Three Counties Championship Show 2007

14 June 2007
Judge: Mr T Mather

BOB & Group 4: Ch Caswell Classic Tri
BP: Inixia Pure Fantasy
DCC: Ch Caswell Classic Tri
RDCC: Inixia Dreams Magic
BCC: Ringlands Kenmill To Poppytime
RBCC: Ch Wish Upon A Star Over Tricianbri SH.CM

Minor Puppy Dog
1st Cooper’s Ringlands Eternal Flame At Ancojo
2nd Stanbury & Unwin’s Inixia Touched By Magic TAF
3rd Whitehall’s Travelling By Moonlight To Amicae

Puppy Dog
1st Borg’s Elendil Berengar
2nd Munn & Farrell’s Charlie Of Asti At Bluejays
3rd Sanders’ Sandtait Golden Boy

Junior Dog
1st Whitehill’s Frasermar Lost For Words At Martika
2nd Morrell & Teague’s Temelora Sun Shadow
3rd Foote’s Southanning Kiss Me Quick

Post Graduate Dog
1st Munn’s Feorlig Moonlight Shadow At Ringlands
2nd Borg’s Elendil Treasure Seeker
3rd Raper & Maskell’s Kazkell Tetley’s Dream

Limit Dog
1st Turner’s Bodebi Rhythm Is A Dancer
2nd Stanbury’s Inixia Crown Jewel
3rd Osborne’s Tykkydewas Masterdarcy

Open Dog
1st Scovell’s Ch Caswell Classic Tri
2nd Stanbury & Unwin’s Inixia Dreams Magic
3rd Stanbury’s Inixia Wily Willum JW SH.CM

Minor Puppy Bitch
1st Miller’s Feorlig Unforgetable Ella
2nd Cooper’s Barley Bright Storyline Of Ringlands
3rd Leiper’s Joneca First Love

Puppy Bitch
1st Stanbury’s Inixia Dark Crystal
2nd Borg’s Elendil Solveig

Junior Bitch
1st Magri’s Frasermar Fairy Tale Of Rozamie
2nd Stanbury’s Inixia Pure Fantasy
3rd Cooper’s Temelora Shad0wmoon At Ancojo

Post Graduate Bitch
1st Cox’s Tricianbri Ani Sette
2nd Robb’s Gleniren Juniper Starmaker Sunshoo
3rd Osborne’s Tykkydewas Lady Rowsa

Limit Bitch
1st Miller’s Feorlig Midnight In Georgia JW
2nd Lee’s Matura My Precious
3rd Roe’s Sunshoo Imakool Kat Gleniren

Open Bitch
1st Munn’s Ringlands Kenmill To Poppytime
2nd Cox’s Ch Wish Upon A Star Over Tricianbri SH.CM
3rd Broadhurst’s Temelora Tianna At Thistlemist