South Wales Papillon Club Championship Show 2005

02 October 2005
Judge: Mr P Shirley (Cordonrouge) & Miss V Loader (Junior Handling)

Best JH Rebecca Thompson

DCC Ch Caswell Classic Tri
RDCC Shamal Rum Punch
BCC Christea Midnight Rose for Skyvana
RBCC Gleniren Starlight Kisses

Minor Puppy Dog (7 Entries, 1 absent)
1st Harlesdyke Bobby Dazler (Mrs L Duggan)
2nd Kingshaven Wonder Man (Mr R & Mrs J Banfield)
3rd Frasermar Jack Frost (Mr F & Mrs M Comrie)
Res Roshelle Roulette (Mrs S Drew)
VHC Panspayon Atlantis (Miss S Orchard)

Puppy Dog (6 Entries, 2 absent)
1st Shamal Just Right (Mrs J Casey)
2nd Inixia Time Out (Mrs S Stanbury)
3rd Temelora Just Magic (Morrell & Teague)
Res Shamel Topaz (D & H Malcolm)

Junior Dog (7 Entries,1 absent)
1st Roshelle Star of The Glen (Mrs S Drew)
2nd Inixia Time Bomb (Mrs S Stanbury)
3rd Temelora Storm Petrel (Morrell & Teague)
Res Espanlda Blanco Melangel (Mrs M & Misses B & J Mann)
VHC Creliatown Kings Ransom (Mrs K Tidmarsh)

Special Yearling Dog (5 Entries, 0 absent)
1st Inixia Wily Willum ( Mrs S Stanbury)
2nd Temelora Storm Petrel (Morrell & Teague)
3rd Inixia Rags to Riches ( Unwin & Stanbury)
Res Harlesyke Wishes Come True at Swifthocks ( Miss L Hine)
VHC Creliatown Dancing Flame (Mrs K Tidmarsh)

Novice Dog (7 Entries)
1st Temelora Storm Petrel (Morrell & Teague)
2nd Panspayon Wota Todo at Inixia (Stanbury & Spencer)
3rd Sharjoy Regency Buck (Mrs J Finlayson)
Res Temelora Oliver Twist at Shirando (Mrs S Colyer)
VHC Elendil Tobermory (Mrs A & Miss C Borg)

Graduate Dog (9 Entries, 2 absent)
1st Volpecula Vanity’s Mirror (Mrs E Patrick)
2nd Serenglade Admiral at Cattellindo (Mrs L Cottle)
3rd Inixia Gigolo (Unwin & Stanbury)
Res Inixia Crown Jewel (Mrs S Stanbury)
VHC Jaroma The Highlander (J & P Robins)

Post Graduate Dog (10 Entries, 1 absent)
1st Golygfamor Dawn Spirit (Mrs J & Ms S Wheeler)
2nd Lorah’s Sharp Shooter with Claretta (Mrs R Wood-Davis)
3rd Sharjoy Dream of Destiny (Mrs J Finlayson)
Res Lafay Hibernian Prince (Foynes & May)
VHC Inixia Artful Adrian (Mrs S Stanbury)

Limit Dog (13 Entries, 1 absent)
1st Shamal Rum Punch (Mrs J Casey)
2nd Bodebi Ray of Success at Lafford (Miss C Lee)
3rd Caswell Take a Chance (Mrs J Scovell)
Res Inixia Troysdale Time Traveller (Mrs S Stanbury)
VHC Inixia Dreams Magic (Unwin & Stanbury)

Open Dog (14 Entries, 2 absent)
1st Ch Caswell Classic Tri (Mrs J Scovell)
2nd Frasermar Blizzard ( Comrie & Whitehill)
3rd Temelora Wallace (Morrell & Teague)
Res Serenglade Wings Of Victory for Inixia (Orchard & Stanbury)
VHC Jhanakia Oliver’s Story (Thompson & Austin)

Veteran Dog (3 Entries, 0 absent)
1st Ch Alcala Ringleader (Mrs P Peacock)
2nd Nelbon Elusive Wish for Spinillons (Mrs J Davidson-Poston)
3rd Shamal Mistique (Mr & Mrs P Hancocks)

Special Open Dog Phalene (2 Entry)
1st Temelora Soul Mate (Morrell & Teague)

Special Dog/Bitch Bred or Resident in Wales (8 Entries, 4 absent)
1st Glasafon Pure Magic SHcm (M & P Dembiniok )
2nd Golygfamor Iciena Maiden (Ms S Wheeler)
3rd Golygfamor Tinkerbelle ( Hawkins & Wheeler)
Res Beverston Admiral Gizmo (Mr D Osborne)

Minor Puppy Bitch (10 Entries, 4 absent)
1st Jujohn Rose Marie of Shalander (Mrs M Melvin)
2nd Harlesdyke Ruby Teardrop (Mrs L Duggan)
3rd Frasermar Snowbird (Mr F & Mrs M Comrie)
Res Kingshaven Pinelan Cleopatra (Mr R & Mrs J Banfield)
VHC Daisey Chain Pipper of Juara ( Mrs J Gummer)

Puppy Bitch (14 Entries, 3 absent)
1st Glasafon Winter Magic of Swifthocks (Miss L Hine)
2nd Lorah’s Step in Time (Mrs C Allward-Chebsey
3rd Inixia In Time (Mrs S Stanbury)
Res Amicae Do It (Mrs M Whitehill)
VHC Wish Upon A Star over Tricianbri (B & P Cox)

Junior Bitch (18 Entries, 4 absent)
1st Glenriens Starlight Kisses (Mr G & Mrs I Robb)
2nd Jaroma Highland Whisper at Jhankia (Thompson & Austin)
3rd Shamals Sweet Surprise for Alcala (Mrs P Peacock)
Res Tricianbri Gin Fizz Ringlands (Farrell & Munn)
VHC Harriet Victoria Melangel (Mrs M & Misses B & J Mann)

Special Yearling Bitch (3 Entries, 1 absent)
1st Graycaz All that Glitters of Gladwill (Mr & Mrs G Fitch)
2nd Kazim Mountain Maid (Mr & Mrs N Clayton)

Novice Bitch (10 Entries, 1 absent)
1st Elendil Dark Opal (Mrs A & Ms E Borg)
2nd Farleysbane Rowetta (Victor & Mclaughlin)
3rd Jujohn Rose Marie of Shalander (Mrs M Melvin)
Res Tricianbri Ani Sette (B & P Cox)
VHC Christea Madam Butterfly ( Mrs C Coffey)

Graduate Bitch (8 Entries, 1 absent)
1st Sharjoy Melting Moment (Mrs J Finlayson)
2nd Christea Madam Buterfly ( Mrs C Coffey)
3rd Bodebi Successive Jean (J & G Turner)
Res Serenglade Scarlet Ribbon from Cattellindo (Mrs L Cottle)
VHC Jujohn Rosita Patch at Baylentide ( Mrs D Welsh)

Post Graduate Bitch (17 Entries, 4 absent)
1st Lorah’s Wild is the Wind (Mrs C Allward-Chebsey)
2nd Sharjoy Tanzany Lady at Lafay (Foynes & May)
3rd Tijuana She’s No Angel (Mrs A & Miss E Borg)
Res Bowsons Bella bela of Juara ( Mrs J Gummer)
VHC Ardbeck Sugar Plum ( Mrs B Butler)

Limit Bitch (14 Entries, 4 absent)
1st Frasermar Ice Queen (Mr F & Mrs M Comrie)
2nd Lucindale Ahoy Titoyti of Aristopaps (Mr & Mrs K Butler)
3rd Jaroma of the Glen JW (J & P Robins)
Res Golyfamor Iciena Maiden (Ms S Wheeler)
VHC Creliatown Golden Treasure (Mrs K Tidmarsh)

Open Bitch (15 Entries, 5 absent)
1st Christea Midnight Rose for Skyvana (Miss S Langdon)
2nd Ch Glenrien Scarlet Signature (Mr G & Mrs I Robb)
3rd Lucindale Forget me not of Aristopaps (Mr & Mrs K Butler)
Res Baladora Pretty Remarkable of Ibstock (Mr & Mrs D Ayris)
VHC Jhanakia Highland Breeze (Thompson & Austin)

Veteran Bitch (4 Entries, 1 absent)
1st Ch Caswell Coppatina (Mrs J Scovell)
2nd Shalandar Tinkerbelle (Mrs M Melvin)
3rd Kazim April Morning (Mrs D Welsh)

Special Phalene Dog or Bitch (3 Entries, 1 absent)
1st Ch Serenglade Satanya for Temelora (Morrell & Teague)
2nd Serenglade Scarlet Ribbon from Cattelindo (Mrs L Cottle)

Special Open Breeders Stakes (4 Entries, 2 absent)
1st Inixia
2nd Golygfamor

Special Best Fringes in Show
1st Creliatown Bakers Tri (Mrs K Tidmarsh)
2nd Inixia Wily Willum (Mrs S Stanbury)
3rd Panspayon Pandemonium (Miss S Orchard)

JUNIOR HANDLING – Judge Miss V Loader

6-11 Years
1st Rebecca Thompson
2nd Beth Holmes
3rd Reece Hine

12-16 Years
1st Amy Mason
2nd Francesca Mc Wade
3rd Kimberley Mc Evansoney