South Wales Papillon Club Open Show 2000

1st April 2000
Judge – Mrs C Allward-Chebsey (Lorah’s)

Best in Show: Ch Serenglade Sreena for Shamal
Best Puppy in Show: Inixia Jack The Lad
Best Veteran in Show: Ch Serenglade Sreena for Shamal

Res.Best in Show: Claretta Simply Magic
Best Opposite Sex: Serenglade Setanta for Temelora

Best Dog : Serenglade Setanta for Temelora
Res.Best Dog : Serenglade San Vitalia
Best Puppy Dog: Inixia Jack The Lad
Best Bitch : Ch Serenglade Sreena for Shamal
Res.Best Bitch : Claretta Simply Magic
Best Puppy Bitch: Rossacre Valentina At Shamal

Minor Puppy Dog (4)
1st: Inixia Jack The Lad
2nd: Serenglade Solomon
3rd: Inixia So It Be
Res: Ringlands Sable Simon

Puppy Dog (7)
1st: Kingshaven Queam Quackers at Gleniren
2nd: Shama; Ravel
3rd: Inixia Fun and Games
Res: Tykkdewas Twylytedancer
VHC: Abbeyton Silver Phantom

Junior Dog (4)
1st: Glasafon Gentleman John for Sempefidelis
2nd: Golygfamor Leighton
3rd: Inixia Hugo’s There
Res: Inixia Sweet Charmer

Special Yearling Dog (3)
1st: Tykkdewas Twylytedancer
2nd: Ardbeck Antonio
3rd: Juara Lord Nelson

Novice Dog (1)
1st: Tykkdewas Twylytedancer

Graduate Dog (5)
1st: Silverbrook Likely Story
2nd: Tussalud Bedtime Story at Silverbrook
3rd: Apogee Alexis
Res: Burbridge Our Ryanie
VHC: Kingshaven Pickles

Post Graduate Dog (4)
1st: Serenglade Setanta for Temelora
2nd: Kingshaven Mr Muffin
3rd: Tonring Boogie Woogie
Res: Pinelan Alpine Snow

Limit Dog (5)
1st: Serenglade San Vitalia
2nd: Kazell Tai Chi
3rd: Claretta Just William
Res: Tykkdewas Tobias
VHC: Miget Ringo At Ardbeck

Open Dog (3)
1st: Glasafon Royal Welsh
2nd: Ch Serenglade Sebastian at Temelora
3rd: Inixia Wily Walter

Veteran Dog (3)
1st: Ch Inixia Artful Andrew
2nd: Bluejays My Little Shadow
3rd: Bluejays Askim

Minor Puppy Bitch (6)
1st: Alcala Kaye Sera
2nd: Inixia Roseanna
3rd: Serenglade Saffriesa
Res: Kingshaven Quest for Life
VHC: Farfalla Dynasty

Puppy Bitch (10)
1st: Rossacre Valentina at Shamal
2nd: Elendil Primrose
3rd: Melangel Carrianne
Res: Tonring Sweet Surrender
VHC: Tykkydewas Tallulah

Junior Bitch (6)
1st: Inixia Feme Fatale
2nd: Elendil Peri
3rd: Barj Rumba Royale
Res: Silverbrook Gypsy Lady
VHC: Inixia Sweet Destiny of Apogee

Special Yearling Bitch (6)
1st: Alcala Juliet
2nd: Inixia Courtesan
3rd: Tykkydewas Tallulah
Res: Juara Cleopatra
VHC: Lordsrake Zara of Cendal

Novice Bitch (4)
1st: Claretta Simply Magic
2nd: Tykkydewas Tallulah
3rd: Inixia Paulette
Res: Apogee Bolo Print

Graduate Bitch (0)

Post Graduate Bitch (3)
1st: Claretta Magic Charmer
2nd: Syb Ella at Tykkydewas
3rd: Serenglade Sidonna of Juara

Limit Bitch (2)
1st: Shamal Miss Behave
2nd: Serenglade Sitara at Brontigaer

Open Bitch (3)
1st: Tykkydewas Taffeta
2nd: Glasafon Sea Breeze
3rd: Serenglade Soraya at Shamal

Veteran Bitch (7)
1st: Ch Serenglade Sreena for Shamal
2nd: Simply Sophia at Serenglade
3rd: Claretta Dainty Bella Marie
Res: Ch Serenglade Seraphim
VHC: Bluejays Black Opel

Junior Handling 6-11 Years (3)
1st: Emma McLaughlin
2nd: Jamie Zambas:
3rd: Beth Holmes:

Junior Handling 12-16 Years (1)
1st: Amy Holmes