
1st Magic Sunrise Believe In Me (Imp LVA)
2nd Farthinghall Zian Rox
3rd Adnamashan Lady .Amelia
4th Caraideas The Songbird
VHC Paplysh Myka Mystake

Yearling Bitch
1st Northlyte Ae Fond Kiss
2nd Rozamie Masquerade

Maiden Bitch – no entries

Novice Bitch
1st Lilnrose Treasure The Dream

Post Graduate Btich
1st Feorlig Smart Cookie
2nd Cantoverde Royal Chyna JW Sh Cm
3rd Adnamashan Still Game
4th Zolota Skyla At Kylecroft
VHC Adinaken Pretty Puzzled

Limit Bitch
1st Jorgealin Indian Magic At LIzlanmoor
2nd Bonmeshays Lady Charlotte of Adnamashan
3rd Lafay Has The Last Word With Amicae
4th Papmar Moonlight Katie Kan

Open Bitch
1st Ch Shadowknight Ebony Rose of Skyvana
2nd Ch Feorlig Wake Up Maggie Jw Sh Cm
3rd Blackpark Patricia
4th Farthinghall Unico Bella At Sempefidelis
VHC Caraideas Rhapsody In Blue

Special Phalene Bitch
1st Volpecula Tamarisk

Special Beginners Dog or Bitch
1 entry – absent

1st Tricianbri Harry Beau For Temelora / Temelora Let It Be Magic Jw
2nd Ch Papplewick Pretty In Pink For Adinaken Jw Sh Cm / Papplewick Penhalgion At Adinaken Sh Cm