Scottish Kennel Club Championship Show May 2005

20 May 2005
Judge: Mrs A Borg

I really enjoyed my day (despite the awful weather, apparently I missed the summer, which had been last week), and was impressed to see so many beautiful dogs.  I think I have not seen such a consistently smart line-up as that in the Dog Challenge (when the winners of YD and GD don’t always come up to the high standard of the other, Crufts qualifying, classes), and wish I had had a camera to preserve it for posterity!  The exhibitors were very cheerful and sporting, too.  Thank you!



MPD  (10, 1 abs.)
1st:  Taylor’s Pamhurst He’s a Star – and he was today!  Classic little b/w, well-constructed baby, moved confidently and soundly despite his tender age; good silky coat coming in, lovely tail-carriage and alert bearing – such maturity for one so young!
2nd: Ness & Byers’ Kenf Touch of Gold at Chappell, well-marked r/s/w on good clear white coat; large eyes well set in head, well-shaped ears, good body and again such a sound mover, alert in stance, with well carried tail;
3rd: Patrick’s Volpecula Hummingbird.
Res: Patrick’s Volpecula Stormwings
VHC: Crawley’s Garbreisa Tarquin

PD  (7, 1 abs.)
1st: Finlayson’s Sharjoy Regency Buck, very smart tricolour puppy, attractive head with well-defined stop and well-set eyes, nice ear-carriage; shapely and well-balanced in body, level back and good tailset, well-coated for age – a confident, impressive little showman (BPD);  
2nd: Ness & Byers’ Chappell Humdinger,  small, dainty b/w – a lovely example of the breed, symmetrically marked head, with good stop, well-shaped and mobile ears; sound in body, straight front and good rear, he moved with confidence, showing great maturity;
3rd: Thurman & Justice’s Lysandra’s Yharrow.
Res:  Bailey-Turner & Barlow’s Shazzabars Mirror Image
VHC: Mackenzie’s Klibreck Cassanova

JD  (13)
1st: Moss’s Blairancoe’s Merry Go Round of Delphlands, very well-coated b/w with good straight front; nicely marked head, large ears, well-set eyes of correct shape; sound and very energetic on the move, with cheerful, direct temperament; 
2nd: Gornall’s Tinklebury Glenbogle, neat, compact b/w, attractive, masculine head with narrow blaze, mobile ears, good length of neck and level topline, moved and showed well;  
3rd: Leverett’s Glasafon Succession.
Res: Lees’ Bodebi Ray Of Success
VHC: Leiper’s Calajoy Dougal Mcshuggle

YD  (7)
1st: Patrick’s Volpecula Art Deco (RCC), impressive, high quality young tricolour, mature in coat and furnishings: his proud, erect bearing, level topline and sound movement, together with a lovely head, excellent ear-shape and carriage, confident and outgoing temperament, unquestionably won him RCC from this juvenile class; 
2nd: Moss’s Blairancoe’s Merry Go Round of Delphlands
3rd: Belshaw’s Belvisaj Simply Charming.
Res: Deamer’s Begaville New Edition At Bankshill
VHC: Robins’ Jaroma The Highlander

GD   (5)
1st: Bruce & Bruce-Jackson’s Macstrak Classic Jazz, extrovert r/s/w dog, compact in body but not stuffy; most attractive head framed by well-set ears with thick, black fringes; straight, fine coat; moved soundly and with drive, looked great in stance;
2nd: Moss’s Blairancoe’s Merry Go Round of Delphlands
3rd: Crawley’s Garbreisa Periwinkle.
Res: Smith’s Mister Percival Of Adinaken
VHC: Wilson’s Adinaken Wendy’s Whizz

PGD  (6, 2 abs.)
1st: Thornton’s Shevid Lyric,  graceful, fine-boned b/w, with well-marked head, good, well set and fringed ears, lovely arch of neck; plentiful coat of correct silky type, flat to body, kept good topline on the move and standing, good jug-handle tail; a sound and well put together dog. 
2nd: Thurman & Justice’s Lysandra’s Zxar, r/s/w with wide blaze and such a friendly expression; lower on the leg than (1), but still in balance; again a good mover and smart in stance; fine silky coat and good tailset.  
3rd: Deamer’s Begaville New Edition at Bankshill.
Res: Gornall’s Kirkchase Flash Dance With Tinklebury

LD  (9, 1 abs.)
1st: Austin & Thompson’s Jhanakia Royal Highlander, very smart, pale fawn/sable dog, pretty head with dark mask and soft expression – an old favourite of mine and looking in mint condition! Good straight front, well-muscled hindquarters and well-held topline, he moved with drive and precision; holds his head well, always alert to handler, he really looks the part, and was unfortunate to meet the strong competition today; 
2nd:  Verity’s Macstrak Minuet, smaller r/s/w – dark rich red on clearest of white – another winning dog up against it today. Finely-featured head with well-set eyes and good ears, fine bone, good coat, looked a picture moving and standing; lovely temperament; 
3rd: Bruce & Bruce-Jackson’s Tijuana Melody Maker.
Res: Bailey-Turner & Barlow’s Beausher Ur A Little Star At Shazzabars
VHC: Deamer’s Bankshill Isle Of Lewis

OD  (6, 1 abs.)
1st: Mackay’s Jaylanjay Amastunner – truly this dog is a stunner!  Tricolour, with wealth of coat and furnishings, he has all the requirements of the breed and I had no hesitation in awarding him the CC (and pleased to find it was his third!).  His outstanding merit is certainly in that arch of neck, which, with his level topline, well-constructed rear and good angulation, gave him the equipment to power round the ring – certainly the best mover of the day – his flowing coat, tail plume and fringes adding the graceful element which the true Papillon needs;  
2nd: MacGregor’s Pyatshaw White Heat,  another beautiful tricolour, paler than (1) and slightly larger, but similar, and similarly endowed.  Single, silky coat covering sound, well-muscled body, pretty, well-marked head with well-set ears giving alert expression, he moved faultlessly and looked lovely in stance;  
3rd: Austin & Thompson’s Jhanakia Oliver’s Story.
Res: Langdon’s Graycaz Pantson Fire For Skyvana
VHC: Collins’ Collness Rory Gory

MPB  (13, 1 abs.)
1st: Leverett’s Glasafon Winter’s Mist – my favourite of the day, apart from my winners!  Only just over 6 months old, she ‘trod the boards’ like a professional – measured, sound and unhurried; small, fine-boned b/w, with very attractive head, wide blaze,  well-set ears and bright eyes, coat and fringes coming; but it was the jug-handle tail and platform-level back that impressed; just hope she grows on a bit; 
2nd: Cochrane’s Tijuana Victoria, another sweet, feminine head, symmetrically marked, with good, mobile ears, and eyes well set in head; neatly made, she moved soundly coming and going, again a confident, lovely temperament; 
3rd: Anderson’s Northlyte Dakota Star.
Res: Goodwin’s Imago Carrie On Honeybun
VHC: Coffey’s Christea Madam Butterlfy

PB  (6, 1 abs.)
1st: Wilson’s Invergarick Modern Milly (BP): this I thought was a magnificent puppy and older bitches had better look out!  Tricolour, with very pretty head, large, sparkling, well set eyes of correct shape, large ears with rounded tips and very mobile, good reach of neck, nicely balanced throughout; fine-boned but with good body, well-muscled rear, she moved soundly and gracefully; lovely extrovert temperament – even against the impressive dog puppy she came out on top; 
2nd: Robb’s Gleniren Starlight Kisses, very pretty r/s/w in lovely coat and furnishing for one so young; well-marked head and good ears; excellent level topline on the move and standing and lovely over-the-back tail, well plumed; fine-boned little bitch, with neat hare-feet, bright and alert, unfortunate to meet (1) today;
3rd: Thornton’s Gennasus Andromeda at Shevid.
Res: Davidson’s Danginifee Fairy Story
VHC: Davidson’s Ringlands Maybe Baby

JB  (10)
1st: Robb’s Gleniren Scarlet Signature, rich r/s/w in lovely coat; same sire as puppy in last class, I prefer her more generous head and the overall balance of head and body; well marked head with dark mask, large eyes, lovely spread of ears, which she used well; compact body, well-angulated rear, she moved well and soundly – lovely temperament;
2nd: Wilson’s Invergarick Moula Rouge, very similar to her sister (winner of last class and BP) in size and shape; well coated b/w, symmetrical blaze and noseband; good length of neck, level topline and well set on tail, she moved with determination (and definite ‘attitude’!); 
3rd: Patrick’s Volpecula Myth and Magic.
Res: Austin & Thompson’s Joroma Highland Whisper At Jhanakia
VHC: Mason’s Amicae Spirit

YB  (5, 1 abs.)
1st: Kirk’s Kirkchase Razzle Dazzle, elegant b/w with lovely head, fine features, mobile well-fringed ears, and the best hare-feet of the day; well-bodied under correct, silky coat, level back and well-carried tail with good plume, she moved with drive and style;
2nd: Fraser’s Rayol Circe, bright r/s/w with very pretty, feminine head, good reach of neck and level back, nice straight front; moved soundly once settled; friendly, happy temperament;  
3rd:  Ness & Byers’ Chappell Tango Two.
Res: Montgomery’s Carrollryan Islaviera

GB  (1)
1st: Davidson’s Gypsy Rosa Lee – alone in class but not fazed at all by this; solid, confident b/w, good mover, with again a most friendly temperament; slightly masculine head, large ears with good rounded tips, level top-line, deep chest and well muscled rear, moved well and soundly.
PGB  (7)  Bruce & Bruce-Jackson’s  Tijuana Georgio (BCC & BOB) – bright, personable and eye-catching, she took the class in style! B/w with the prettiest of heads, well-defined stop and short muzzle; fine-boned, with everything in the right place, set off with plentiful, silky coat and furnishings; high set on tail and well-angulated rear, she keeps a level topline throughout, excellent, brisk, true movement and lovely proud stance – all this took her right to the top.  (Stood up so well  against the tough competition in the Group ring, I thought, but with sadly no recognition); 
2nd: MacDonald’s Fortglen Shadow Dancer, clear r/w, whom I have liked since a puppy, showed very well and confidently; well marked head – her eyes have acquired dark outlining (almost mascara-like!) giving her a soft and rather surprised expression; good length of neck, level back and well set on tail; straight front, good hare-feet, well-muscled at rear, moved very soundly; 
3rd: Whitehill’s Sharjoy Melody in Moonlight.
Res: Collins’ Collness Little White Dove
VHC: Reid’s Winterwings Pretty Woman

LB  (10, 2 abs.)
1st: Miller’s Feorlig Zweet Sensation, very nice, medium-sized tricolour, settled and mature in temperament; well bodied, good depth of chest and very sound in movement; attractive head with beautifully rounded ears with long fringes; well balanced, in good coat, and very alert to handler, she looked a treat on the move and pushed hard for RCC;
2nd: Smith’s Wee Lucy of Adinaken,  r/s/w, again well balanced and excellent on the move; attractive head – unsymmetrical markings do not detract from this, and the plentiful black ear-fringes catch the eye; well-bodied but elegant, fine-boned, good turn of stifle, level back, good hare feet;  
3rd:  Mackay’s Jaylanjay Amanother.
Res: Olding’s Papplewick Pumpkin Ridge
VHC: Doig’s Jaylanjay Amalady

OB  (4, 1 abs.)
1st: Langdon’s Christea Midnight Rose for Skyvana (RCC), smaller b/w, pretty bitch with true Papillon head, good stop, well-set and shaped eyes, well set ears with excellent fringes, all give her a soft, melting expression; well-bodied, level back and well set-on tail, good rear angulation, she moves with elegance and style. Not one of your bouncy, extrovert types, but I respect her reserved nature, and was happy to award her RCC; 
2nd: Kirk’s Kirkchase Bewished,  well-defined tricolour bitch – the tri markings give her such an alert expression; well put together, good length of graceful neck set into level back, well-muscled thighs and high-set tail, she moved powerfully round the ring, her silky, swaying coat completing a pretty picture; 
3rd: Austin & Thompson’s Jhanakia Highland Breeze.