11 March 2016 – Dog World

Well Crufts has been and gone for another year. Wasn’t it delightful it was to see the little Westie go BIS with the Whippet RBIS. How very humble and down to earth both exhibitors were, they truly deserved the honour of the accolade. The BIS judge Mr Derek Smith was immaculate in his grey suit and was a credit to the dog world with his manner and professionalism. Mrs Val Blore judged the TGP and once again looked very smart and elegant. Reassuring the dogs in the big ring, making them feel at ease. It was very evident by her mannerisms of her love of the canine world, it shone through. Congratulations to them both on their wonderful achievements and their judging etiquette on the respective days.

Wasn’t there great Crufts coverage, once again on our TV, with informative interviews and comments from both exhibitors and presenters. The Trade Stands as always looked just fabulous, Toy Day being on the Thursday it was a quieter public day so getting to and fro was an easier operation. By Sunday night they must have been exhausted, think how our feet complain after one day, theirs must have been barking at them, excuse the pun! So much time and effort go into the organisation of Crufts and we are so lucky to have this opportunity of participating at such a show in the UK.

Thank you so much DOG WORLD/ ARDEN GRANGE for the fabulous pictures of Travis around the various halls and Dorwest Herbs for inviting Travis to represent the TGP. Both Glenn and I were very emotional when seeing the DW Best of British feature front page of Travis and the lovely words written so meticulously by Simon Parsons for him being Top Dog All Breeds 2015. We are grateful beyond words, thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

Another thank you deservedly must go to my boss man for the breed notes Tom Burrington. With Travis having such a fabulous year he said DW would like to feature the Papillon in their Companion DW magazine. I was asked to write a little something for the companion owner and I also contacted Debbie Goodwin to see if she could rustle up something to show to the readers that the Papillon just loved Agility also. What a a glorious four page spread you brought together Tom. If the general public haven’t got the knowledge now that the little butterfly dog is a special companion owners dream, they need to read again. We are so beyond words that one little dog can reap golden opportunities for us all in the breed.

Our thanks must go to the Pawsacars organisers, Gavin Robinson and Stuart Baillie for a fabulous night at the Pawsacars the evening before Toy Day. Marvellous company and such positivity in the room full to the brim of dog loving people. Huge congratulations to all the worthy winners and of course to all the Top Dog Group winners. Suzy Roffey and Lee Cox were brilliant presenters and kept us in stitches with their double act.

With Papillon judging commencing at 8.30 am it was an early start on the road for most. But most arrived bushy tailed and ready for the day. Must say the benching sat navs were a lot improved. I remember not so many years ago aimlessly walking from one benching to another willing the correct numbers to jump in front of me. But they seem to have that mastered now and it is a lot easier. Ring 29 is in a super quiet corner of the hall and we were tucked away nicely. So Mr Mark Whitehill our judge for the day arrived in Scottish attire and his proud parents Mary & Ted Whitehill sat at the ringside.

The judging went smoothly along with efficient help of our two most worthy stewards Mr Eddie Bishop and Mr Bill Evans. All was safe in their hands and the day was set.

A number of exhibitors from abroad were to grace the ring and I hope they enjoyed their special day at Crufts, taking in the atmosphere. I guess the wallets went home lighter or credit cards exhausted with the vast array of doggie goods to be tempted with!

The principal winners were as follows. DCC / BOB Magri and Arrowsmith’s Ch Rozamie Dream Lover, RDCC Robb’s Ch Gleniren Shootin Starmaker Sunshoo, BCC was from Russia Pavlova’s CIB/RUS CH Sher Zesta Winner, RBCC from USA Vandermolen’s Am CH Clearlake Cocoojte and BP Isherwood and Scovell’s Afterglow Lord Helpus. Congratulations to everyone that achieved what they wanted to, to get shortlisted or in the cards is an achievement to be proud of.

An Important announcement from the Papillon (Butterfly Dog) Club. Many of you will have seen the recently in the Dog Press and the Veterinary Press, the announcement of a new initiative from the Animal Health trust (AHT) which would create the UK’s largest canine Genome bank which, along with the kennel Club Breeders, Breed Clubs etc are being urged to support. Below are extracts from the AHT announcement.

“Give a Dog a Genome, brainchild of the Animal Health Trust (AHT), will improve dog health through the use of the latest technology available in genetics research. The Kennel Club Genetics Centre at the AHT, under the head Dr Cathryn Mellersh is world renowned for its pioneering genetic research undertaken to understand better and eradicate inherited diseases in purebred dogs”

As the Founding / Parent UK Papillon Club (1023) the committee has agreed that this club has a responsibility to become involved with the project and to take a lead for the future health and well being of our Papillons.

The Papillon (Butterfly Dog) Club has cited interest in its position as one of the 50 breeds chosen to be studied. Our health Representative, Debbie Goodwin, is coordinating our involvement in this research. For each of the first 50 breeds to be sequenced to the cost per dog of £20000 towards which the kennel Club have agreed funding of £1000 once confirmation of the breed interest is made.

It would be immensely gratifying if members of this club and the other UK Papillon Clubs could commit to supporting this work by donating (however small) towards the initial £1000 needed to fund the project, thus demonstrating our wholehearted support as Papillon owners, breeders, to eradicate inherited issues.

Already 10 other breeds have contributed their £1000 and another 11 are committed to be included and are in the process of raising their £1000 over a 3 month period. All donations will be acknowledged in our summer newsletter and the next edition of the Year Book to show how much the Papillon community is behind all work of this kind.

So many of you have already taken up the DNA testing for PRS-1 since we highlighted and gave access to the test available both here (Labikon) and in the USA (Optigen). We thank everyone who has taken part. Through our Breed Council the Kennel Club have agreed these test results will be automatically added to the health records of all Papillons registered with them. This has been a great step forward and hopefully Papillons will be continued to be tested.

Full details about the Give a Dog a Genome Project and Genome Sequencing can be found by visiting hhto:/www.aht.org.uk/gdp. It will also be a topic for discussion at our AGM on Sun, 20th March.

If you would like to donate please send a cheque to The Secretary, Papillon (ButterflyDog) Club, 109 Nightingale Crescent, Birchwood, Lincoln, LN6 )JR, made payable to the Paillon (ButterflyDog) Club indicating in a covering letter the money is for AHT Give a Dog a Genome Project. We are currently investigating a variet of fundraising options to enable donations to be made through PayPal and will be announcing progress in this area on the club website www.papillonclub.co.uk and Facebook.

We at the Papillon (Butterfly Dog) Club believe this is an enormous step forward in securing a healthy future for our Papillons in the generations to come. It presents an opportunity too good to miss. With thanks from the committee of the PBDC. I have spoken to Alan Bartram the chairman of the club on this matter and he would like to make it clear that however small, £1 if that is all that can be spared will be gratefully received. It is the support of the Papillon community that means so much.

Everyone have a good week and I look forward to being at one of my favourite shows UK Toy Dog. Can’t wait it is such a well run friendly show.