UK Toydog Society Championship Show 2019

30th March 2019

Papillon Judge: Sophie Langdon
Best in Show Judge: Jill Peak

I would like to thank all the exhibitors who showed under me I was thrilled with the large entry and honoured to have such lovely dogs to judge. I feel that it is worth mentioning that although Papillons can be hard work to maintain their beautiful coats, there were multiple dogs with large mats on the tops of their ears. With all the work and money we spend to attend shows it is something to consider just to keep an eye on the grooming aspect as really it is essential to ensure the dogs are knot free not only for presentation but for their own benefit as well.
Sophie Langdon

BEST OF BREED : (BOUGHTON Mrs A & STANBURY Mrs S) Inixia Follower Of Fashion
Best Puppy & BEST PUPPY IN SHOW: (LEE-SLATER, Mrs C & KEWLEY Mrs C) Magic Sunrise Believe In Me (Imp)
Best Veteran : (ANDERSON Mrs C D) Hilsorg Marks Amelia At Pappretty
Best Special Beginner : (LEE-SLATER, Mrs C & KEWLEY Mrs C) Magic Sunrise Believe In Me (Imp)

Dog CC : (BOUGHTON Mrs A & STANBURY Mrs S) Inixia Follower Of Fashion
Res Dog CC : (MILLER, Miss K F & RYAN Mr E L) Feorlig Smarty Pants JW Sh.CM
Bitch CC : (MILLER, Miss K F & RYAN Mr E L) Feorlig Wake Up Maggie JW Sh.CM
Res Bitch CC : (FULTON Mr K) Milbu Warlock At Kenf (Imp) JW

Class 284 SBD/B (10 Entries Abs: 3)
1st: (MARSDEN Miss H) Panspayon Eye Of The Day Older heavier style built bitch but still manages to show off her elegance. Nice head correctly balanced, good bite, correct front and rear angulation and a nice tail set. She moved with purpose throughout and held her topline at all times. Lovely to see a young handler with a great bond working hard throughout the class.
2nd: (KEOWN Mrs M) Jorgealin Midnight Magic For Kingshaven A lighter framed bitch who overall is very sound and quite flashy to look at. Her head is correctly balanced with a sweet expression. She needs to be moved faster by her handler in order to allow her to show more drive on rear movement.
3rd: (SLATER Mrs L) Baillion Black Obsidian
Res: (DAVIDSON Mrs P) Cintarshe Red Emerald
VHC: (BROWN Mrs L) Zoloto Lucky Winner

Class 285 VD (5 Entries Abs: 1)
1st: (LETCH Miss C) Conysluck Master Pip A lovely veteran showing his true soundness and beautiful movement. He has plenty of coat in good condition and correct to standard. He has a nice head with a sweet expression, correct bite and great pigmentation. His tail set is correct as well as his topline. Lovely to see him still enjoying being shown.
2nd: (FOYNES, Mr A & MAY Mrs C A) Travelling By Moonlight To Amicae Nice sized male with good shape and outline. Good head with correct stop and well set ears. Could benefit from more fringing. Nice straight front with correct hair feet and good depth of chest. Holds his topline level throughout with a well carried tail. Moved well.
3rd: (MALCOLM Mr D & Mrs H) Petitchiens Moonbeam
Res: (THOMPSON, Mrs J & AUSTIN Mrs S) Jhanakia Highland Destiny

Class 286 MPD (8 Entries Abs: 2)
1st: (ROBB Mrs I & Mr G) Gleniren Who’s Your Daddy Another very raw baby only just six months old. He has plenty of fringing coming already and his coat is correct and will come in profusely with maturity I am sure. He moved with good drive throughout and certainly looked like he enjoyed himself. He has a nice outline with a correct tail set I’m sure will do well in the future.
2nd: (SNELL Mrs S) Frason King Of Hearts It was lovely to see a new handler showing a smart little puppy who certainly enjoyed himself! He is a very sound puppy who moved well but needed to settle and this will come with time. He has a nice head, lovely topline, good coat coming through and a sweet gentle expression. He is extremely raw which is lovely as he will grow on slowly and I’m sure will do well in the future.
3rd: (PATRICK Miss E B) Volpecula Fancyfree
Res: (MANN, Mrs M & MANN Misses B & J) Mowlay Lets Boogie To Melangel
VHC: (MARSDEN Miss H) Finity Rewrite The Stars

Class 287 PD (7 Entries Abs: 1)
1st: (THORNTON Mr C & Mrs A) Milbu Ciciobello At Shevid (Imp) Lovely to see both first and second place with great coat and very smart. Well fringed large ears leading onto a good reach of neck and smart topline. He is a smart mover and shows nice front and rear angulation. His coat is coming in well with a good silky texture. With maturity I’m sure he will have a great future.
2nd: (MORRELL Mrs S) Tricianbri Harry Beau For Temelora Another smart male who pushed for first place. Lacking in maturity in comparison to first place but shows potential to swap places easily. Lovely correct tail set, superb topline and correct hare feet. He has a well balanced head, nice dark eye and shows a lovely alert expression.
3rd: (BARTRAM, GREEN, FLETCHER & DA) SILVA Magic Sunrise Brigand With Burghbridge (Imp)
Res: (MANN, Mrs M & MANN Misses B & J) Melangel Everlasting Love
VHC: (WATERS Miss W) Sweetbriar Starbuck

Class 288 JD (11 Entries Abs: 0)
1st: (HILL Mr & Mrs P & J A) Caraideas The Firebird This is a very delicate and elegant male with a beautiful coat and good tail set. Overall he is sound and well balanced and move correctly.
2nd: (MACGREGOR Mrs A B) Sweetbriar The Poser TAF Slightly squarer in shape than first place and smaller less rounded ears. Nice outline and correct depth of chest and well bodied. Moved out well with a good topline and tail carried well over his back. He is lacking in fringing in comparison to first place.
3rd: (THOMPSON, Mrs J & AUSTIN Mrs S) Melangel Highland By Design At Jhanakia
Res: (LEE-SLATER, Mrs C & KEWLEY Mrs C) Magic Sunrise Ace Ventura (Imp)
VHC: (WHITEHILL, Mrs M & URWIN Mrs P) Amicae Timless Dream

Class 289 GD (10 Entries Abs: 2)
1st: (OLOF Ms D) Tarnock Romeo Romeo This lovely male is very flashy and has a fabulous coat. I loved his head and he has a correct tail. He is a great example of a slightly larger male showing how to be truly elegant although well within the standard. He has huge well rounded ears truly resembling a butterfly with such alertness. He is one to watch in the future.
2nd: (BRUCE, Mrs Q A V & BRUCE-JACKSON Mrs A J) Tijuana Mayhem A very nice phalene with a correct head and true earset resembling the moth. He moved very well as expected with his good angulation. His head is correct and balanced and his coat is ample and correct.
3rd: (PHILLIPS Mrs K) Manawyddan Paschal
Res: (LANSON Miss S C) Cantoverde Captain Casper JW Sh.CM
VHC: (RICHARDSON Mr & Mrs A) Ringlands Sunny Tommy Tucker To Belvane

Class 290 PGD (14 Entries Abs: 1)
1st: (STANBURY Mrs S) Inixia Fine Fella This is another male who caught my eye with his lovely outline on the stand. He had a great coat and a super topline with a nice tailset. He moved well although at times maybe enjoyed himself a little too much so just needs to settle a little at times.
2nd: (BROWN, Mrs L & STANBURY Mrs S) Inixia Fully Charged Exhilaro TAF NAF Another nice dog who could very easily swap places with first place. In many ways it was hard to choose between them and especially as this was another super mover. Again this young dog was full of enthusiasm and alerness and certainly made his handler work hard. He is slightly more mature than first but needs to settle on the stand to allow him to show off his true outline.
3rd: (DAVIDSON Mrs P) Johnasta Red Admiral Of Cintarshe
Res: (BRUCE, Mrs Q A V & BRUCE-JACKSON Mrs A J) Tijuana Mischief Maker
VHC: (SLATER Mrs L) Baillion Black Obsidian

Class 291 LD (15 Entries Abs: 0)
1st: (BOUGHTON Mrs A & STANBURY Mrs S) Inixia Follower Of FashionFrom the minute this male came into the ring he caught my eye. He has great angulation which allows super elegant free flowing movement. He has a lovely balanced head with dark eyes and a correct bite. He has ample correct coat giving him that final balance and a lovely correct tail set. Throughout the class he showed a typical papillon temperament, full of energy and making his handler work hard throughout. I was pleased to award him DCC and BOB.
2nd: (MUNN Mrs )P Ringlands Timless Gift It was nice to see a red and white with such a good coat. Slightly heavier built than first place but still refined and elegant. Lovely dark eye showing his alert expression, nice reach of neck and he moved with great ease. His coat is profused and correct and he is superbly presented.
3rd: (BROADHURST Mrs H E) Thistlemist the Dream Genie
Res: (MORRELL Mrs S) Serenglade Leap Of Faith For Temelora
VHC: (MALCOLM Mr D & Mrs H) Feorlig It Must’ve Been Love

Class 292 OD (12 Entries Abs: 2
1st: (MILLER, Miss K F & RYAN Mr E L) Feorlig Smarty Pants JW Sh.CM This lovely male was on form today to really show himself off. He moves with drive and purpose and has a lovely reach of neck and superb topline. His head is balanced and correct with a sweet expression. Great coat and furnishings and superbly handled and presented he was more than worthy of his RCC and pushed hard for the DCC.
2nd: (MORRELL Mrs S) Temelora Let It Be Magic JW Another super male who has a great future. He has a nice head with a correct muzzle, nice stop and good dark eye. He flew around the ring with great ease and shows himself off well. Ample coat of correct texture very well presented.
3rd: (LETCH, Miss C & BUCKLEY-WATERS Mrs I) L Conysluck Mr Pickles
Res: (BARTRAM Mr A K & Mrs E A) Ch Tresor’s Kings Valiant Lancelot (Imp USA)
VHC: (LEE-SLATER Mrs C G) Rozamie Monsieur Philippe

Class 293 VB (7 Entries Abs: 1)
1st: (ANDERSON Mrs C D) Hilsorg Marks Amelia At Pappretty I love judging veterans as it is so nice to see the oldies in the breed going strong. This little bitch showed so well for her handler and moved very soundly. She uses her large well rounded ears well and has a lovely delicate head with ample stop and a nice dark eye. She has a great outline and lovely coat. Pleased to award BVIB.
2nd: (TIDMARSH Mrs K A) Creliatown Trailing Queen Slightly heavier headed than first place and not as much fringing. She needed to slow down on the move to allow her to settle. Her topline is good and she has good angulation. She has a correct coat although lacking today.
3rd: (GEARY Mrs G A) Taliesyn Orchid
Res: (TIDMARSH Mrs K A) Creliatown Royal Mosaic
VHC: (FOYNES, Mr A & MAY Mrs C A) Jhanakia Masquerade at Lafay

Class 294 MPB (7 Entries) Abs: 1)
1st: (WELLS, Rev K J & BROWN Ms A J) Metamorphic Vista This is a mature bitch for only seven months old. She is well balanced overall and moved soundly. Nice front and rear angulation and looks like she will have a great coat once she matures. She has a pretty head with a naughty expression and made her handler work throughout the class.
2nd: (DAVIDSON Mr M G & Mrs E) Lafford Golden Girl Of Elmaraine This is an extremely raw baby although only just six months old certainly looks like she will do her handler well. Her angulation is correct and overall she is well balanced. She needs to settle on the move to show off a little more but what she showed throughout made her worthy of second place. Her coat will come with maturity
3rd: (SNELL Mrs S) Frason Eva The Diva
Res: (WOODROW Mrs L A) Lafford Golden Star at Lynflyer
VHC: (MATTHEWS Mrs A J) Berestead Haute Couture

Class 295 PB (9 Entries Abs: 1)
1st: (LEE-SLATER, Mrs C & KEWLEY Mrs C) Magic Sunrise Believe In Me (Imp) This is a very smart puppy who absolutely showed her heart out today for her handler. When she moves she has no problem showing her great front and rear drive, her topline is level at all times and she makes her presence known. She has a sweet expression with a naughtiness you can see in her eyes. Pleased to award BPIB and proud to watch her achieve BPIS.
2nd: (MUNN Mrs P) Ringlands Timeless Wishes Very smart little puppy who needs some time to mature and get her overall balance. She moved well and has a nice head which when fully mature will give her a lovely butterfly outline. She lacked the confidence and maturity of first place but will be something to watch in time to come.
3rd: (MORRELL Mrs S) Tricianbri Wispa For Temelora
Res: (SELLICK Miss K A) Inixia Annabelle
VHC: (THOMPSON, Mrs J & AUSTIN Mrs S) Melangel Enchanting Evita At Jhanakia

Class 296 JB (14 Entries Abs: 1)
1st: (KIRK Mrs E) Ablazzor Angel Delight At Kirkchase This young bitch is superb. She has a beautiful outline, lovely movement and great angulation. She has an amazingly mature yet correct coat for her age. Her head is balanced, correct and resembling a true butterfly. She flew around the ring and caught my eye immediately. Unfortunately today she didn’t feel like showing her socks off but I am sure in time she will be one to watch.
2nd: (STEWART, Mrs K & STEWART-KNIGHT Miss K) Denemore Tell The Story Ragge To Tussalud A nice little black and white with a good coat. Her head is a little heavier than first but everything is correct and balanced. She has lovely outline and moved well but I felt she needed to drive a little more from the rear.
3rd: (ORCHARD Miss S) Panspayon Gold Fever
Res: (MILLER, Miss K F & RYAN Mr E L) Feorlig Smart Cookie
VHC: (WHITEHILL Mrs M) Farthinghall Zain Rox

Class 297 GB (9 Entries Abs: 0)
1st: (OLOF Ms D) Tarnock Runaway Ruby This is another lovely young bitch however today she did not feel like giving her best to her handler. She has a lovely length of neck, beautiful outline and great movement. Her coat is lacking but correct and I would assume due to seasons. Her head is correct and she has lovely large well rounded ears with good fringing and a nice dark eye. Would like to see her in the future once fully mature.
2nd: (LANSON Miss S C) Cantoverde Royal Chyna JW Sh.CM Another nice young bitch who shows so well for her handler. She is smaller and daintier than first but has a lovely small balanced head with good pigmentation and nice dark eyes. She challenged hard for first place but just didn’t show the drive on the rear movement.
3rd: (MASKELL Mrs K) Kazkell Milo’s Dream JW
Res: (MORLEY, Miss E L & HITCHCOCK Mr R) Jorgealin Indian Magic at Lizlanmor JW
VHC: (ORCHARD Miss S) Ablazzor Angel Of The North At Panspayon JW

Class 298 PGB (11 Entries Abs: 0)
1st: (MARSDEN Miss H) Panspayon Eye Of The Day Winner of Special Beginners Class.
2nd: (OLOF Ms D) Tarnock Rumour N Riddles
Nice 19 month old clearly lacking in coat today. She still needs time to mature but she has great style and a beautiful set of well rounded ears. Her movement was sound and true and her coat will come back imminently to give her the final overall finish which she requires. She carried herself well both on the move and stand with a lovely tail set.

3rd: (MASKELL Mrs K) Lilnrose Too Vain to Dream Kazkell JW
Res: (COX Mrs L G) Temelora Looks Like An Angel
VHC: (WHEELER Ms H) Ibstock Divine Insparation

Class 299 LB (8 Entries Abs: 0)
1st: (MILLER, Miss K F & RYAN Mr E L) Feorlig Wake Up Maggie JW Sh.CM This little bitch was a real little show off today. She is small, dainty and elegant in every way. She has a very pretty little head with a narrow blaze and really resembles the butterfly wings. Another super mover who flew around the ring with great ease. Today she was in full correct silky coat and immaculately presented. I was very happy to award her the BCC which was her third therefore making her a new Champion.
2nd: (FULTON Mr K) Milbu Warlock At Kenf (Imp) JW This was a lovely class to judge and a pleasure to have second place give such good competition for first place. This bitch has plenty of correct silky coat and moved with drive both front and rear. Her eyes are dark, her pigment is correct and her overall construction is of great quality. She showed superbly and will be one to watch in the future. Pleased to award RCC.
3rd: (VARLEY Mrs J) Ambre Dore Beata Bea At Coxleyview (Imp) JW
Res: (MUNN Mrs P) Ringlands Treasure Sunshine
VHC: (BUCKLEY, Lord D L R & BUCKLEY-WATERS Mrs I L) Farthinghall Unico Bella At Sempefidelis

Class 300 OB (9 Entries Abs: 1)
1st: (STEWART, Mrs K & STEWART-KNIGHT Miss K) Ch & Ir Ch Tussalud Story Tales Another super bitch who has a fabulous coat in amazing condition and immaculately presented. She shows a lovely topline and nicely set tail carried perfectly throughout. Her movement is true and free flowing and her head is correctly balanced with lovely fringing.
2nd: (ORCHARD Miss S) Ringland Yoko’s Solo At Panspayon Sh.CM This is another lovely girl who today decided that today she had a mind of her own. Her handler worked well to keep her going to give strong competition for first place. She has a lovely correct coat and superbly fringed well rounded ears which she uses constantly throughout. She shows a good reach of neck leading onto good front and rear angulation, a level topline and she carries her tail well. Would like to see her again in the future.
3rd: (KIRK Mrs E) Ch Iotastar’s Forever Autumn At Kirkchase JW
Res: (URQUHART Mr G & Mrs C) Blackpark Patricia
VHC: (COX Mr B D S & Mrs P A) Ch Tricianbri Tuppence A Kiss JW