Windsor Championship Show 2007

01 July 2007
Judge: Mrs C Roe (Sunshoo)

BOB Bodebi Rhythm Is A Dancer
BP S Inixia Pure Fantasy
DCC Bodebi Rhythm Is A Dancer
RDCC Inixia Dream’s Magic
BCC Ch Wish Upon a Star over Tricianbri Sh.CM
RBCC Frasermar Fairy Tale of Rozamie

Minor Puppy Dog (Entries: 3 Absentees: 1)
1st Ringlands Eternal Flame At Ancojo (Mr & Mrs J M Cooper)
2nd Sharjoy Back To The Future (Mrs J Finlayson )

Puppy Dog (Entries: 6 Absentees: 1)
1st Elendil Berengar (Mrs A C & Ms E G N Borg)
2nd Babrees Rocket Man (Mr I R & Mrs J Terry)
3rd Inixia Touched By Magic TAF (Mrs S Stanbury & Miss M Unwin)
Res. Inixia High Flyer (Mrs S. Stanbury & Miss V Etheridge)
VHC Beausher Red Knight (Mr G. B. & Mrs W.A. Houldsworth)

Junior Dog (Entries: 7 Absentees: 0)
1st Temelora Sun Dancer at Hollrexia (Mr M & Mrs P Dembiniok)
2nd Frasermar Lost For Words At Martika (Mr M Whitehill)
3rd Southanning Kiss Me Quick (Mrs J Foote)
Res. Panspayon Stepin Out With Inixia (Mrs S Stanbury)
VHC Temelora Sun Shadow (Mrs S Morrell & Mrs T Teague)

Post Graduate Dog (Entries: 16 Absentees: 2)
1st Charlie Of Asti At Bluejays (Ms K Farrell & Mrs P Munn)
2nd Calajoy Robbie Macfluff (Mrs J Joyce)
3rd Panspayon C’est La Vie Inixia JW (Miss S Orchard & Mrs S Stanbury)
Res. Red Bequest Ur Ringlands (Mr J & Mrs S Caton)
VHC Feorlig Moonlight Shadow at Ringlands (Mrs P Munn)

Limit Dog (Entries: 15 Absentees: 0)
1st Bodebi Rhythm Is A Dancer (Mr Turner)
2nd Danginifee Barnaby Bubbles (Mr & Mrs J M Cooper)
3rd Inixia Crown Jewel (Mrs S Stanbury)
Res. Temelora Storm Petrel JW (Mrs S Morrell & Mrs T Teague)
VHC Tawzan Do It Like Dudley (Mr S F & Mrs A Stevens)

Open Dog (Entries: 8 Absentees: 1)
1st Inixia Dream’s Magic (Mrs S Stanbury & Miss M Unwin)
2nd Bodebi Success Story For Bedellus Sh.CM (Mrs P Beadle)
3rd Inixia Wily Willum JW Sh.CM (Mrs S Stanbury)
Res. Temelora Just Magic JW (Mrs S Morrell & Mrs T Teague)
VHC Tykkydewas Santa’s Gift To Inixia (Mrs S Stanbury & Mrs M Osborne)

Veteran Dog or Bitch (Entries: 1 Absentees: 0)
1st Tobias Ur My Angel

Minor Puppy Bitch (Entries: 6 Absentees: 2)
1st Joneca First Of All Amicae (Mrs M Whitehill)
2nd Serenglade Tahishn Sunrise (Mrs C & Mr M Wilson & Mrs E Boal)
3rd Shirando Christmas Star (Mrs S Colyer)

Puppy Bitch (Entries: 18 Absentees: 5)
1st Bedellus I’m Sensay Shaunal at Dourhu (Mrs R E Johnston)
2nd Inixia Dark Crystal (Mrs S Stanbury)
3rd Barley Bright Storyline Of Ringlands (Mr & Mrs J M Cooper)
Res. Feorlig Unforgettable Ella (Miss K F Miller)
VHC Babrees Margarita (Mr M & Mrs M Fisher)

Junior Bitch (Entries: 10 Absentees:1)
1st Frasermar Fairy Tale of Rozamie (Mr J A Magri)
2nd Amicae Julianna (Mrs M Whitehill & Mr F & Mrs M Comrie)
3rd Inixia Pure Fantasy (Mrs S Stanbury)
Res. Temelora Nicholas Gift (Mrs S Morrell & Mrs T Teague)
VHC Calajoy Silver Lining (Mrs J Joyce)

Post Graduate Bitch (Entries: 19 Absentees: 6)
1st Danginifee Gypsy Gold At Malwenbon (Mr D Wenham & Mr A Malbon)
2nd Southanning Solo Story (Mrs J Foote)
3rd Ringlands You And Me By Jujohn (M Melvin & V McGivern)
Res. Tykkydewas Lady Rowsa (Mrs M Osborne)
VHC Daisy Chain Pipper of Juara (Mrs J M Gummer)

Limit Bitch (Entries: 11 Absentees: 2)
1st Tussalud Mine She’s Mine (Mrs K Stewart & Miss K Stewart-Knight)
2nd Feorlig Midnight In Georgia JW (Miss K F Miller)
3rd Sharjoy Melting Moment (Mrs J Finlayson)
Res. Cofton Tickley My Fancy At Chypapom (Mrs M Pearce)
VHC Temelora Nichole (Mrs S Morrell & Mrs T Teague)

Open Bitch (Entries: 8 Absentees: 2)
1st Ch Wish Upon a Star over Tricianbri Sh.CM (Lt Cdr B D S & Mrs P A Cox)
2nd Temelora Tianna at Thistlemist (Mrs H E Broadhurst)
3rd Ringlands Kenmill to Poppy Time (Mrs P Munn)
Res. Feorlig Zweet Sensation (Miss K F Miller)
VHC Serenglade Shadow Dancer For Temelora (Mrs S Morrell & Mrs T Teague)