02 March 2018

One week away and counting… yes, Crufts is on our doorstep, ready and waiting. Where does the time go, it doesn’t seem two minutes since the last Crufts and here we are another year on. I can personally guarantee, by the end of the week we will not be using the sat nav as the car will know its way blindfolded. This year will be an extra busy time, with the Wednesday evening, prior to Crufts commencing many in the canine world will be attending the Pawscars awards. A nervous time indeed for those persons nominated for the top accolades Good luck to everyone of you, it is a great honour to have been nominated.

During the evening the winners from each of the breed groups and the Top Dog All Breeds will be presented with their awards from Our Dogs in conjunction with the various sponsors of these prestigious awards. We have had the honour of being there to pick up Travis’s Top Toy award 15/16 and Top Dog All Breed 2015. This year we are thrilled to be in the Top spot once again with Travis (Ch Gleniren Shootin Starmaker) representing our lovely breed and so pleased to be sharing Top Toy 17 with Tony Allcock’s lovely Japanese Chin Ch Sleepyhollow Robson. Congratulations must go to all the top winners in all of the groups, to succeed at this level takes a considerable amount of work and dedication. Gavin Robinson does a brilliant job for charitable causes under the umbrella of Pawscers and should be commended for doing so.

For the Thursday we will be setting off bright and early heading for the NEC to compete in the Eukanuba Champion Stakes Final. The pre-judging will take place at 2.30pm with the final judgement in the main BIS ring before the groups. This year sees a new venture for Eukanuba with both the Champion Stakes and Puppy Stakes Finals being held at Crufts.

Saturday it is Toy day with all the Papillon exhibitors heading bright eyed and bushy tailed to hall 5, ring 29. There is an entry of 226 Papillons making a total of 241. Judging starts bright and early at the ungodly hour of 8.30am, so be prepared for a long day ahead. A second pair of shoes is always advisable to ease those tiring tootsies along the way. The NEC floor has a habit of shaking ever bit of energy from those feet and then spitting them out unmercifully, so be warned.

Whether you are new in the breed or a seasoned exhibitor there is nothing like walking out on the Crufts green ring carpet, it just gives you tingles. Enjoy every minute and remember you have qualified for your Crufts entry and have earned your place in the ring, no matter what the outcome. If you are fortunate to be placed in the cards absorb every minute of your success, you deserve it.

As in previous years when writing the breed notes for Dog World Newspaper, the respective Crufts judge has given me a resume of their individual journey within the realm of the Canine World. I think it so important that the exhibitor or spectators are aware of the history and journey it has taken each Crufts judge to reach such an illustrious level of having the honour of judging their respective breed. What a special day indeed and one that should be treasured.

This year we are fortunate to have a well respected breed specialist taking up the helm. It is none other than Mr Roger Banfield of the Kingshaven affix. Thank you very much indeed for sharing with us your illustrious journey within the breed of the Papillon.

ROGER BANFIELD (Kingshaven). Roger, along with his wife Jean started showing dogs in 1980 with an Irish Red and White Setter. By 1981 they had their first Papillon and had great success at their first ever championship show by winning the CC and Best of Breed with a 6 month old puppy, naturally they were then hooked. Continuing showing, but without as much success, they were always in the cards. A decision was made to try and breed something for the ring, the first two litters were disasters, obviously there was a lot to learn. They purchased a really good male which became their first champion and this coupled with a good brood bitch started them off again.

This was when “Kingshaven” was born (in those days you had to win to obtain a KC Affix)

Roger and Jean were lucky enough to then go from strength to strength breeding some lovely dogs. They have bred many, many champions both in UK and overseas including World winner Champion Kingshaven Quicksilver De Costalina. Well known Champion Kingshaven Miss Molly gained some 32 CC’s before being retired to make way for other bitches they were showing.

Roger started judging in 1985 and was passed by the Kennel Club to judge at championship show level in the late 80’s. Since then he has judged in Japan, Australia, South Africa ,Canada, USA, Scandinavia and European countries in addition to many championship shows here in the UK.

Roger served on the committee of the Papillon (Butterfly Dog ) Club for over 20 years as Show Manager for both Open & Championship shows and served as Chairman for 4 years; he is now a Vice President of the club. Also served as a Committee member & Show Manager for the South Wales Papillon Club for 10 years and he is a Vice President

Away from Papillons Roger has served on the committee of the South Western Toy Dog Club as Show Manager & Treasurer for 16 years and is honoured to have been appointed a lifetime President of this club .

Roger has judged “all toys & all other breeds” at Open shows, Groups & Best in Show. Kingshaven moved from Bristol to Lincolnshire in 2012 and are now enjoying some seaside retirement.

I am sure all of us wish our Crufts judge a memorable day. Both he and his wife Jean now have the acclaim of both judging Papillons at Crufts and so well deserved that accolade is to you both. Congratulations.

The secretary Anne Mar-Gerrison of Wellingborough DCS have kindly informed me the club will be scheduling four classes for Papillons. This year their show is on Saturday 14th April at Sports Connexion and the Papillon judge is Chris Hill (Scalene). Schedules can be downloaded from Fosse Data and entries close on-line on Sunday 18th March. Out top winners qualify for the East Anglian Supermatch. We also offer generous prize money and the top five winners each receive an embroidered towel. Sounds like a good day out, so why not support the club taking your beautiful butterflies and moths along.

The The Papillon Butterfly Dog Club of Scotland held their Open show last weekend and for this breed specialist Kirsty Wells (Metamorphic) was the breed judge and Laura Mandelson for the junior handling. Elaine Davidson sent news in from the show to say they were pleased with their respectable entry. Apparently it was an interesting day with the local press and Community Council members turning up to raise publicity on the attempt to save Cochrane Hall from closure following the Councils announcement that it is looking at ways to cut back on expenditure and closing local halls has been listed as one of the ways they can do this. Photographs have been taken outside of the hall of families, dog walkers and many of today’s exhibitors to promote how busy this hall can be. Elaine is hoping to be able to track down a copy of the article when it goes to print.

Kyle Davidson had a successful and very enjoyable day taking photographs of the dogs and building up his photographic expertise. He says a big thank all of the people who supported him at the show letting him take pictures of their dogs for the sum of £1.

The principal winner were as follows; BIS / BD Wendy Wilson’s Amicae Badger, RBIS Liz Anderson’s Ch Frasermar Storm in the Snow and an exciting day for Liz winning also taking BPB / BPIS with Skyvana Unique at Northlyte. BB/BOS Laura Manelson’s Maridova Victorias Dream in Honrukai JW shCM. RBB/ BV Kathy Smith’s Ch Papplewich Pretty In Pink. BPD Louise McMillan’s Minackcove Poneto, BPHIS Steve and Karen Maskell’s Lilnrose Ears Looking At You and finally Best Junior Handler Amy Whitehill.

Sue Morrell had a good day at Cheltenham and DCS where Temelora Let it Be Magic JW won BOB under judge, Helen Long and TGP3 under judge, Rob McLeod. Dee Olof’s Tarnock Runaway Ruby took BP and TPGP3.

A successful day for Lynn George-Evans at Blackpool Toy Dog where Ch.Jorgealin Moon Magic went BOB going on to great acclaim taking BIS under Terry Burgess.

A couple of AGM are on the horizon. The Scottish Club will hold theirs on Sunday 8th April 2018 at 1pm Station Hotel Larbert. The Papillon (Butterfly Dog) Club has their AGM on Sunday 15th April 18 commencing at 11am at Great Ponton Village Centre, Archers Way, Great Ponton, Grantham, NG33 5DS. Any member wishing to bring notice of alteration or addition to existing rules or any other business whatsoever must give notice in writing by post to the Secretary by the deadline date of 18th March 2018 otherwise such notices will not be accepted.

The position of Chairman will be due for election Rule 8 (3 year rotation). Nominations for Chairman and Committee positions, properly proposed and seconded, are to be submitted in writing accompanied by the signed written agreement of the nominee using the form attached to this notice, to reach the Secretary before the deadline date of 18th March 2018.

A reminder, that membership runs from January 1st to December 31st each year, regardless of the date of renewal. Only those members who are in compliance with Rule 7 SUBSCRIPTION shall be eligible to vote on any matter pertaining to the AGM and/or related Ballots.This also applies to any Proposer and Seconder wishing to support items for inclusion on the Agenda or nominations for Officer/Committee/Admin positions.

Important: In an effort to reduce costs in future, the Club intends to make greater use of online and email methods of communication via the Club web site. To this end we ask that members who have email addresses ensure they notify either the Club Secretary or Membership Secretary of their current up to date email address. Those members who do not have access to online means of communication should also notify the above to ensure they continue to receive correspondence by post.

Remember all nominations and items for inclusion on the agenda are to be with the secretary no later than the 18th March 18.

Have a great day at Crufts whatever day you are on, take care of your private possessions and keep them safe.