Suffolk Agricultural Association Open Show 2012

07 June 2012
Judge: Miss Leila Tarabad

Best of Breed & TOY GROUP 4: Lilnrose Mistletoe and Wine ShCM
Res. Best of Breed: Lilnrose Devil Woman

Junior (4)
1. Colyer’s Powdermill Touchstone at Shirando. 12 month dog in good coat. Small and fine boned, ribs well sprung, lovely neck and shoulders, good topline and correct tail set. Nice dark eyes, good mouth, nicely fringed ears set correctly and used well. Moved well although the uneven ground, spiky grass and wind didn’t benefit any of the exhibits today and I did take this into consideration.
2. Tidmarsh’s Creliatown Little Beauty
3. Tidmarsh’s Creliatown Trailing Queen

Graduate (3)
1. Waller’s Lilnrose Devil Woman. 2yr b/w bitch. Beautifully presented nicely marked coat. Pretty head with good mouth, correct ear set and round eye that could have been just a fraction darker. Well proportioned body with well sprung ribs, level top line, good rear angulation, ample neck but would have preferred a slightly better lay of shoulder. Moved well when she concentrated maintaining a level top line and correct tail carriage. RBOB.
2. Colyer’s P Touchstone at S
3. Tidmarsh’s Creliatown Dark Eyes

Post Grad (2)
1. Waller’s Lilnrose Travelling Light. 2yr B/W dog litter brother to Devil Woman and built on the same lines. Attractive head with lovely eyes correctly placed, good mouth, defined stop, nicely finished muzzle and good ears. Decent neck and shoulders although his huge coat hides what he has, correctly set on tail carried correctly and sound on the move.
2. Tidmarsh’s Creliatown Glowing Embers

Limit (3)
1. Brooks’ Creliatown White Pixie. 3yr glamourous dog who was schooled to perfection. Nice eyes, ears used all the time, defined stop, good mouth and correct length of muzzle. Good neck and shoulders, straight front, fine boned, level top line and nicely angulated rear. A little too square in outline. Moved ok with nice straight front and parallel rear.
2. Tidmarsh’s Harriarch Sweet Basil For Creliatown 3. Colyer’s Temelora Sun Shadow Over Shirando

Open (4)
1. Waller’s Lilnrose Mistletoe and Wine ShCM. 3year beautifully presented B/W dog (as were all from this kennel). Well proportioned head with correct skull shape, earset, dark eyes, good mouth and dark pigment. Lovely reach of neck, good shoulder placement, level topline, high set tail and nicely angulated rear. He has a very well balanced outline and a moved with style and purpose around the ring. An easy choice for BOB. Group4.
2. Colyer’s & Stanbury’s Inixia Miracle In Time For Shirando 3. Brooks’ Brontigaer Orlando ShCM