Scottish Kennel Club Championship Show May 2001

20 May 2001
Papillon Judge: Mrs D Roe

Best of Breed: Graycaz Green Is Envy
Best Puppy: Amicas Rainbow High

Dog CC: Graycaz Green Is Envy
Res.Dog CC: Ibstock Marksman
Bitch CC: Amicae Rainbow High
Res.Bitch CC: Domhnull Copy Deadline

Minor Puppy Dog (5)
1st: Inixia Artful Alex Naf
2nd: Inixia Picasso NAF.TAF
3rd: Midnight Heaven
Res: Imago Douglas Dragonfly

Puppy Dog (9)
1st: Burghbridge Royal Falcon
2nd: Abbeyton Tiger Bay
3rd: Inixia You Know Hugh
Res: Whisky Galore At Sharjoy
VHC: Fraserdene Frosted Orange

Junior Dog (7)
1st: Geanzger Avon Prince At Jaylanjay
2nd: Dourhu New Dimension
3rd: Bankshill Cool Justice
Res: Danginifee Harrington
VHC: Longcrags Willoughby

Special Yearling Dog (7)
1st: Inixia Jack Flash
2nd: Kylecroft Celebration
3rd: Norallshan Hot Gossip
Res: Ablazzor I’m Magic For Delphlands
VHC: Tinklebury Heres George

Post Graduate Dog (10)
1st: Ibstock Bright Spark For Spinillons
2nd: Abbeyton Silver Rain
3rd: Baskell Black Magic
Res: Meziara Music Man Of Jaroma
VHC: Ablazzor Time And Tyme Again Of Elphlands

Limit Dog (5)
1st: Graycaz Green Is Envy
2nd: Ibstock Marksman
3rd: Lordsrake Xeus Of Cheryldene

Open Dog (6)
1st: Ch. Anncolm Valentino
2nd: Ch. Kingshaven Principal Boy At Gleniren
3rd: Corralyn Tartan Toorie
Res: Cherylene Double Oh Seven
VHC: Ringlands Little Red Rooster At Beausher

Minor Puppy Bitch (6)
1st: Anncolm Almost An Angel
2nd: Calajoy Pepperpot Lady
3rd: Graycaz Ash Lee
Res: Volpecula Eurydice
VHC: Celphia Woodland Nymph

Puppy Bitch (10)
1st: Amicae Rainbow High
2nd: Kingshaven Roxy At Gleniren
3rd: Burghbridge Rosemary Rose
Res: Inixia Jack’s Jewel
VHC: Danginifee Meggie

Junior Bitch (7)
1st: Tutyak Pyjama Girl
2nd: Graycaz Kissmie
3rd: Chappell Calamity Jane
Res: Harilovon Marlene
VHC: Tutyak Quene

Special Yearling (4)
1st: Leevick Moondust
2nd: Domhnull Little Star
3rd: Graycaz Sosueme Amicae TAF.
Res: Klibrecks Morgan Le Fay

Post Graduate Bitch (12)
1st: Ringlands La Fortona With Brontigaer
2nd: Burghbridge Our Princess
3rd: Volpecula Eye Candy
Res: Tutyak Pandora
VHC: Collness Candy Nell

Limit Bitch (9)
1st: Domhnull Copy Deadline
2nd: Martika Princess Leia
3rd: Inixia Femme Fatale
Res: Wings Of Song For Volpecula
VHC: Longcrags Sassie Dannsa

Open Bitch (3)
1st: Graycaz Kiss In The Dark
2nd: Ringlands Rusilla
3rd: Blairancoes Misses Iff’s At Tinklebury