19 June 2020 Breed Notes

Let’s start this week’s breed notes on something uplifting after all the turmoil of the past weeks.

All Zoos are allowed to open Monday, 15th June with the obvious social distancing restrictions in place. What a relief it must be with no public allowed and still have the animals to attend to and feed. It must have been a nightmare to juggle everything from staff, food and veterinary care. If you find time to spare please take yourselves and the children for a day out and enjoy the day.
Chester Zoo is our local zoo in the area and this very enlightening story came through, which filled my heart with joy.

Supermarket giant Iceland has adopted Chester Zoo’s entire rookery of Humboldt penguins by way of lending support to the attraction, which is currently facing an uncertain future.

The frozen food retailer has also agreed to lobby the UK government on the zoo’s behalf, encouraging current legislation to be amended to allow zoos to open with strict social distancing guidance in place.

Although the penguins are not from Iceland, the bird epitomises all things frozen – which is why the supermarket agreed it would be the most appropriate way to support the zoo during such a difficult and stressful time.

The zoo’s rookery of Humboldt penguins recently welcomed a crèche of chicks, all of which were named after NHS hospitals to commemorate the hard work offered by the nation’s health service during the coronavirus pandemic – and these are among those adopted by Iceland.

Richard Walker, managing director of Iceland Foods, said: “We were all saddened to hear of Chester Zoo’s recent struggles; it’s the heart of the local community in Chester and a much loved family favourite – I remember visiting the zoo as a child and my own kids love going there.

C4 are showing re runs of CRUFTS shows over the past 10 years. So reserve a date for Saturday 20th June 19.00 – 20.00 on Channel FOUR 4https://www.crufts.org.uk/show-information/how-to-watch-crufts/?
So keep an eye out and get your ‘fix’ restored for those of you that are missing not being able to go to shows.

An update from Bournemouth
Press release;-

Bournemouth Canine Association wish to advise all Exhibitors of the current situation regarding the 2020 Championship Show, the show scheduled for August has now been postponed and provisionally been moved to a later date;- possibly the first week in October this subject to guidelines and all the safety and legal requirements. We will advise all of the details in July and re-open entries on confirmation by the Kennel Club, at this stage a schedule can be obtained by sending a SAE to the Secretary.

Details of the Show schedule can be found online at mail@highampress.co.uk this will be updated when we are fully in compliance with the regulations. The Committee of Bournemouth will do their utmost to ensure that we put on a show where all are safe and happy and back enjoying the hobby we all love.
Sally Duffin (Hon Secretary.)

I was saddened to hear the news that Joanna Green of the Rimzim affix has passed away. Both Joanna and her late husband Malcolm loved the breed and were always very interactive with the shows. Joanna was a former Vice- President of the Papillon (Butterfly) Dog Club. Many of you will remember Malcolm’s whimsical sketches of the breed, I still treasure one of the books of his sketches that he had published.

Poorly corner: Jean Banfield is being very brave with daily trips to the hospital for treatment. My thoughts are with you Jean during this difficult time, each day is a step closer to full recovery. I am sure everyone within the Papillon fraternity is wishing you well.

Many societies are staging online dog shows, congratulations to all that have had success with the photos of their lovely dogs.

Most supermarkets are making sure staff and customers adhere to the social distancing rules and doing an amazing job. However I went into Aldi quickly the other day for some dog chews and it was a nightmare. Shoppers there were definitely suffering a lapse of memory regarding social distancing that is for sure. I will not be going back again for a long time.

Take care and stay safe. As restrictions are lifted we have to be more resilient than ever. Please always remember, we cannot see this COVID gremil and we must be aware not take our eye off the ball. Winter will soon be with us and COVID must not get a chance to rear it head again.