10 August 2018

It is with great sadness that we have recently lost one of our most respected exhibitors and breeders. Over the years Jimmy Simpson of the Penang affix gave so much to the dog world both in Pekinese and of course Papillons. His dedication to Northern & Eastern Counties Papillon Club over the years has to be applauded. I believe at the recent N&ECPC Championship show the exhibitors and committee applauded loudly in salute of a very great doggie man whilst Queenie Bruce spoke about Jimmy.

I would like to give my thanks to Ann Richardson and Alan Curry for sending me details of Jimmy’s history over the years, combining the two stories of Jimmy’s life filled in the gaps beautifully, giving us a true insight to a very special person. I hope that it brings back many memories for some readers that go back in years whereas to the newer exhibitor it will give them an insight to the gentleman and character Jimmy Simpson was to us all.

Jimmy started going to dog shows in 1963 when he became friendly with an elderly lady who showed Pekingese. She asked him to show her dog at the local shows and from then on showing became almost an obsession. I think we all know that feeling, don’t we!

Jimmy registered his affix Penang in 1966 and paid a lifetime fee of 3 Guineas to the Kennel Club. In 1964 he bought a bitch for £250 which was a vast sum of money in those days and she was sent to him by train. When he collected her from the station he was so disappointed, she was 13 months old and had just left a litter of puppies and appeared to be very nervous. After a period of time at home Jimmy decided that she would have to go back, whilst waiting for the train to arrive he gave her a few minutes to stretch her legs before going in her basket and then decided he could not possibly send her back. Dorothy, Jimmy’s lovely wife was overjoyed when he returned with little one. Over the months to come Jimmy and Dorothy gave her a multitude of love and care and she blossomed. Two years later their hard work paid off and she became the first Pekingese bitch to become a Champion in Scotland. Following on two years later when her son became the first Pekingese Champion to be owned and bred in Scotland. What a proud moment that must have been and a just reward for the thousands of miles he and Dorothy travelled with them.

Many successes followed and Jimmy became involved in the Kennel Club side of dog showing when joining the committee of the BonAccord Kennel Association in Aberdeen.

In 1968/9 he formed the North of Scotland Pekingese Club and in the early 70’s the North of Scotland Toy Dog Society he was chairman of both clubs until he moved to England. He was certainly a force to be reckoned with whilst residing in Bonnie Scotland.

By this time George and Netta Henderson of the famous Inverdon Papillons had become close friends and convinced Jimmy that a move to England would be a good idea and Yorkshire would be the ideal location for travelling to dog shows. George and Netta were indeed Aberdonians themselves and had moved to South Yorkshire earlier. Inverdon can still to this day be seen in a many Papillon pedigrees and they were a force to be reckoned with for the structure and welfare of the breed. Jimmy and Dorothy made the decision for the move when they bought Chevingside Boarding Kennels and Cattery in Whistow in 1977.

In 1979 on a coach returning from Crufts, Jimmy with a few exhibitors decided that the Selby area needed a dog show. Jimmy took the lead again and Selby Canine Society was reformed in 1980. Jimmy held the position of chairman for 33 years and only retired 5 years ago regretfully through ill health. In that time he mentored many of the toy dog exhibitors, offering them their first judging appointments in their breeds. Both I and later down the line Glenn, were given this opportunity by Jimmy.

In the early 80’s George and Netta Henderson felt they only wanted to show male Papillons and gifted Jimmy two Papillon bitches. Thus the illustrious beginning of the Penang Papillons began, reaping many successes along the way over the years.

During this period of transition to Selby in North Yorkshire Jimmy, Dorothy and their daughters Sandra, Barbara and Paula met with Ann and Alan Richardson (Belvane), Ann comments that Jimmy became an adopted Yorkshireman , however Jimmy remained a true Scot and very proud of his heritage. Jimmy was a great family man and loved his family dearly. When Sandra’s daughter had a baby boy there was never a prouder great granddad than Jimmy Simpson.

In 1983 Jimmy worked on the idea the South of Yorkshire area should have a Papillon Club. He mustered up 20 signatures, organised a meeting and in 1984 the Northern and Eastern Counties Papillon club was formed. This shows the character and determination Jimmy had, to have led the way for the formation of the club. He and Dorothy were the dynamic duo being the backbone and mainstay for N&ECPC for almost thirty years. He always made sure he had a good hard working committee around him who all gave their dedication and time to the club. I remember many happy days of being involved on the committee. This respect and foundation has given the club the high esteem that it carries today with members and exhibitors. It was always a priority to put members and exhibitors first, and remains so, to this day.

I still have vivid memories of the BBQ’s after the shows at Drax when everyone relaxed and chatted freely, they were fun times and something that is missed today. A marquee was set up outside the hall and we sat on long benches at the tables, Glenn at that time was about six years of age and Jimmy very much took him under his wing, always giving him encouragement.

Jimmy loved the involvement of the preparation of the shows, meeting the exhibitors and even clearing up afterwards. It was only through ill health that forced his retirement. Once retired he still always looked forward to reading the marked up catalogues sent by the club after the show.

Jimmy also served many years as a committee member of Darlington Championship Dog show Society which he thoroughly enjoyed until ill health forced his retirement.

Ann says that one of the Penang’s greatest thrills was when their Pekinese Ch St Sanja Trumpsup of Penang and his Papillon Ch Mearnskirk Minuet of Penang gained their crowns within 10 days of each other. There are so many winning Penang Papillons, to name but a few are unforgettable, the lovely bitch Penang Norma Jean who was mated to Ch Tussalud Story Teller and produced Penang Fable who in turn was the sire of Ch Penang Bold Horatio.

Jimmy’s judging career began in 1967/68. On retiring from judging he awarded Challenge Certificates in nineteen toy breeds, the Toy group as well as well as groups and Best in Show at Open Shows. He had the honour of judging Pekingese at Crufts and had to forego judging Papillons at Crufts through ill health, which I know was the biggest disappointment to him and a great shame for the breed. He was also an international show judge and judged all over the world. He was a Kennel Club member for over thirty years and Toy dog liaison Officer for several years.

One of Jimmy’s other interests was his love of the Arabian horse and he would spend hours reading and learning about their history. He visited several Arab stud farms and always said his dream was to have a small farm with Arabs in the fields and dogs by his side.

Jimmy put so much back into the dog world on all levels, being instrumental in founding four clubs is a massive testament of his own unique standing. However on the human side, Jimmy loved to help and was the instigator for assisting many new exhibitors, giving them either that magical start for their showing or judging careers.

Jimmy you were one of a kind in so many ways. The one thing I personally will miss is that cheeky smile and twinkle of the eye when you knew a story was to be told. Jimmy and your beloved Dorothy gave so much to us all and I am will not be standing alone in having enough vivid memories to keep you firmly placed in the highest ranks of that ‘Special Papillon Person’, so sadly missed. The little Papillon ornament, dressed as the devil that you brought me back from Australia still adorns my window ledge. Each time I look at it will remind me of your wicked sense of humour.

The bagpipes rang out loud and clear on your passing celebration day, your memory will stay with so many of the Papillon fraternity, and quite rightly so. Fly high Jimmy, the heavenly committee were delivered a shining diamond, I suspect you are already organising your next Peke or Papillon Club with Netta and George.

Glenn and I send our love to Dorothy and loving family, Jimmy you have left a void in the Papillon world, but will never be forgotten.

This last week end has been a busy time for Papillon exhibitors with a full showing weekend. Firstly Leeds Championship Show at Harewood House where the show had a mixed bag of weather. After all the immense heat and sunshine over the last weeks Leeds committee put a warning forecast for thunder, lightening and heavy down pours. It had to come and everyone was just waiting, just a shame it came on a show weekend. However I am told Leeds coped brilliantly and everyone present enjoyed the not so wet moment as it was still incredibly hot.

Breed specialist Mrs Lynda Phillips travelled from Scotland for her judging and I am sure she enjoyed her day of going over our lovely breed. In the pictures I saw, she looked as cool as a cucumber and I am sure the day was taken in a calm manner with the help of her two very supportive stewards.

The principal winners for Leeds were as follows: Jill Varley must have been cocka hoop taking the BCC and BOB with her import Ambre Dore Beata Bea At Coxleyview (Imp) JW, Mary and Ted Whitehill with Pat Urwin had a successful day taking the DCC with Paparottsie Heart Beats At Amicae. BP went to Liz and Karen Anderson and Mr Kierna’s Northlyte Spirit Of The Isle TAF. BV Green’s Mercedes Diamond at Rubywing and Best Special beginners Waller’s Lilnrose I’m A Lovebug JW. For the RCC’s it was to be Lisa Christiansen’s Tresor’s Kings Valiant Lancelot, of course ably handled by Liz Bartram taking the RDCC and for the RBCC it was Tom Isherwood and Jenny Scovell’s Stagedoor Barbie.

The following day exhibitors were at the N&ECPC at Bodsworth Miners Welfare, Doncaster where Joe Magrie (Rozamie) was juging the dogs and Jerry Munroe (Papplewick) the bitches. Referee was Queenie Bruce. The Special Award classes and Junior Handling was judged by Mr John Whitman.

The day commenced with Queenie Bruce and Ted Whitehill speaking about Jimmy Simpson. Instead of a minutes silence the room resounded with applause. The club had a table with flowers, a photo plus a book for memories, these were all taken to Dorothy after the show.

The principal winners for the show were as follows. I do not have all the owners names so for the present here are the principal dogs. DCC /BOB Ch Feorlig Smarty Pants JW SHCM, RBIS, BCC and BPHS Ari De Pari Eadin Darlyn Spinillons (Imp Rus) (Phalene), BPIS Manawyddan Victor Hugo, BVIS Ch Twiggy Cupcake of Flutura JW. RDCC Paparottsie Heart Beats at Amicae, RBCC Feorlig Wake up Maggie JW and BPB Inixia Glamour Girl.

Lots of goodies on offer for the juniors and the Adult Handling was well supported. From all the pictures seen it looks like everyone had a marvellous day, congratulations to the principal and class winners at the day.

Take care in the heat and stay safe on your travels.