South Wales Kennel Association Championship Show 2003

10 July 2003
Judge – Mr N Bates

Best of Breed: Ch Pinelan Amaryllis
Best Puppy:

Dog CC: Gleniren Golden Icon
Res.Dog CC: Ch Genevieves Flirtie Bertie JW
Bitch CC: Ch Pinelan Amaryllis
Res.Bitch CC: Barj Maisie May

Minor Puppy Dog
1st: Inixia Dream’s Magic
2nd: Burghbridge Golden Voyager
3rd: Glasafon Pure Magic

Puppy Dog
1st: : Shamal Morris Dancer
2nd: Sunshoo Ima Believe I Can Fly
3rd: Kingshaven Tom Foolery

Junior Dog
1st: Shamal Fable Of Alcala
2nd: Tijuana Melody Maker
3rd: Lorah’s Sharp Shooter With Claretta

Graduate Dog
1st: Amicae Star Charm At Kingshaven
2nd: Shevarl Sea Spirit
3rd: Glasafon Mccallum

Post Graduate Dog
1st: Gleniren Golden Icon
2nd: Pinelan Dream Come True
3rd: Glasafon Welsh Gold At Cordonrouge

Limit Dog
1st: Burghbridge Ur Classic Gold
2nd: Inixia So Be It For Elendil
3rd: Havenbar Magic Moon

Open Dog
1st: Ch Genevieves Flirtie Bertie JW
2nd: Kazkell Tai Chi
3rd: Feorlig Total Eclipse Over Upfield

Minor Puppy Bitch
1st: Briber Dancing Queen Of Beausher
2nd: Cordonrouge Cameo
3rd: Leevick Lady Ila

Puppy Bitch
1st: Genendale Glint Of Gold
2nd: Brontigaer By Chance
3rd: Good Luck Charm Of Glasafon

Junior Bitch
1st: Tijuana She’s No Angel
2nd: Lindendale Lass
3rd: Cordonrouge Ciara

Graduate Bitch
1st: Cendals Bewitching Lady
2nd: Geanzger Butterfly Melody Of Beausher

Post Graduate Bitch
1st: Barj Maisie May
2nd: Burghbridge Temair For Temelora
3rd: Cendals Bewitching Lady

Limit Bitch
1st: Ch Pinelan Amaryllis
2nd: Melangel Cari-Ann at Tijuana
3rd: Shazzabars Petite Danseuse

Open Bitch
1st: Serenglade Saffriesa For Temelora
2nd: Ch Burghbridge Our Princess