26 June 2020 Breed Notes

So another week and slowly we are getting back to some form of normality with the high streets open for business. I am sure being sensible the return of the dogs shows is still a long way off as social distancing at an outside venue would be extremely challenging and for an inside venue impossible. Looking positively this time has given us the best time with our dogs, the garden, nature and completing all those jobs that had been previously been put on the back foot for another day.

Here is an update from Crufts

The Kennel Club and the Crufts Committee are committed to holding Crufts 2021 if permitted to do so by the Government.

We greatly appreciate the support the show receives each year from our exhibitors, sponsors, trade-stand holders, public visitors and Channel 4.

The qualification criteria for the show will be announced once the Government guidance is clear on future events, which may not be until the autumn.

It may be that the show will need to be reformatted in a way to comply with new regulations. If so, more details about this will be announced as information becomes available.

We would ask for patience at what is a difficult time for everyone with limited information currently available as to how things will progress in the coming weeks and months.

Crufts is the world’s best known celebration of dogs and we very much look forward to welcoming you all to the show in happier times in 2021, if circumstances allow.

Clarification of ‘Grandfather rights’ for established Judges

All the information contained in the press release below supersedes that of the press release on the same subject issued on 1 May 2020 which has been removed from this website in order to prevent confusion.

• Recognition of judging and assessments already undertaken
• A2 and established approval routes available for whole of transition period
• Grandfathering available as of 2021
• Judges may self-submit questionnaires for CC, Group and BIS status
• Judges of non-CC breeds included

Further to the announcement made on 1 May 2020 regarding ‘grandfather rights’ for established judges during the transition phase of the initiative now known as the Judges Education Programme (Breed Shows), the Kennel Club wishes to clarify a number of issues.

The current A2 and established approval routes will continue for the entirety of the five-year transition period, with a review of their comparative uptake and success, taking place once the current routes and the Judges Education Programme (Breed Shows) have been run in tandem for three years.

The other key points to note are as follows:
The aim of both the A2 and grandfathering routes is to create a pool of pre-approved CC judges to enable the selection and appointment of judges and reduce the perceived uncertainties inherent in the other aspects of the established approval route.

The current A2 process will continue to operate for those who choose to use it during the five-year period during which it has been agreed that the established approval route and Judges Education Programme (Breed Shows) route will run in tandem.

For progression by the A2 route candidates must have a minimum of three positive judging assessments on file, be nominated by a Breed Club/Council and be listed on the nominating club/council’s A3 list. Full guidance on this route can be found at ly/2JpDwGW.

From 1 January 2021 eligible judges who are seeking pre-approval to award CCs will be able to select from either the current A2 route or the new grandfathering approval route on a per breed basis.

For progression to award CCs via grandfathering candidates can self-nominate provided they are included on at least one Breed Club/Council A3 list and/or have a pre-existing JDP Credit Pass for the relevant breed. Each judge must also meet all the Kennel Club’s mandatory requirements for approval to award CCs (see below).

Judges of non-CC breeds are advised that they too will have grandfather rights which may make it possible to achieve Level 4 status in such breeds. In those cases it is recognised that breed specialists will not have the three Stud Book Numbers (as required for CC judges), but the Judges Committee will take into account dogs owned and/or bred and any significant wins. Clubs catering for non-CC breeds and therefore not previously required to compile an A3 list are now encouraged to do so to include those judges which the club is prepared to support through the grandfathering route.

Once the grandfathering facility is available at the start of 2021, the Kennel Club will make a further announcement on the process, including details of the relevant questionnaires and how to access them.
It is strongly recommended that breed clubs bring their judging criteria into line with that of the Kennel Club as soon as they are able. A previous announcement regarding this can be found here: bit.ly/2WhfjaB.

Any queries regarding the Judges Education Programme (Breed Shows) should be directed to judges.education@thekennelclub.org.uk. Please also refer to the Frequently Asked Questions at www.thekennelclub.org.uk/jep.

Some folks reading the breed notes may know of June Minns and this news has come in from Irene Terry of Windsor.

ALL at Windsor were saddened to hear of the death of June Minns, a victim of coronavirus. Her passing brings back so many memories of a vital, outgoing personality, known for her ready, sometimes earthy, sense of humour. It is impossible to think of June without recalling Mason, they were an indivisible couple, Mason with his laidback, slightly cryptic sense of humour in contrast to June, but in every other way they were united, loyal friends, ever helpful and immensely popular, they were a team.
June supported Mason in all his many involvements in our canine world, especially, in his role as Windsor’s Chief Steward. Always as a background helper, in pre online entry days she was a stalwart in the processing of entry forms. Nowadays it is hard to imagine how much was involved in this task.
After the untimely loss of Mason to cancer, June was never the same, the joy and sparkle had gone from life. June eventually retired to a residential home near her nephew Neil and his wife Angela. Neil was akin to an adopted son and the mainstay and support in June’s later years.
It is impossible to think of June without recalling Mason. It was a privilege to be friends with them both – a friendship that brings back many happy memories.
Irene Terry

Here is a reminder for the readers if you missed the mention in last week’s breed notes.
C4 are showing re runs of CRUFTS shows over the past 10 years. So reserve a date for Saturday’s 19.00 – 20.00 on Channel FOUR 4https://www.crufts.org.uk/show-information/how-to-watch-crufts/?
So keep an eye out and get your ‘fix’ restored for those of you that are missing not being able to go to shows.

Congratulations to Marian Sloane on celebrating her Golden Wedding Anniversary, hope you both enjoyed your very special day filled with fifty years of wonderful memories.
For those of you that are perhaps not feeling on top form right now, I am sending lots of get well wishes especially to you all. If you know of any of your friends that are perhaps in the poorly corner at the moment and would like to give them a mention please let me know.

Take care of yourselves and enjoy your four paws.