20 January 2023 Papillon Breed Notes

The Papillon (Butterfly Dog ) Club Centenary Year.

I am sure you are all aware and feeling the excitement that for 2023 The Papillon (Butterfly Dog) Club UK will be celebrating its Centenary year 1923 – 2023 what an tremendous achievement.
Celebrations commence with the first show of the year on Saturday, Feb 4th at Polesworth Memorial Hall, Bridge St, Polesworth, B78 1DT. At this show breed specialist Jon Caton (Henrix) will be judging. Thesbina Teague will be judging the Junior Handling classes. There will also be a puppy walk (between 4-6 months) during the lunch break.
We are thrilled that the April Championship Show is going to be very exciting as there is to be a special judge that some exhibitors will remember before he moved abroad. The judge is to be well respected breed specialist Mr Philip Shirley from the well known Cordonrouge Affix. Mr Shirley showed some beautiful dogs and had success making up a number of champions.
The clubs promise to you is that the committee have one aim and 100% effort will be given to make this a memorable celebration all year for the exhibitors and membership. It is truly going to be a spectacular experience, one for sure you will want to contribute and be a part of. Everyone will agree, one hundred years, nothing can be more special.

To enable this, the club are thinking down the lines of awarding specials for each class, this will be an opportunity for you personally to be involved.

Here are some suggestions of possibilities for ideas.
It could be a one off trophy, a momento for classes, prize money, grooming items. For the experts on the sewing machine a grooming cover or towel depicting the show, there any number of ideas you clever and talented exhibitors can come up.

Any personal donation will be gratefully received to make this Centenary Year a show people will not forget.
Everyone who donates will be mentioned in the catalogue as a thank you. The club are excited to announce that the renowned artist Deidre Ashdown has already generously offered a wonderful donation and other members have pledged their interest at this early stage. Please contact Chris Headley the secretary of the club with your ideas of how you would like to be included.

The colour scheme for the Centenary year will be purple and gold. Have fun dressing your trolleys in Purple and Gold and even your dog with a chance of receiving a special prize.
For the November show details will come at a later date.
The Centenary will conclude the year with a Year Book towards the end of 2023. Details of the Year book will follow at a later date giving you details on how your kennel and affix can take its rightful place in the history of The Papillon (Butterfly Dog) Clubs Centenary Year.

You will be able to enter the shows either by post or online via Cavalier Impressions or as per schedule for postal entries Cavalier Impressions, Humbledon Hill, Sunderland, Tyne & Wear. SR3 1UN.

For show enquiries or if you wish to be part of the celebrations contact Chris Headley the clubs secretary on 07990 96215

So Papillon lovers, lets join together and make these shows one super special show year for the club.

We all need to make an effort to bring back the unity and atmosphere that we have loved so dearly about the breed club shows. It is a feeling we hold all close to our hearts. The Papillon Club committee need each and every one of your help and ideas.
Let’s do this folks…..it’s going to be exciting year for all exhibitors and our beloved Papillons and Phalenes.