17 June 2016 – Dog World

Southern Counties at Newbury Showground surprised us all this year. The Southern end of the UK is generally known for warmer weather compared to us unfortunate souls in the North, so how typical is that all us Northern lot end up freezing in Newbury for Toy day whilst certainly in Cheshire they are basking in glorious sunshine. I was not impressed with Carolyn gloating at the other end of the phone!

The showground layout was immaculate as usual, with in/out marquees. A vast number of trade stands around the perimeter to keep everyone occupied. This year Dorwest Herbs are sponsoring the puppy groups. 

All rounder, Mr Dan Erricsson (Sweden) was judging the breed and arrived on time to commence judging looking smart and ready for the day ahead. At this show there is always an array of judges from overseas and this year was no exception in a lot of breeds. The day went smoothly along with the help of the very capable stewards, keeping everyone in order. The ring was large and even though very cold it was nice to use the full extent of the outside ring. The principal winners of the day were as follows; BCC / BOB Alexandra Forth’s Ch Omegaville Make Me A Petichien, DCC Joe Magri & Kevin Arrowsmith’s CH Rozamie Dream Lover. RDCC Irene & Glenn Robb’s Ch Gleniren Shootin Starmaker Sunshoo, RBCC Ann Borg’s Petress Dark And Daring. BP Sue Stanbury’s Inixia Devonshire Maid who went on to take TPGP2 under Patsy Hollings, congratulations Sue and BV Liz & Alan Bartram’s Ch Burghbridge UR Solid Gold Skyvana JW SHcm.

I don’t know if anyone else had a nightmare journey home as the motorways I travelled home on were like a car park. Stopped off at the first services and everyone had the same idea, as it was jammed packed.

For the open shows just one to report at Ripon and DCS Maxine Waller had a lovely day taking TPGP4 with Sarahmah Mayan Daydream Kazkell.
Unfortunately haven’t found out who the judges were but maybe able to tell you at a later date. 

Just tonight heard the sad news that Mary Fraser (Fraserdene) from Scotland has passed away. Mary’s enthusiastic passion for both Papillons and Phalenes was well recognised. Condolences are sent to both her family and friends. 

I wanted to touch on this subject as many exhibitors are considering going global and importing a dog to the UK. Very often negotiations for an import begin between friends or close associates and there is a solid basis of trust knowing the personal and home life the dog is coming from. However, life isn’t always perfect and it is not possible to be in this situation, so you see a picture on FB and ask all the important relevant questions, videos etc. Sometimes in life you just have to go by your gut feeling, ensuring all the appropriate paperwork is there for you to view first hand. Please keep in mind with Face Book it so easy to be in contact with activities across the world, the term ‘friends’ on Face Book doesn’t always mean the term friend.
 Sounds easy and straight forward one might think, but life sometimes has a habit of biting you back. Unfortunately what you see sometimes doesn’t always mean it is truly genuine. Test certificate paperwork can be forgeries and in a recent case, are proof that they do exist. In this case if a re-testing hadn’t been done it could have affected their closely monitored health breed lines for generations to come. What appears up front and honest isn’t always the case, bringing only disappointment, misery and expense. 
 What should have been an exciting period turns into a full blown nightmare. One this occasion the little one has a loving home, will stay with the new owner and not have to endure another return journey across the world. How unthinkable would that be? 
 We mustn’t tar everyone with the same brush, of course paperwork is usually correct, honesty, will always prevails and successfully move smoothly along for the little one to come to the UK.
 We must remember that the world differs in many ways and walks of life vary from country to country. I have recently learnt that Russian kennels affix’s can be ‘rented out’ to a third party, so when enquiring about a dog you may not be speaking first hand to the breeder you think you are. I know it sounds unbelievable, but what is one countries ruling doesn’t mean it is set in stone elsewhere.

As I write Three Counties at Malvern is on the horizon, fingers crossed the weather is kind, as Malvern is not the best during inclement weather. Take care please on the roads.