09 March 2018

Well Crufts week is finally here, no matter what the weather throws at us, would we miss it? Not in your wildest dreams. Whatever day you are at the NEC, I wish you a day that is spent full of happy socialising, fun and entertainment. Most of us will be lighter on leaving the halls, even it is only in the wallet department!

Remember the Papillon breed judging commences on Sat at 8.30am so allow plenty of time for the walk to the halls. At present the weather forecast predicts rain so keep this in mind, in fact the only dry day is the Wednesday for the Pawscars and from the Thursday to the Sunday it is wellies and water wings. Do we care, not in the least; we will be dry all day once in the halls.

During Crufts for many exhibitors it is an opportunity to pick up the Top Award Rosettes and goodie bags from the individual awards sponsors. Our thanks to Our Dogs and the sponsors for the awards, these awards allow us all to aim for a goal in the year and I am sure I can say on everyone’s behalf, thank you.

These are the 2017 awards for the our breed: TOP TOY and TOP PAPILLON (For the consecutive third year) Ch Gleniren Shootin Starmaker Sunshoo. Travis shares the Top Toy spot jointly this year with Tony Allcock’s Japanese Chin Ch Sleepyhollow Robson. Top Toy and Top Papillon awards are sponsored by Our Dogs and Arden Grange.

TOP PAPILLON PUPPY (sponsored by Our Dogs and Natural Instincts) Irene & Glenn Robb and Jan Roosen’s Miss Martini Royal De Costalina Suniren (imp Fr), TOP PAPILLON BREEDER (sponsored by Our Dogs and Arden Grange) Kennel Gleniren, TOP PAPILLON BROOD (sponsored Our Dogs and Eden) Ch Gleniren Juniper Starmaker Sunshoo and finally TOP PAPILLON STUD Moetica Prince Charming at Jorgealin. Congratulations to his owner Lynn George-Evans, I am sure it is going to be a proud moment wearing the rosette at Crufts this year.

For those of you that are going on other days besides breed day on Saturday, you may like to pop along and take a look at some of the beautiful champions the Eukanuba Champion Stakes Final on Thursday, 8th March. Pre-judging will be in Hall 5 at 2.30pm in rings 35 and 36 with the final judging in the BIS ring at 5.30pm. The Eukanuba Pup of the Year Final will be on Sunday, 11th March. Pre-judging will be in Hall 1 rings 1 and 2 at 2.30pm with the final in the BIS at 5.30pm. Glenn and I are very excited with this first time venue for Eukanuba and I hope you will be able to cheer along either Travis in the Champion Stakes or Mimi in the Puppy Stakes. Glenn and I will be going head to head in the puppy as he will be showing Imogen, the Pomeranian. Good luck to everyone competing in these prestigious finals and our thanks to Mike Bloxsome of Eukanuba for hosting and arranging daily car park passes, it is certainly appreciated by everyone.

On the open show front this week, due to the adverse weather condition many shows were unfortunately cancelled. Northern & Eastern Counties Papillon Club being one such event that fell foul to the snow. Despite a huge effort from the committee, going the extra mile by Queenie Bruce checking the roads and the committee was offering free lunches to those that could attend. But the weather won on a safety aspect for body and soul. The club will notify us of a rearranged date for the show.

Ashton in Makersfield CS was not cancelled and Valarie Lockhart braved the weather. Many of the judges could not make their appointments as they were snowed in but the Papillon judge Mr R Hitcock made it to the venue. Unfortunately Valarie was the only Papillon exhibitor that made it to the show but nether less Valarie’s puppy Stagedoor Bunny took BOB / BP.

Lancaster & DCS Rosemarie Hobson had a successful day taking BOB with Grinsdale Gigalo at Rosenjon and Susan Lanson must have been thrilled to receive a BP and TPGP3 with her homebred youngster Cantoverde Captain Casper.

At Cleveland Open Show Mrs Patsy Hollings (Gunalt) was judging here and Estelle Kirk had a brilliant day with Iotastar’s Foreverautumn At Kirkchase taking BOB and then going on to win TGP1. Another good win also for Estelle was BPIB with Kirkchase’s Tomorrow Child.

Horley & DS Mary Melvin’s Ringland Sunshines Story won Best AVNSC Toy and then went TGP2 the judge Mr A.Small. This should give him his Show Certificate of Merit.

Rosemarie Hobson’s Papretty For Ever And Ever at Rosejon has passed his Bronze Good Citizen, so onward and forward now to the silver.

Thought folk would be interested to see the numbers for Papillon registrations between the years 2008 to 2017.

2008 (896), 2009 (839), 2010 (654), 2011 (614), 2012 (529), 2013 (543), 2014 (486), 2015 (442), 2016 (452), 2017 (410) Results taken from the KC breed record supplement for winter 2017. 

A notice from the Kennel that I thought would make an interesting informational read.


The Kennel Club has welcomed a consultation by the Department of Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra) about a ban on the practice of selling puppies via third parties as a crucial step forward to tackle the cruel puppy farming industry. However, it has raised concerns about how the wider licensing regulations being laid before parliament can be effectively enforced.The Kennel Club, whose own regulations explicitly ban the sale of puppies to third parties, has long called for an end to the sale of puppies in pet shops and by other third party retailers, as puppy farmers often use such outlets to sell their pups to unsuspecting members of the public who never see the terrible conditions that the pups were raised in.

Caroline Kisko, Kennel Club Secretary said: “We welcome this consultation by Defra to ban the third party sale of puppies, which are simply an underhand practice designed to protect puppy farmers, with terrible consequences for dog welfare. Puppy buyers unknowingly purchase a puppy from a seemingly nice dealer in pleasant surroundings, who would in fact have purchased the puppy from a backstreet dealer who has given no thought to the health and welfare of the pup or its mother.

“There is simply no way that a responsible breeder would ever sell a puppy to a pet shop or a pet dealer and we are delighted to see this issue getting the attention that it deserves. Good breeders, such as Kennel Club Assured Breeders, speak at length to potential puppy buyers to ensure their pups will be given good homes.

“The Kennel Club has long supported and campaigned for a ban on third party sales and we are glad that other organisations are now coming on board, which will help to send a strong message of support to Defra during the consultation period.”

The Kennel Club has also welcomed the package of measures being laid before parliament tomorrow under the Animal Establishment Licensing Regulations, which includes banning licensed sellers from dealing in puppies and kittens under the age of eight weeks; ensuring that licensed dog breeders show puppies alongside their mother before a sale is made and preventing online sales where prospective buyers have not seen the puppy first.

However, the Kennel Club has some concerns about how local authorities will enforce the new licensing regime, now that breeders who breed three or more litters will require a licence. The Animal Licensing Establishment Regulations are being laid before parliament on Thursday (8 February) and will be enforced from October.

Caroline Kisko continued: “All the regulations in the world will not improve dog welfare unless they can be effectively enforced and we question how already over stretched local authorities can enforce all of these changes, which are so critical to improving dog welfare, now that many more breeders will require inspection.

“We are working with Defra on plans for a proposed risk-based licensing system, which will determine how frequently a dog breeder is inspected. We hope that the overall number of inspections that local authorities are required to carry out can be reduced by the fact that the Kennel Club already inspects those breeders who are part of the UKAS accredited Assured Breeder Scheme, which requires high welfare standards for dog breeding.”

The Kennel Club Assured Breeder Scheme requires that breeders conform to high welfare standards for dog breeding, which are not required by those who are simply licensed by their local authorities. This includes issuing a contract of sale, giving post sales advice to the puppy buyer and carrying out relevant mandatory health tests before breeding.

Further information on the Kennel Club’s view on puppy sales can be found at https://www.thekennelclub.org.uk/our-resources/kennel-club-campaigns/puppy-farming/

For those that wish to watch Crufts events on the TV the 2018 coverage will be as follows. Thursday 8th March, WORKING & PASTORAL: 1600 – 1700 on C4, 1830 – 2000 on MORE4, 2000 – 2100 on C4, Friday 9th March, TERRIER & HOUND: 1600 – 1700 on C4, 1830 – 1930 on MORE4, 1930 – 2100 on C4, Saturday 10th March, UTILITY & TOY: 1900 – 2100 on C4, Sunday 11th March GUNDOG: 1800 – 2030 on C 4.

Enjoy your time at Crufts watching our beautiful Papillons and Phalenes whether you are a spectator or as an exhibitor.