South of England Papillon Club Championship Show 2016

7 August 2016

Judge: Dr Tony Allcock MBE (Sleepyhollow)
Junior Handling Judge: Alex Forth (Omegaville)

For several years I had been looking forward to fulfilling this prestigious appointment and would like to thank the Club for the opportunity of judging their Championship show. The venue provided ample space for a large ring and grooming area and the Committee provided the catering which was excellent.

It was pleasing to find a very small absentee rate which resulted in classes being well filled and hotly contested. I found head qualities to be of superior quality, along with excellent dentition and all exhibits were in beautifully prepared coats. The only concern I had was length of neck; whilst the standard asks for ‘medium length’, a number of those lovely headpieces were almost sitting on top of the shoulders. Not only does this detract from the overall profile it seriously impedes reach of forehand.
All of the puppy classes were packed full of exciting prospects and these were the strongest classes on the day.

Tony Allcock

Best in Show: Robb’s Ch Gleniren Shootin’ Starmaker Sunhoo
Res. Best in Show: Magri & Arrowsmith’s Ch Rozamie Dream Lover
Best Puppy in Show: Magri & Arrowsmith’s Rozamie Madam Reeva
Res. Best Puppy in Show: Cox’s Tricianbri Tuppance A Kiss
Best Veteran in Show: Osborne & Stanbury’s Ch Tykkydewas Santa’s Gift to Inixia
Best Phalene in Show: Sparke’s Pinkmead Delightful Eve
Best Junior Handler: Isabella Coxl

Dog CC: Robb’s Ch Gleniren Shootin’ Starmaker Sunhoo
Res Dog CC: Magri & Arrowsmith’s Ch Rozamie Dream Lover
Best Puppy Dog: Whitehill’s Amicae Hugs and Kisses
Res. Best Puppy Dog: Stanbury’s Angullyon Trading Secrets with Inixia
Best Minor Puppy Dog: Stanbury’s Angullyon Trading Secrets with Inixia
Best Veteran Dog: Osborne & Stanbury’s Ch Tykkydewas Santa’s Gift to Inixia
Best Phalene Dog: Prince’s Temelora Passing Fancy JW ShCM RL1 Ex

Bitch CC: Magri & Arrowsmith’s Rozamie Madam Reeva
Res. Bitch CC: Cox’s Tricianbri Tuppence A Kiss
Best Puppy Bitch: Magri & Arrowsmith’s Rozamie Madam Reeva
Best Minor Puppy Bitch: Cox’s Tricianbri Tuppence A Kiss
Best Phalene Bitch: Sparke’s Pinkmead Delightful Eve
Best Veteran Bitch: Geary’s Rayol Lotus Blossom

Minor Puppy Dog (5)
1st Stanbury’s Angullyon Trading Secrets with Inixia 6 months old, well balanced. Excellent hindquarters, appealing head piece with large ears and ideal muzzle. Tail set on high and nicely arched. Level secure top line. Moved really well. RBPD
2nd Hobson’s Pappretty Ever and Ever at Rosejon Well balanced and of a lovely size. Attractive head with finely pointed muzzle and good overall proportions. Ears were of a good size and nicely shaped but a tad soft at present. Lovely example of hare feet. Good mover.
3rd Casey’s ’s Blitzing Badger for Shamal
4th Bull’s Altaya Star Attraction
5th Marsden’s Toot Sweet’s Johnny Depp

Puppy Dog (2)
1st Whitehill’s Amicae Hugs and Kisses This smart 9 month old Tri dog is certainly fine and dainty. Impressive body proportions. Excelled in headpiece, reach of neck and front assembly. Moved very well with a strong drive from well angulated hindquarters. BPD.
2nd Sparke’s Pinkmead Twistin Time 11 month old r/w phalene, supporting correct dropped ears. Impressive body and hindquarters. Lovely shaped feet. Not quite the overall balance of 1. Moved accurately.

Junior Dog (6/1a)
1st Miller’s Feorlig Smarty Pants Very attractive youngster who captures attention by the very nature of being a great showman. Super s/w coat beautifully prepared. Attractive headpiece, well developed shoulders with ideal reach of neck. Tail set high and held well. Moved soundly.
2nd Waller’s Kazkell What Dreams R’ Made Of at Lilnrose Head was well balanced and nicely rounded between well set ears of correct size and shape. Another who is a great showman and moved with style. Not quite the shoulders of 1. Secure level back. Coat texture being fine and silky.
3rd French’s Panspayon Charlemagme at Soleona
4th Osborne’s Tykkdewas Bailey’s Cream
5th Atkin’s Vlinder Northern Star

Yearling Dog (9/ 1a)
1st Caton’s Never Let Me Go Fourussi at Henrix (Imp POL) A lovely young butterfly! Fine and dainty and beautifully made. Head with super finish and appealing rounded eyes. Gorgeous ears, held correctly. Super chest and shoulders, secure top line. High set tail. Presented in excellent coat and condition and on the move he simply flew!
2nd Robb’s Gleniren Stardustmaker Sunshoo Another most attractive youngster, slightly different in overall type to 1. Absolutely stunning head qualities. Could not quite match the precise and defined deportment of 1 but little separates these two lovely young dogs.
3rd Hart’s Purepixie Swish and Flick
4th Wells & Brown’s Metamorphic Thunderstorm
5th Whitaker’s Metamorphic Illusion

Novice Dog (2)
1st Hobson’s Pappretty Ever and Ever at Rosejon
2nd Maskell handling Hibb’s Sarahman Midsummer Dream Well balanced throughout. Head with slightly domed skull between large ears, fine muzzle and defined stop. Excellent body. Just lost out on movement to 1.

Graduate Dog (8/2a)
1st Miller’s Feorlig Smarty Pants
2nd Borg’s Elindil Bellman Pressed winner very hard. Oozes breed type especially in respect of head proportions and ears. Good neck, shoulders and tail setting. Just lacking some body weight at present. Coat was of a fine silky texture and well presented.
3rd Hobson’s Grisdales Gigalo at Rosejon
4th Osborne’s Tykkydewas Baliey’s Cream
5th Maskell’s Kazkell Robin the Limelight JW

Post Graduate Dog (10/2a)
1st Whitehill’s Graycaz Chill Your Boots Head giving a super expression aided by those intelligent eyes. Fine throughout but with sufficient substance. Enough neck, well developed shoulders, deep chest. Nicely constructed front. Great tail setting and held at an ideal height. Moved with such a light footfall.
2nd Morrell & Teague’s Temelora Let It Be Magic Well balanced and a little heavier all through than 1. Super neck and shoulders, well sprung ribs, sturdy loins. Strong rear angulations. Excellent hair feet. Moved very well but not quite as frivolously as 1.
3rd Waller’s Lilnrose The Miracle
4th Geary’s Powdermill Designer Touch at
5th Walklett’s Farthinghall’s New Touch at Angullyon

Limit Dog (9/3a)
1st Stanbury’s Inixia Saucy Sam Ticks so many of the breed standard boxes. This beautifully balanced dog is very impressive to examine. So well proportioned and portrays such a typical outline on the stand. Ideal length of neck, super shoulders, body and tail setting. A very accurate mover in all directions. I consider this dog adequately meets champion status.
2nd Taylor’s Bankshill Lord of the Rings is Purepixie Lighter in stature than 1 and of a good overall size. Appealing head qualities especially the finish of foreface. Excellent tail and steady topline. Would just prefer a touch more neck to complete the picture.
3rd Letch & Buckley-Water’s Conysluck Mr Pickles
4th Hobson’s Grisdales Giggalo at Rosejon
5th Osborne’s Tykkdewas Master Harry
Open Dog (7/1a)
When I looked at the initial line up I perceived that this class would be a battle of the titans! I was not wrong; it contained 6 beautiful dogs.
1st Robb’s Ch Gleniren Shootin’ Starmaker Sunshoo This stunning showman has such ring presence he creates an enormous impact. Glorious head. Fine bone. Straight front, hare shaped feet. Super pigmentation. Coat presented in fabulous condition. Super fit and well muscled. Used his super eyes to flirt. His movement today was a joy to watch especially in the final moments of the class when asked to move again. It was then he literally ‘flew’ around the ring almost walking on air and making full use of those large feathered ears with his silky coat floating. It was this that was to stave off the magnificent challenge of 2. CC & BIS
2nd Magri & Arrowsmith’s Ch Rozamie Dream Lover Another truly fabulous example of the breed who is at his very best. Beautiful headpiece with gorgeous ears creating such a perfect frame. Fantastic body, super ribs. The best of tail set and carriage. Fantastic textured coat which is abundant but not excessive. I cannot deny that I found great difficulty in separating these two fabulous dogs. RCC & Reserve BIS
3rd Caton’s Coffee Ice Cream Forussi at Henrix
4th Munn’s Smileline Silenzi Sunshine Garsiv
5th Morrell & Teague’s Temelora Bobby Dazzler

Open Phalene Dog (3)
1st Prince’s Temelora Passing Fancy JW ShCM RL1 Ex 7 year old in great condition with correct set ears above a lovely head. Just enough neck, secure top line and correct tail setting. Super shaped feet. A really happy soul, clearly enjoying his time in the ring. BFD.
2nd Caton’s Lennox Vive Vanette at Henrix (Imp Pol) Well balanced on the stand. Slightly heavier in muzzle than 1. Another happy showman that moved well, especially in rear drive. Presented in excellent coat and condition.
3rd Sparke’s Pinkmead Twistin’ Time

Veteran Dog (3)
1st Osborne & Stanbury’s Ch Tykkydewas Santa’s Gift to Inixia 11 ½ year old which I found quite amazing considering his youthful condition. This super dog really belies his age. He stood so regally. I admired the balance of his head having such beautiful ears. Graceful neck of correct length. Lovely shoulders and front assembly. Moved well. I was not surprised to read afterwards that he is a champion – a very worthy one too! BVD & Best Veteran In show.
2nd Letch’s Conysluck Master Pip 8 year old. Correct shaped head, large nicely shaped ears, lovely eyes and correct stop. Not quite the lay of shoulders of 1. Level top line. Moved soundly.
3rd Malcolm’s Petitchiens Moonbeam

Minor Puppy Bitch (7)
1st Cox’s Tricianbri Tuppence A Kiss Beautifully put together and presented in immaculate condition. Her coat texture is like spun silk. Such appealing dark eyes with pigmentation to enhance. Straight forequarters and strong rear assembly proved such careful, light and precise movement. I found her to be somewhat special. RCC & RBPB & Reserve BPIS
2nd Robb’s Gleniren For Your Eyes Only Already an accomplished show girl. Beautifully put together. Exemplary presentation. 1 was just a tad more settled when moving but this puppy is also destined for the very top.
3rd Walklett’s Angullyon’s Secret Delight
4th Cox’s Denemore Chasing Elegante Flora at Tricianbri
5th Nash’s Afterglow Gooseberry

Puppy Bitch (7/2a)
1st Magri & Arrowsmith’s Rozamie Madam Reeva Notwithstanding that she has some maturing to do I simply could not take my eyes off her. Full of elegance and refinement and what a stunning outline she produces! Prettiest of heads, super neck and shoulders and on the move she just floated like a vapour. Super textured coat presented in immaculate fashion. My notes say ‘stunning’. BCC, BPB & BPIS
2nd Taylor’s Jorgealin Moon Star at Purepixie Such a sweet expression. At 10 months old another lovely one showing great promise. Really smart on the move making full use of her well constructed front and rear.
3rd Sparke’s Pinkmead Delightful Eve
4th Buckley-Water’s Farthinghall Unico Bella at Sempefidelis
5th Whitehill’s Rozamie Madam Marcelle

Junior Bitch (9/1a)
1st Munn’s Ringlands Treasure Sunshine A really lovely young feminine bitch, her special features is that beautiful headpiece; glorious dark intelligent eyes, fine muzzle and large correctly shaped ears. Coat of pure silk. Fine boned throughout she has a lovely neck, shoulders and body. Moved accurately. At 13 months she is, at times, a little apprehensive but once mature she is one to watch.
2nd Maskell’s Sarahmah Mayan Daydream Kazkell Tri. Ticks many boxes for breed type. Another with beautiful eyes. Great ribs, top line and tail setting. Moved a tad untidy coming back to me. Handled to perfection.
3rd Osborne’s Tykkydewas Peaches ‘n’ Cream
4th Stanbury’s Inixia Hot Stuff
5th Orchard’s Semicvetik Dayana Divine Panspayon

Yearling Bitch (4/1a)
1st Stanbury’s Inixia The Bees Knees Head sufficiently rounded between large firm but fine ears, well fringed. Good dentition. At 13 months maturing nicely. Moved OK
2nd Wells & Brown’s Metamorphic Fantasy Appealing head qualities, just a tad shorter in leg than 1 but moved really well. Presented in excellent condition.
3rd Miller’s Feorlig Viva La Vida

Novice Bitch (6/ 1WD)
1st Cox’s Tricianbri Tuppence A Kiss
2nd Maskell’s Sarahman Mayan Daydream Kazkell
3rd Bradford’s Wild Child
4th Cox’s Denemore Chasing Elegante Flora at Tricianbri
5th Hart’s Fathinghall Lucy Locket

Graduate Bitch (6)
1st Waller & Maskell’s Kazkell Theme For A Dream For Lilnrose JW This very smart feminine 16 month old Tri has a lot to like. Coat of correct texture lying close to body. Appealing head, ears with lovely fringing to enhance. Happy disposition. Hare like feet. Moved with a light footfall.
2nd Osborne’s Tykkydewas Peaches ‘n’ Cream Well balanced and of appealing disposition. Balanced head. Not quite the secure movement of 1.
3rd Geary’s Taliesyn Love In The Mist
4th Orchard’s Panspayon April Wishes
5th Walklett’s Angullyon Molly Candyblaze

Post Graduate Bitch (6/3a)
1st Orchard’s Ringland Yoko’s Solo at Panspayon 23 month old. Lovely head on a moderate length of neck as required. Secure top line. High set tail held correctly. Super front assembly assisted free accurate movement.
2nd Geary’s Taliesyn Travellers Joy B/W coat well presented. 2 years old. Correct body proportions assisted a balanced profile. Not quite the fine muzzle of 1. Stylish mover.
3rd Hart’s Farthinghall Kit ‘n’ Kaboodle

Limit Bitch (8/2a)
1st Miller’s Rozamie Kisses at Midmight at Feorlig JW IrJCh Such a quality r/s/w bitch. Well ribbed and in fabulous coat. Pleasing head attributes and well feathered ears to frame. Moved with determination and accuracy. A serious contender in the challenge.
2nd Borg’s Petress Dark and Daring JW Text book head qualities. Large ears heavily fringed enhanced such a wonderful expression. Balanced length of neck and body. This beautifully proportioned, ultra feminine bitch seriously challenged 1. She just insisted on standing untidily in front which made the difference.
3rd Munn’s Ringlands Saffron Lace
4th Buckley-Water’s Metamorphic Opal at Sempefidelis
5th Hart’s Farthinghall Lucy Lockett

Open Bitch (3)
1st Maskell’s Kazkell Just A Dreamer JW A really impressive bitch to examine; everything is in the right place. Secure hindquarters, lovely neck and shoulders all contributed to her free and accurate movement. Exemplary showgirl and handled to perfection.
2nd Orchard’s Panspayon Xoe Slightly heavier all through than 1 but being of an ideal size. Large ears used to advantage. Ideal length of rib and loin. Super mover, particularly her rear drive.
3rd Nash’s Ookiimimi Just Imagine

Special Open Phalene Bitch
1st Sparke’s Pinkmead Delightful Eve Appropriate name as she is indeed delightful. 3rd in an extremely strong puppy class. Her ears adequately represent the requirement of a Phalane. Fine boned and dainty, she moved beautifully for one so young and I thought she went a lot better in this class than previously. BFB
2nd Sparke’s Rayol Seunta for Pinkmead A Veteran bitch presented in fabulous condition with full dentition. Appealed in head qualities and in full coat. Moved really well.
3rd Morrell & Teague’s Ch Temelora Forset Nymph
4th Pearch’s Pinkmead Lola the Showgirl for Alnessaden

Veteran Bitch
1st Geary’s Rayol Lotus Blossom Absolutely amazing 12 ½ year old (I asked the age twice!). Beautifully balanced head with such bright sparkling eyes giving such appeal. Ideal length of neck. Fabulous fine hare like feet with furnishings, well set tail held correctly. Moved so freely and so happy with it – Incredible! BVB
2nd Sparke’s Rayol Seunta for Pinkmead
3rd Maskell’s Kazkell Velvet Dream
4th Wells & Brown’s Powdermill Look With Me at Metamorphic
5th Pearch’s Pinkmead Lola The Showgirl for Alnessaden

Special Award Classes Judge: Alex Forth (Omegaville)

JHA 6-11 (5/1a)
1st Isabella Cox Best Junior Handler
2nd Cerys Osborne
3rd Kara Mason
4th Bethany Osborne0

JHA 12-16 (3/3a)