South Wales Papillon Club Championship Show 2004

3 October 2004

Judge – Mr F Yeoh

Best in Show: Ir Ch Serenglade Gold Sovereign
Best Puppy in Show: Gleniren Scarlet Signing to Sunshoo
Best Junior Handler: Sophie Langdon

Dog CC: Ir Ch Serenglade Gold Sovereign
Res. Dog CC: Snowlord High Society for Temelora
Bitch CC: Serenglade Enchanted Lady for Temelora
Res. Bitch CC: Gleniren Scarlet Signing to Sunshoo

Class 1 Minor Puppy Dog
1st Inixia Wily Willum
2nd Glasafon Succession
3rd Barj Barnum Fudge
Res Havenbar Dashing Dandy
VHC Alnessaden Baron Enry Ard Up

Class 2 Puppy Dog
1st Inixia Gigalo
2nd Serenglade White Lighting
3rd Sharjoy Dream of Destiny
Res Red Bequest Ur Ringlands

Class 3 Junior Dog
1st Tykkydewas Master Darcy
2nd Inixia Artful Adam
3rd Beverston Hope & Glory
Res Barleybright Moustache
VHC Beverston Admiral Gizmo

Class 4 Special Yearling Dog
1st Rayol Aristotles
2nd Barleybright Moustache
3rd Beverston Admiral Gizmo
Res Kazkell Dillons Dream

Class 5 Novice Dog
1st Gleniren Premier League
2nd Paulinka Pierre
3rd Rayol Aristotles

Class 6 Graduate Dog
1st Inixia Know All
2nd Ringlands Golden Image
3rd Kazkell Definatly Dream
Res Beverston Admiral Gizmo
VHC Panspayon Tuti Fruiti at Shamal

Class 7 Post Graduate Dog
1st Glasafon Pure Magic
2nd Jhankia Royal Highlander JW
3rd Serenglade Wings of Victory at Inixia
Res Barj Whistling Dixie
VHC Havenbar Magic Moon

Class 8 Limit Dog
1st Snowlord High Society for Temelora
2nd Juara the Bosun
3rd Inixia Dreams Magic
Res Tykkydewas Rowanberry JW
VHC Inixia Troysdale Time Traveller

Class 9 Open Dog
1st Ir Ch Serenglade Gold Sovereign
2nd Temelora Wallace
3rd Shamal Fable of Alcala
Res Gleniren Scarlet Monogram
VHC Inixia French Resistance JW

Class 10 Special Open Phalene Dog
1st Melbentam Shamal Cracker Jack

Class 11 Veteran Dog
1st Ch Inixia Wily Walter
2nd Ch Alcala Ringleader
3rd Lordsrake Xeus of Cheryldene

Class 12 Minor Puppy Bitch
1st Amicae Hidden Chance
2nd Sunshoo Imascarlet Rumour
3rd Inixia Fancy That
Res Amicae Star Time
VHC Melangel Heavenly Hannah

Class 13 Puppy Bitch
1st Gleniren Scarlet Signature
2nd Barj Barnum Crystal
3rd Ardbeck Sugar Plum
Res Bowsons Bella Bella of Juara
VHC Frasermar Ice Queen

Class 14 Junior Bitch
1st Austrene Once upon a Star
2nd Alwenil Skips Jewel
3rd Rayol Circle
Res Havenbar Little Gemma
VHC Hilltribe Nutmeg

Class 15 Special Yearling Bitch
1st Jhankia Dauthine for Inixia

Class 16 Novice Bitch
1st Gleniren Scarlet Signing to Sunshoo
2nd Cofton Flyte of Fancy to Inixia
3rd Serenglade Showtime
Res Golygfamor Tinkerbelle

Class 17 Graduate Bitch
1st Golygfamor Gypsy
2nd Serenglade That’s Amore for Alnessaden

Class 18 Post Graduate Bitch
1st Serenglade Shadow Dancer for Temelora
2nd Christea Painted Lady
3rd Cheryldene Xclusive
Res Inixia Party Poppet
VHC Melangel Georgie Girl

Class 19 Limit Bitch
1st Jhanakia Highland Breeze
2nd Inixia Mademoiselle Viollette
3rd Inixia Madeline Avec Panspayon
Res Kingshaven Quest for Life
VHC Cheryldene xcuisite Gem

Class 20 Open Bitch
1st Serenglade Enchanted Lady for Temelora
2nd Glasafon Wild Mint
3rd Tykkedewas Twylyteploka to Inixia
Res Bonifee lady Penelope of Tykkedewas
VHC Frasermar Ice Maiden

Class 21 Special Open Dog or Bitch bred or resident in Wales
1st Golygfamor Iciena Maiden
2nd Beverston Admiral Gizmo
3rd Pilipas Blue Danube
Res Golygfamor Tinkerbelle

Class 22 Special Open Phalene Bitch
1st Rayol Aisling

Class 23 Veteran Bitch
1st Simply Sofia at Serenglade
2nd Wingars Current Asset
3rd Kazkell Day Dream

Class 24 Special Open Breeders Stakes
1st Inixia
2nd Tykkedewas
3rd Golygfamor

Junior Handling 6-11 years
1st Abbie Gomez
2nd Francesca McWade
3rd Megan Eaton
Res Beth Holmes
VHC Rebecca Thampson and Phillipa Zambas

Junior Handling 12-16 years
1st Sophie Langdon
2nd Jamie Zambas