South Wales Papillon Club Open Show 2019

7th April 2019

Judge: Mrs Michelle Osborne (Tykkydewas)

I would like to thank the members and committee of South Wales Papillon Club for the opportunity and honour of judging this year’s open show. I had a thoroughly enjoyable day. A big thank you to all of the exhibitors for entering and being there; the hard work of fellow committee members and my steward Rob for the smooth running of the day. Apologies for taking a little while to present my critique.

The vast majority of the exhibits were beautifully prepared and presented but don’t forget to clean the teeth! (A few incorrect bites) Overall toplines were level, tail carriage and tail lengths could be improved. Movement was variable with one or two throwing fronts too high in profile. From the front and rear the correct parallel movement was not always apparent! It is so difficult to strike a happy medium between breed type, size and sound movement but it is possible.

Best in Show: Langdon’s Skyvana Tom Thumb Sarasha JW
Res. Best in Show: Boughton & Stanbury’s Inixia Follower of Fashion
Best Opposite Sex: Orchard’s Ringland Yoko’s Solo of Panspayon Sh. C.M.
Best Puppy in Show: Langdon’s Skyvana Xpose
Res. Best Puppy in Show: Marsden’s Finity Rewrite the Stars
Best Minor Puppy in Show: Marsden’s homebred Finity Rewrite the Stars
Best Veteran in Show: Stanbury’s Inixia Delightful Dan
Best Phalene in Show: Sparkes b/w Pinkmead Delightful Eve

Best Dog: Langdon’s Skyvana Tom Thumb Sarasha JW
Res. Best Dog: Boughton & Stanbury’s Inixia Follower of Fashion
Best Puppy Dog: Marsden’s homebred Finity Rewrite the Stars
Best Veteran Dog: Stanbury’s Inixia Delightful Dan
Best Phalene Dog: Sparke’s Pinkmead Twistin Time

Best Bitch: Orchard’s Ringland Yoko’s Solo of Panspayon Sh. C.M.
Res. Best Bitch: Munn’s Ringlands Treasure Sunshine
Best Puppy Bitch: Langdon’s Skyvana Xpose
Res. Best Puppy Bitch: Langdon’s Skyvana X Factor
Best Minor Puppy Bitch: Snell’s Frason Eva the Diva
Best Veteran Bitch: Sparke’s Pinkmead New Year’s Eve
Best Phalene Bitch: Sparkes b/w Pinkmead Delightful Eve

Minor Puppy Dog (3)
1st Marsden’s homebred Finity Rewrite the Stars, just over 6 months, tri with correct head proportions; a wide earspan with promise of fringes. Good reach of neck. Correct coat. Moved well in profile covering the ground neatly, although would prefer straighter front movement; correctly shaped feet. Just a little tall on leg proportionate to body length. RBPIS, BMPIS, BMPD
2nd Snell’s homebred Frason King of Hearts, just over 6 months, r/w with lovely dark eye; stop not as defined as I would like. Correct rounded tips to large ears, however carried at incorrect angle (too upright). Little to choose between movement of 1 and 2.

Puppy Dog (0)

Junior Dog (5, 3 Ab)
1st Brown’s Zoloto Lucky Winner Exhilaro, 14 months old, tri with symmetrical head markings, dark eye, correct earspan. Level topline. Movement in profile and front correct, but toed in at the rear.
2nd Woodcock’s homebred Peakfield’s Apollo 15 months old, b/w with a beautiful classic head. Exceptionally dark eye with melting expression, incorrect bite. Correct silky coat. Unfortunately movement lets him down.

Yearling Dog (4, 1 Ab)
1st Ockenden’s Ringlands Oliver Twist 18 months old, r/s/w with black mask, beautifully presented. Ears well furnished with correct head proportions, would prefer a darker eye. Lovely reach of neck. Good length of tail itself. Correct hare shaped feet. Stood and moved very well which was improved on a loose lead.
2nd Stanbury’s homebred Inixia Ever Ready Eddie Sh CM, 21 months old, lovely rich r/w with correct head proportions, evenly marked and wide earspan with rounded tips. Movement correct in profile and in front. Correct tail carriage. Didn’t stand and show himself well today.

Novice Dog (1, 1 Ab)

Graduate Dog (4, 1 Ab)
1st Ockenden’s Ringlands Oliver Twist as 1 in YD
2nd Stanbury’s Inixia Fine Fella b/w of 2 ½ yrs, handled by Kara Mason. Has a classic look to his head, a dark eye, lovely span of ear around a wider blaze. Correct tail carriage, level topline, just preferred movement of 1.

Post Graduate Dog (3)
1st Cox’s Amicae Moonshine for Temelora, daintier tri 4 yrs, good earspan with rounded tips. Correct head proportions, would prefer a darker eye. Level topline, correct tail carriage and hare feet. Stood and moved well.
2nd Brown & Stanbury’s Inixia Fully Charged, dark r/s/w 21 months old, beautifully presented with even face markings. Large rounded tipped ears unfortunately carried a little low around correctly shaped head with dark eyes.

Limit Dog (5, 2 Ab)
1st Boughton & Stanbury’s Inixia Follower of Fashion, striking, exhuberant b/w of 2½ yrs. who moves soundly and correctly. Good tail carriage which adds to a balanced outline. Good reach of neck. Lovely span of ear around correctly shaped skull with dark eyes. Would prefer a slightly shorter muzzle. Correctly shaped hare feet. RBIS, RBD.
2nd Langdon’s homebred Skyvana Van Helsing, daintier r/s/w, just over 18 months, who stood beautifully. Correct silky coat. Correctly shaped head, however not as dark in eye as 1. Also preferred tail carriage of 1. Good reach of neck.

Open Dog (3, 1 Ab)
1st Langdon’s homebred Skyvana Tom Thumb Sarasha JW dark s/w almost tri of nearly 3 y.o. Full of character with a melting expression, stunning. Correct head proportions with correctly placed ears dripping in fringes, followed through with desirable silky coat lying flat to the body. Lovely reach of neck, so elegant, level topline, correct hare shaped feet. Moved so soundly, almost floating and stood with a leg at each corner. BIS, BD.
2nd Melvin’s Ringland Sunshines Story at Shalandar, clear r/w of just over 3 ½ years. Dark eye, a little heavy in head but a lovely span of ear. Correct shape in profile. Unfortunately not moving well today.

Veteran Dog (1)
1st Stanbury’s homebred Inixia Delightful Dan 9 y.o. r/s/w full of character & energy. Correct balanced shape in profile, with excellent head proportions, earspan & dark eye. Good length of tail carried well. Sound moving with correctly shaped feet. Just a bit out of coat today. BVIS, BVD.

Special Open Phalene Dog (2)
1st Sparke’s homebred Pinkmead Twistin Time, 3 ½y.o. r/s/w, moved soundly, beautiful ears and good length of fringes. Just a little long in body. Tail carried well. B Ph.D
2nd Sparke’s homebred Pinkmead Timothy Twirl b/w 5y.o., finer than 1 with better head proprtions. Moved well, preferred stance and tail carriage of 1 when stood.

Special Dog born/resident Wales (1, 1Ab)
1st Stanbury’s Angullyon Trading Secrets with Inixia 3y.o. daintier r/w. Correct proportions in profile and in head. Lovely dark eyes and earspan with rounded tips. Excellent tail carriage. Moved well in profile, excellent front movement, rear movement a little wide.

Minor Puppy Bitch (2)
1st Snell’s homebred Frason Eva the Diva 6 m.o., lovely dark eye, even markings, good large rounded tipped ears being carried at too upright an angle. Head shape may yet improve as stop is lacking today. Moved well in profile, in front a little out at the elbows so movement not parallel. Excellent standing, level topline with correct tail carriage, would prefer more reach of neck. BMPB
2nd Brown’s Fabulous Princess Cheerful Butterfly (imp. Pol.). Almost 7m.o. tri. Pretty but overall size is too small at the moment. Straight front with good movement. Ears correctly placed. Muzzle too small proportionate to head size. Topline not level but correct tail carriage.

Puppy Bitch (2)
1st Langdon’s homebred Skyvana Xpose 9 ½ m.o. b/w with correct head proportions, blaze, and beautiful dark expressive eyes. Level topline, correct tail carriage with lovely reach of neck all contributed to an excellent balanced profile maintained on the move. Movement coming and going excellent. Beautifully shaped feet and stood square with a straight front and hind. BPIS, BPB.
2nd Sellick’s homebred Inixia Annabelle 11m.o. pretty pale r/w, similar in size and type to 1. Correct head proportions with a dark eye. However, front movement is a bit high and rear not parallel.

Junior Bitch (6, 2Ab)
1st Orchard’s homebred almost 15m.o. Panspayon Gold Fever, r/s/w with excellent silky coat and fringes for age. Correct tail carriage, with excellent sound movement. Beautiful expression, to be picky would prefer stronger earspan.
2nd Langdon’s homebred Skyvana X Factor, 9 ½ m.o. b/w, full sister to 1 in PB. Not as confident as 1. Moved soundly. Lovely dark eye, expression and good span of ear. RBPB

Yearling Bitch (3)
1st Orchard’s Panspayon Gold Fever as 1 in JB.
2nd Stanbury’s homebred Inixia Luscious Lucy, 17m.o. dark r/s/w with fantastic head proportions, expression & dark expressive eyes. Lovely earspan with promise of fringes. Level topline, good length of tail carried well. Needs to come into coat.

Novice Bitch (4, 1Ab)
1st Langdon’s Skyvana Xpose as 1 in PB
2nd Munn’s homebred Ringland Timeless Wishes, 1 day out of puppy, dark r/s/w with black mask. Not quite so dark in eye or quite the movement of 1. Lovely rounded tips to large correctly carried ears. Correct tail carriage and flat straight coat. I think that she will improve with confidence as she gets older.

Graduate Bitch 4
1st Munn’s Inixia Polly’s Secret at Ringlands, 17m.o. b/w almost solid headed with sweet expression. Excellent head shape with correct ears enhanced by profuse fringes. Would prefer a darker eye. Elegant with correct conformation, movement, tail carriage and topline. A good length of tail. A good amount of flat silky coat.
2nd Orchard’s Ablazzor Angel of the North at Panspayon JW just over 18m.o. tri with flat silky coat, level topline and correct tail carriage. Moved soundly, needs to stand straighter in front.

Post Graduate Bitch (2, 1Ab)
1st Sparke’s homebred Pinkmead Delightful Eve, b/w 3 ½ y.o. Phalene with correct head proportions and a ‘classic’ look. Would prefer a darker eye. Lovely feet shape, good tail carriage & good reach of neck. Moves soundly. Would prefer straighter front when stood and flatter coat.

Limit Bitch (2, 1Ab)
1st Munn’s homebred Ringlands Treasure Sunshine almost 4y.o. r/s/w. Correct head proportions and wide ear span complemented by a good amount of ear fringes. Would prefer a darker eye. Coat very silky, correct and beautifully presented. Very sound, stands square, with correct shaped feet, tail carriage and lovely reach of neck. RBB

Open Bitch (3)
1st Orchard’s Ringland Yoko’s Solo of Panspayon Sh. C.M. 4y.o. r/s/w with excellent construction (good forechest) and balance in body. Correct head proportions. Would prefer a darker eye. In lovely coat with profuse ear fringes. In profile stands and moves soundly in an excellent shape with correctly shaped feet. BB, BOS.
2nd Cox’s homebred Ch Tricianbri Tuppence a Kiss JW, Sh. C.M. 3y.o. dark mahoghany s/w with very pretty expression. Good reach of neck, profuse ear fringes. Sound in movement with correctly shaped feet. Would prefer flatter coat, a slightly longer body and higher tail carriage.

Veteran Bitch (3, 1Ab)
1st Sparke’s homebred Pinkmead New Year’s Eve, b/w Phalene of almost 9y.o. Level topline with beautiful head, dark eyes, well fringed ears. Good reach of neck, well constructed, would prefer a straighter front when stood. BVB
2nd Munn’s homebred Ch. Ringlands Special Gift 8y.o. dark r/s/w with correct large ears set at correct angle with good fringes. Would prefer a darker eye. Moved soundly but topline not level when stood.

Special Open Phalene Bitch (3)
1st Sparkes homebred b/w Pinkmead Delightful Eve as 1 in PGB. B Ph.I.S, B Ph.B
2nd Sellick’s Pinkmead Firecracker 17m.o. tri. Correct head proportions, good expression and reach of neck. Balanced outline with sound movement. Needs to fill out and mature.

Special Bitch born/resident Wales (1, 1Ab)

Progeny Class (2, 1Ab)
1st Stanbury’s Inixia Saucy Sam