03 February 2023 – Papillon Breed Notes

The first show of the year for 2023 is a journey to Peterborough for Boston Championship Show. This venue has always been popular with many exhibitors and for Glenn and I both it holds many treasured moments. Many moons ago it was our first judging appointments for giving Papillon Challenge Certificates and then Travis taking two BIS’s both at Boston and East of England. So, in many ways a sad moment as this was to be the last time these shows would be held at the East of England Showground.
This means for Jan 2024 Manchester Championship Show will be only Championship show for the month.

On this occasion breed specialist Elaine Stanmore of the Altaya affix was giving cc’s in the breed for the first time. What a special day this day would be for her.
Boston show is always very well organised and the layout is good with large grooming areas for the trolleys. The committee in their orange attire are always friendly and on hand to give advice if needed.

Papillons were in the main hall which was full of bustle and activity. The ring was of a good size and for once the Pomeranian and Papillon rings were adjacent.
Mrs Stanmore went over the dogs on the table in a gentle and thorough manner and when on the floor gave every exhibitor an opportunity for their four paws to give of their best.
The principal winners were as follows: BCC/ BOB and then an exciting Toy Group 2 Irene and Glenn Robb’s youngster CH Gleniren Daddy’s Starmaker. Andreas Schemel who is very well respected in the dog show world judged the Toy Group.
DCC was Bob and Chris Anderson’s Pappretty Grt Expectations. A special day indeed as this was the magical third cc for the Champion Title. Congratulations to you both on your first Champion, what a day of pure excitement for you.
Best Puppy went to Mary Whitehill with Lilacrose Tri This Talent. Well done also to Karen Diprose who bred the little one. Best Special Beginners was Miss M & Mrs S Last with Melangel Miss Dollymix.
For the RCC’s: The RDCC went to Jo Davidson-Poston with Ch/IR/NL/INT CH Spinillons Rebel Rowser JW ShCM Cw14 VW ShCEx. What a credit to the exhibitor as I believe he is twelve years of age and looking tip top.
RBCC was Sandra Stone and Tom Isherwoods’s Tonkory Waiting in The Wings.
Bye, bye East of England you were a blast and many exhibitors will be holding their memories close to their hearts for the special years you gave us.

Ted Whitehill the breed clubs co-ordinator has kindly sent me in this important news from the Kennel Club. Please read carefully and take in the contents as it is so important for the future of our breed. We all must work together on this. We must strive to keep our entries numbers up, if we want to continue the number of cc’s at the shows we currently have.

Stud Book Bands and CC Allocation 2024 – 2028
In August of 2021 The Kennel Club released details of its CC allocation for the years 2024 – 2028, formulated using a new model applied to all CC breeds. The allocation of CC’s would be closely aligned to the stud book band for the relevant breed, the bands being determined using the average entry numbers for the preceding five year period. In the case of Papillons the average entry was 100.75 which resulted in moving from Band D back to Band E.

As a result of moving to Band E Papillons were allocated a further Six sets of CC’s making 39 sets in total. Five additional sets of CC’s were offered to the Breed Clubs and One set was offered to a new Group Championship Show and after a bidding and selection process by the Kennel club it was ultimately decided that the Sixth set would be offered to the North East Of England Toy Dog Society. It should be noted that as a result of the Breed Clubs being allocated a second set of CC’s each year the Breed Clubs Joint Championship Show will not be held after 2023

The objectives of this approach was to include sustainability and transparency of the allocation; fairness across all breeds; the potential to boost entries; separate allocations for breed clubs and general societies; and the encouragement of partnership shows with associated cost reductions for organisers and exhibitorsIt was anticipated that Exhibitors would see a benefit from this, and it was hoped that there would be an overall increase in average entries.
However it should be noted that any future increases or reductions in the number of CCs will depend on the average number of entries being maintained. Currently Band E requires an average of 90.01 – 115 and band d requires 70.01 – 90.

The Kennel Club will be publishing details of average entry numbers annually and Breed Clubs will see where they stand regarding their position. In these challenging times hopefully as Breed Clubs we can continue to encourage existing and new exhibitors to our Breed and retain the opportunity to exhibit at more Championship Shows.

Enjoy your showing and good luck at the shows you are participating at.

Irene Robb